Magento 2.3.1 Sales Order Grit Filter “Not Null” value

In Magento 1.9 I had:

protected function getOptionArray() {     return array(         'Has Ticket' => Mage::helper('Sales')->__('Si'),         'Has No Ticket' => Mage::helper('Sales')->__('No')     ); }  protected function _callbackHasTicket($  collection, $  column){     if (!$  value = $  column->getFilter()->getValue()) {         return $  this;     }     if ($  value == 'Has No Ticket') {         $  this->getCollection()->getSelect()->where(              "bileamara_order_tickets.nr_tickets IS NULL");     }     else {         $  this->getCollection()->getSelect()->where(              "bileamara_order_tickets.nr_tickets IS NOT NULL");     }      return $  this; } 

I need to do the same on Magento 2 but I can’t find anything similar to filter_condition_callback.

Any Help?

Magento 2 Module Observer Sequence order and Sales Order Event

We have two modules which fires the same event checkout_submit_all_after.But i need to give a preference for this , i tried giving sequence in module b but it won’t work.For ex Module A and Module B triggers same event , but module B triggers first , my requirement is to trigger Module A and after Module B , is there any way i can do this.And what are the events triggers when order is placed through cron jobs , i have use checkout_submit_all_after , does this event fires if the order is placed through crons?.Please give me any solution for to go forward. Thank You

Unable to configure email template for sales order in Magento2

I am trying to change a custom email template in Magento2. In order to do that I navidated to Stores -> Sales -> Sales Emails and then from Orders tab I selected the created template from New Order Confirmation Template dropdown.

But after saving the configuration again I can see New Order(Default) as selected option.

Email template chosen based on theme fallback when “Default” option is selected.

What does the ‘Default’ refer to?

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Limit Daily Sales Per Category

Running Magento 1; latest build.

I have a few products (ie: product A, B, C) all in a specific category (ie: 1). I want to limit the total daily sales for any products in category 1 to equal 30 or less. So this means I could sell every day 20 product A’s, 5 product B’s, and 5 product C’s or 20 all A’s or 20 all B’s. It doesn’t matter, A and/or B and/or C can’t be more than 30 sales a day.

Does this make sense?

I know you can limit inventory on a product but it doesn’t reset every 24 hours.

Is there anyway to achieve this? Maybe a module etc?

How to Show Product thumbnail (picture) in Sales -> Orders Grid in Magento 2

I have been able to add custom attribute to the orders grid but do not know how to render sold product thumbbnail. How to show product picture on the Sales -> Orders grid?

So when a product is sold it would be great to see its picture next to the product SKU in the Sales -> Orders grid. So when my friend helps me to pack all the orders, he can see how the product looks like and he can easily identify it.

Any Idea?