Can’t exit screen saver except with system sleep

When my Mac Mini goes into screen saver, I can’t get out of it unless I press the hotkey that puts the computer to sleep. If I do that, then immediately press the shift-key, it wakes up from sleep and it is not in the screen saver. If I let the screen saver time out (currently an hour), the screen blanks and when I press the shift key I get the password prompt.

This makes no sense to me. I’ve tried resetting the parameter RAM and have tried changing screen saver.

I’d like to make this behavior stop.


macOS: 10.14.5 (Majove) Require Password: 4 hours after sleep or screen saver begins Turn display off after: 1hr Screen Saver: Classice Source: Photos Shuffle slide order Hot corners: Yes (lower right) Start After: 30 minutes 

Screen Saver doesn’t work

I use Ubuntu Studio 18.04.1 LTS (64 bit Linux) in a HP 250 G5 Laptop.

Even the fact that I have selected the Screen Saver (black screen, or screen off) into the Power Manager to be activated each 15 minutes of non activity… This function doesn’t work. The screen is always “ON”

What’s wrong here? How can I fix this?

“Energy Saver” -> “Turn display off after” value restores after reboot, how to fix it?

I have a mac mini:

enter image description here

Since my monitor doesn’t play well with it, which takes a very long time to display correctly after system sleep, I changed the “Energy Saver” -> “turn display off after” to “never”:

enter image description here

It works, but after I reboot my mac mini, it restores to default value (10 minutes):

enter image description here

Which is very boring, I have to adjust it every time when I reboot. How to make it always use the value I set?

Mojave screen saver starts randomly

I have a new Mojave (10.14.1) installation on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017). My screen saver is set to start after 5 minutes. I have a hot corner defined to start the screen saver.

I have noticed that periodically, the screen saver just starts up out of the blue. Typically this happens while I am scrolling with the magic mouse. I am definitely not hitting the hot corner.

Any suggestions for why this is happening and how to stop it?

Does Android 7 “Data Saver” also applies to metered WLAN?

The section ‘Use Android Nougat’s “Data Saver” (Android 7.0+)’ under this site ‘How to Restrict Background Data for Metered Wi-Fi Networks on Android’ mention:

Android 7.0 Nougat introduced a much more granular way to take the reins on your mobile data with a new feature called Data Saver.

Basically, this allows you to limit background data used by apps, but whitelist anything that want to have unrestricted access. This means background data is disabled for every app by default, then you can pick and choose where to grant unlimited access

And that’s all there is to it. It’s worth keeping in mind that this only applies to mobile data-all apps will remain unrestricted while on Wi-Fi.

My question is whether this ‘Data Saver’ option applies to Wi-Fi that you set to metered, meaning metered WLAN?