Hijacking samsung tv on same network

Yesterday i did nmap scan on my network and found two port open in my samsung led 32 inch tv. Which uses lan wire to operate. I tried to find out the ways i can exploit those port 7676 and 8080. So Does anybody knows how can i successfully exploit the tv and broadcast whatever i want to that tv without having physical access ?

Unity Game too dark on Samsung Galaxy Alpha (LWRP)

I just noticed that my game is way too dark on my old Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The game looks fine in the editor, PC version and on my Samsung Galaxy S7.

I’ve been developing with Unity 2019.2.2f1 so far and read that some versions had this problem I have in older versions, but that it should have been patched already. I upgraded to 2019.2.15f1 just out of desperation, but the problem remains the same.

It’s a LWRP project and I have no clue about lighting yet. There’s no lights added to the project so far and I’m mainly using GUI elements in the game instead of sprites.

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I don’t have much experience with quality settings and such stuff, so I’m not sure which settings to post. Please, let me know what sections are important and I’ll edit the post accordingly.

How to be able to still view Encrypted files on Samsung S9/Android, but not outside of it

I had lost a phone once and I was more upset with the idea of the bad guy having access to my Micro SD memory card/personal data than losing the phone itself.

After getting a new phone, Samsung S9 has a Encryption feature for SD cards, but the thing with this is, it won’t allow viewing of files unless it goes through the long process of Decrypting it on the phone.

I want a way to still be able to access encrypted files on the phone itself, but will require a password to decrypt/view outside of the phone (if the memory card was removed and tried being viewed on a computer for example, that this would not be possible).

Any possibilities?

Why does Samsung access my contacts and storage if I use their store?

If I want to access the Galaxy Store on a Samsung Galaxy phone I have to agree to a set of terms (Legal information). These terms are excerpted below:

All content made available to you by the Samsung Galaxy Store is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below…

In order to provide you with and further improve relevant services, the Samsung Galaxy Store accesses Phone, Contacts, and Storage. It also collections your device information (e.g. IMEI and model name) and service usage history…

I understand why it would collect “device information”, as any software downloaded and installed on your device would operate best if the software is tailored for a specific device/OS version etc. I assume these are the same reasons why a web page is given the operating system and browser you are using to access that page.

However can anyone give a good reason why Samsung would access my contacts? I’m not exactly comfortable with this, especially as I don’t see any reason for it for the purposes of making an ordinary app work. Also, when it says that it accesses my storage, does that mean that Samsung has access to my media stored on my phone? By that I mean documents, videos, photos etc?

Also I’m not sure if this question should be asked at another SE site maybe instead of here?

Samsung USB SSD T5 working with Ubuntu 19.04

I bought my new Samsung SSD T5 and it was recognized on Ubuntu 19.04 but not able to open the partition so i formatted it so i can choose NTFS or Fat but i failed to do so through Ubuntu as i got no windows or mac OS. It always gives me error even to format it to exfat. I want to know if there is a way to make my T5 recognized (read & write) to linux, widows & mac. Thanks in advance.

Samsung Galaxy S10e won’t tether to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS after software update

I was using my Samsung Galaxy S10e to provide internet access to my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS tower via USB tethering and it was working well until I updated my S10e, when it stopped working. I’ve tried enabling and disabling USB debugging on my phone, but it isn’t working. How can I solve this.

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