Hiring F/T 2 Indian WP & 2 Indian eCommerce&WooCommerce Devs – Salary – Rs. 24K/Mo

I am looking for TALENTED & EXPEREINECED INDIAN 2 WordPress developers & 2 WooCommerce & eCommerce developers at a monthly salary of Rs. 24,000 INR / month for each of the developers for my UK client working 8 hours/day, 7 days/week as per the office timings of UK.

I can pay you weekly through Freelancer.com escrow after daily submission of work and upon satisfactory findings of the work only then I will release the escrow every week not before.

My client will throw a development challenge…

Hiring F/T 2 Indian WP & 2 Indian eCommerce&WooCommerce Devs – Salary – Rs. 24K/Mo

Do I need to supply 3 months salary slips for Schengen visa application?

Do I need to supply last 3 months salary slips to apply for a Schengen tourist visa? I recently registered a limited company and will only receive my first pay at the end of this month. I would like to go to the Netherlands next month. The required documents state that “7. Salary Slips (last 03 months) (if employed)”.

Does this apply to people that are self employed?

Required Documentation:


What Salary Package Should I Choose?

I am an SEO writer, and my boss offered me four different packages after weeks of negotiations.

  • 0.8 per word for the entire month.
  • 0.7 per word for the entire month plus a basic salary of 10k.
  • 40,000 per month.

My contract says that I will write 3,000 words per day, but I write an average of 2,200 words per day. I work on the weekends as well. Which salary package is the best?

I calculated the final package for all the options for different word counts, such as 40k, 50k,60k and 70k per month. 70k words per month is a possibility. I laid out these points on a graph and second option made sense.

So, which one is the best option?

I understand that this isn’t strictly a mathematical question, but it falls under the umbrella of mathematics. I need to find the best option for varying word counts. Minimum word count can be 40k and maximum can be 80-90k. Currency is irrelevant.

What function formula should I use to calculate my salary so that I don’t have to differentiate between Friday and weekend manually?:

enter image description here

These are the formulae I am currently using where I have to manually sort out if its friday or weekend by using conditional formatting to bring attention to the minority that needs a different formula. I have tried using “COUNTIFS” & “IF” but am unable to use it correctly.

No. of hrs worked = Time Out – Time in – 2hrs of break

Formula used; [=Text(C2-B2-TIME(2,0,0),”h:mm”)]

Formula used to change no. of hrs worked to an integer where 30 minutes = 0.5 ; [=INT(C2-B2-TIME(2,0,0))*24+HOUR(C2-B2-TIME(2,0,0))+ROUND(MINUTE(C2-B2-TIME(2,0,0))/60,2)]

From Monday to Thursday;

Before 6pm, the column F will be the no. of hrs * $ 10. Formula used; [=(INT(E2-(C2-TIME(18,0,0)))*24+HOUR(E2-(C2-TIME(18,0,0)))+ROUND(MINUTE(E2-(C2-TIME(18,0,0)))/60,2))*10].

After 6pm, the column G will be the no. of hrs till time out *$ 11. Formula used; [=(INT(C2-TIME(18,0,0))*24+HOUR(C2-TIME(18,0,0))+ROUND(MINUTE(C2-TIME(18,0,0))/60,2))*11].

On Friday;

Before 6pm, the column F will be the no. of hrs * $ 10. Formula used; [=(INT(E4-(C4-TIME(18,0,0)))*24+HOUR(E4-(C4-TIME(18,0,0)))+ROUND(MINUTE(E4-(C4-TIME(18,0,0)))/60,2))*10].

After 6pm the column H will be the no. of hrs till time out *$ 12. Formula used; [=(INT(C4-TIME(18,0,0))*24+HOUR(C4-TIME(18,0,0))+ROUND(MINUTE(C4-TIME(18,0,0))/60,2))*12].


No. of hrs * $ 12. a [=D5*12].

Looking for virtual online bidder [Fix Salary + Commission]

Yes as the title says, I need an expert online bidder who can bid for my web services and get the businesses for the company. In return I will pay a fix salary + commissions per leads.

Working time : Upto you.
Report : Weekly

If you think you can do that then inbox me for further discussions on the job.

Btw I am not spammer and I dont want any spammer – irresponsible person work with me.
Work with me wisely and get the pay timely.

Thank you

6 months salary vouchers, latest month not included

The employer provided us just today 6months salary vouchers as proof of salary and allowance received, but they didnt give my sister the latest month – February 2019 (for the reason it is not available due to printer is broken.) They gave August 2018 to January 2019.

She is reapplying this March 4. Refusal ground was about proof of salary received. She is submitting now the 6 months salary vouchers, BIR 2316 Annual Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld, Certificate of Employment and Approved Leave of Absence, and her personal savings account bank statement Dec 2018 to present.

1.Do you think without February salary voucher will affect our second application to Standard Visitor Visa?

  1. Do we need to explain in the cover letter why we dont have February voucher? (We are not so sure of the reason, why they didnt give copy)

We are sponsoring her trip to UK. We provided all necessary documents, and there was no question about it. Her ground for refusal is her proof of salary received.enter image description here

What is the salary of a full time journalist in your local market?

We are considering hiring a full-time news writer / journalist for our tech publication, however given the budget constraints, we can afford North American-based professionals for a limited volume of work so far.

That made us wonder what are the average full-time salaries in your local market (think at least 3-4 years experience, respectable business/technology magazine or an online media organization, traditional 8-hour work day)? What salary level is considered very desirable? The one…

What is the salary of a full time journalist in your local market?