Two tabs on the same page?

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In a page we’re designing, we have an issue of there being two tabs (closely positioned) and I wanted some suggestions for alternatives. Essentially in this page, we have a main tab that serves the function of switching between different tables. This function can’t be changed but can be displayed differently (drop down wasn’t working out). The second tab appears when the user clicks a button on the screen, and a slider opens up into half of the table. In this slider there is another set of tabs. Do you all have any suggestions as to how to maneuver this? Sorry if I’m being unclear, let me know if I can help clarify. I have attached an image for context.

How to display same APP ID documents from SP library

i have infopath form which was published on SP library. In SP library We are storing documents based on App ID. and every time while changes in Application new Token no. generated.

if it is possible, if i select App ID and in background it will search all changes with same App ID and display all changes details like document preview. some thing like that.

In simple words, many records stored in my SP Library. Every records have different token numbers and some records have same APP ID. so i am trying to implement if i filter APP ID “12345”. each and every records could be display as preview.


Link two SharePoint lists and edit at the same time where one list can have multiple items per one item on the source list?

I have two sharepoint lists. The first, LIST1, is a location listing with a unique plant code to each. The second list, LIST2, is a list of contacts with a column that ties back to that plant code. This list can have multiple contacts per plant. There is a separate item for each contact.

I want to be able to link these two lists together and edit them both at once. In the parent list, LIST1, I have a multi tab form and one tab is for the contacts. I want to enter a repeating table in which the user entering the data can add multiple contacts for that site which will add a new item to LIST2 for each contact they add. Then when they go in and edit it will pull all contacts that have the same plant code as the location they are editing.

Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

What is google docs solution to handling multiple users editing and reading at the same time?

I have always been curious as to how google solved the solution of real time collaboration in their google docs product where they allow multiple users to edit and read the same document in real time.

I believe this is very similar to the well known readers and writers problem.

In some of the solutions that i have seen, we would need a mutex of some kind whereby the writers will have exclusive lock to the document itself and readers will not be able to read the document at all.

But in the google docs case, it is quite interesting whereby another user can read the document in real time and two users can both edit the same document at the same time without any conflicts which is very impressive to me.

Would Affliction with Attribute Penalty for Will without damaging IQ cost the same as Affliction for IQ penalty?

Suppose you have a telepath who wants to be able to soften up the resistance of targets with high willpower. The plan is to reduce the target’s will score and then hit the target with Mind Probe or Mind Control.

This telepath might be interrogating stalwart warriors with IQ 9 and Will 16. To speak a language requires an IQ of 6. Thus the telepath does not want to reduce IQ very low. Ideally, the affliction should sap the target’s Will without affecting IQ.

A possibility might be to use Affliction with Attribute Penalty. Presumably the cost for a penalty to Will would be the same as the cost for a penalty to IQ. I presume the Cumulative modifier would be necessary to make the effects stack.

Affliction (-1 to Will) level 1= 10 pts: Malediction/Ranged +190%, -1 attribute penalty +10%, Cumulative +400% Based on Will +20% =72 points

It would be much more expensive to use a version of Leech that saps Will instead of IQ. Presumably this would cost as much as a version of Leech that saps IQ.

Leech (drains Will) level 1 =25 pts: Malediction/Ranged +190%, Affects Will +300%, only heals FP -20%, Based on Will +20% = 148 points

Question: Is it reasonable to have an attack to Will cost the same as an attack to IQ?

Autofill a cell in a list if another cell in the same list contains a certain text value

I want a cell in a SP list to automatically populate/fill-in if a certain text value is present in a column in the same list. For example the list contains two columns named: Route of Flight and Spare Parts.

The Route of Flight column is filled in by the planner with a string of text, e.g. KOKC-KLIT-KDFW-KOKC. If the Route of Flight column contains KDFW then I want the Spare Parts column to auto-populate with “NEEDED”. If the route of flight does not contain KDFW then the Spare Parts column should auto-populate with “NOT NEEDED”.


Is odd-numbered damage that’s halved then doubled the same value as before, or one less?

Let’s say there’s a Dust Mephit at full health that was hit by the Fireball spell and made the save. The damage on the die is low at 17, so the fire damage is halved. But, Dust Mephits are vulnerable to fire damage, so it’s doubled again. Does the rounding happen after the final total, and it stays at 17? Or does rounding down happen after each step, reducing it to 8, then double to 16?