Will it be a high quality backlink when we get backlinks from two subdomains of a same domain?

My question is that will I get high quality backlinks if we get baclinks from two subdomains of a same domain. For example if there are two subdomains of a same domain – https://x.example.com and https://y.example.com and they both gives a backlink to a site https://website.com so will website.com get two high quality backlinks from that two subdomains or not or there will be different criteria applied by the search engines? If a different criteria will be applied what will be that criteria?


How “Serious” is the Core Web Vitals update? All my competitors have the same results

I know that Google algo (publicly released) updates are just recommendations but how "seriously" are you taking Core Web Vitals update May 1st?

This is a rolling-update spread over a month, but my question is this: all our competitors (we are in mass/large-scale eCommerce) hover at the same bad results, basically all performing "badly" in the results (GMetrix and Google PageSpeed)….

Now, I know that there is a difference between "Lab" and "Field" data but still – how seriously should we be taking this?

We rank for half a million keywords and I can’t imagine us being knocked down the rankings because we score low on a lab-testing machine?

What are your thoughts?

Installing Fluent Forms + Formidable Forms in the same website, would it affect loadspeed significantly?

I have some functional needs that would only be satisfied by using both plugins at once (since neither of them has all functionalities I need, but just some/half of these functionalities). I am thinking about installing both plugins instead. I do not mind about incurring in extra costs or about how to integrate both (I am already covered regarding those two issues). What I am concerned about is page loadspeed…..

Do you think having both plugins (which do the same) at once would impact load speed significantly? Would you recommend me to install both given my situation? Would it be worth it?

Also, can pls someone explain me how would they impact load speed? (through adding more js and css, through ajax calls, etc?)

Thank you in advance !!!!

New project vs previous project same amount of links?

Hi, how are things! I have a question:
I just created roughly 10k verified links from a single project.
I want to use those 10k links and upload them to another new project.
If I import from the previous project, in theory, the new project would have to generate the same amount, is that correct?
PS: The new project will have the same configuration.


Can Lay on Hands be used to both heal hit points and remove diseases/poisons with the same action?

The Paladin’s Lay on Hands feature says:

As an action, you can touch a creature and […] restore a number of hit points to that creature.

It also goes on to say:

Alternatively, you can expend 5 hit points from your pool of healing to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison affecting it. You can cure multiple diseases and neutralize multiple poisons with a single use of Lay on Hands […]

Could I opt to do both at the same time? Perhaps an ally was struck by a crossbow bolt with drow poison, and I needed to both heal them as well as remove the poison in one go; is that permissible?

As written, it seems vague. The first paragraph specifies the use of an action to heal hit points, but the second simply indicates an alternative way for the hit point pool to be expended, but doesn’t seem to indicate that the use is exclusive from the first.

Bane: multiple saves for same creature?

Jed the cleric is standing next to Gideon, his enemy. Jed casts Bane; Gideon succeeds at his saving throw. On Jed’s next turn, he uses the concentrate action to expand the aura and cause all creatures not yet affected to make a save. From Bane:

Once per turn, starting the turn after you cast bane, you can use a single action, which has the concentrate trait, to increase the emanation’s radius by 5 feet and force enemies in the area that weren’t yet affected to attempt another saving throw. Bane can counteract bless.

Gideon already succeeded once. Does he have to make another saving throw?

is it possible to use a net and shove in the same turn? [duplicate]

My PC has multiple attacks. I would like to know if it is possible to hit with a net (first attack) and then shove the opponent (second attack). Apparently using a net prevents to make a second attack; on the other hand, shove is not properly an attack. Thanks for the replies 🙂


When you use an action, Bonus Action, or Reaction to Attack with a net, you can make only one Attack regardless of the number of attacks you can normally make.


Using the Attack action, you can make a Special melee Attack to shove a creature, either to knock it prone or push it away from you. If you’re able to make multiple attacks with the Attack action, this Attack replaces one of them.

Are there any penalties for fighting in the same 5ft space?

A scenario occurred in my game tonight where the wizard used mold earth to cause a scenario of my barbarian and an opponent to be trapped in a 5×5 ft space that was 15ft down.

We played it as normal, but the question came up if there’d be any penalties on the character trapped in this little arena. Would there be disadvantage? Advantage?