Samsung Galaxy S10e won’t tether to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS after software update

I was using my Samsung Galaxy S10e to provide internet access to my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS tower via USB tethering and it was working well until I updated my S10e, when it stopped working. I’ve tried enabling and disabling USB debugging on my phone, but it isn’t working. How can I solve this.

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2M Fast Magnetic Cable Micro USB Type C Charger Charging For iPhone XS X XR 8 7 Samsung S8 Magnet An


HONOR 8X 6GB RAM TheHonor 8X 6GB RAM mobile features a6.5″(16.51 cm) display with a screen resolution of1080 x 2340 pixels. It runs on Android v8.1 (Oreo) operating system. The device is powered byOcta core(2.2 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A73 + 1.7 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A53) processor paired with6 GB of RAM. The battery is3750 mAh. Over which, the…


TRIM on Samsung NVMe

Not sure if I properly unterstand they way TRIM on SSD is supposed to work. According to lspci I’ve got the following device: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd NVMe SSD Controller SM981/PM981. It shows up as nvme0 in /dev. In Ubuntu 19.04 standard configuration, systemd regulary runs fstrim -Av by systemd fstrim.service. According to this commands output it only trims /boot/efi and /boot, but not my other filesystems and partitions.

According to documentation I found, fstrim is only possible if hdparm -I lists TRIM as a capability of the disk. This just fails with “Inappropriate ioctl for device” and doesn’t list any capabilities at all.

I guess something is broken here?

This happens on Ubuntu 19.04 with latest upgrades applied. The filesystems that are supposed to be trim’ed are on a partition in nvme0, which is setup as LUKS device, which in turn contains an LVM PV with various logical volumes.

Strange errors related to my samsung 960 pro

So my pc began failing last week giving me ext4-fs and IO errors. I have a Samsung 960 pro 512GB. I searched around and found that some people got these errors, tried the workarounds and it won’t work. If i boot windows 10 and use Crystalmark, it says the ssd is perfectly fine. I don’t use windows very much but didn’t observe any crashes while using it. Samsung Magician says everything is fine and latest firmware is installed. I’m using linux mint 18.3

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Watch – check for compromise

I recently purchased a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Watch off Amazon through a third-party seller. Now, a few hours later, it occurs to me that it is possible that the previous owner could have rooted the device and that the refurbishing process did not undo it. I can’t just do a factory reset from the watch itself, since the owner could have modified the bootloader to only go through the motions of resetting, while keeping the compromise intact.


  1. Is this something that I actually need to worry about?
  2. If so, then how can I check my new Galaxy Watch for compromised firmware? Is there an official process I can run, perhaps a reference firmware that I can compare to?
  3. If I find such firmware, is there a way to remove it? Alternatively, is there an external reset process I can do on the watch to ensure that no malware is left on the device, whether or not it is there?

Some miscellaneous information:

  • Primarily, I am concerned about the watch being used by a remote attacker to collect login credentials, such as for Samsung and Google accounts and potentially payment information (such as through Samsung Pay).
  • I do not have any reason to believe I could be specifically targeted – I imagine the device would be compromised as part of a random sample to get credentials.
  • I cannot get around using my Samsung account, since I plan on using the watch to track sleep and physical activity.
  • If I end up finding compromised firmware, or have no method of ensuring that my device is not compromised, I plan on returning the watch and buying a factory new one.

samsung galaxy a3: block all notifications except email and sms

Device: Samsung Duos (SM_A300H) Android version 5.0.2 

I want something very basic: that my samsung galaxy a3 works like a phone and makes sound only for call, sms and alarm. No more FB nor email nor whatever notifications.

I googled and found some answers that doesn’t suit my device. They say: Go to Settings -> Device -> Sound -> Default Notification Sound -> Silent. Next, set your text message sound to whatever you want.

I have Settings -> Sounds and Notifications, and there I can silent notifications, but there is zero options for message.

Smartphones are so smart that they aren’t phone anymore 🙁

This is what I see when I press sound button + options:

enter image description here

Samsung A50 keeps disconnecting wifi (whatsapp loses connection) after 5 minutes

My Samsung A50 keeps dropping the wifi (I suspect, Whatsapp web declares that the phone is unreachable). How can I keep it on? I noticed it’s exactly five minutes after I press the button.

Please note that I already tried googling, as well as any proposed solution, and I disabled every possible thing that might put the application to sleep. I also noticed that every googling I did refers to options that are not present on the A50 (e.g. “Put wifi to sleep”).

At this point I am out of ideas. Help?