How To Answer To Someone Saying D&D is stupid?

I’m a senior in a US high school, so people’s opinions are still very important to me. At my school, the board game club consists of like five people, and in the rest of the school, everyone thinks the game is for people who have never been in social interaction. I’m not socially awkward at all, and I don’t know how to answer someone saying it’s stupid or nerdy. Why do others think it’s nerdy, and how can I convince them it’s a good game?

What’s the difference in Geas saying it can be removed by Wish?

The text for geas says the following about removing the spell:

A remove curse, greater restoration, or wish spell also ends it.

However, you can already use wish to replicate remove curse or greater restoration and thus end geas. It seems redundant.

What’s the difference if it didn’t mention using Wish? Is there a genuine mechanical difference that I’m missing?

Does the saying “physical access = game over” apply to smartphones, too?

I was surprised to read in the responses popular question that it’s considered nigh impossible to secure a computer system if intruders have physical access.

Does this apply to smartphones as well? Let’s suppose I have done the most I can to secure my phone on a software level (e.g. encrypted storage, restricted app permissions … whatever you consider “maximally secure”). Is physical access still game over?

This seems like an important issue, as there are many situations in most people’s daily lives where they leave their cell phone on their desk as they take a break or what have you.

Technical answers are welcome, but I would personally appreciate responses that are legible to someone without a background in information security.

This question is related, but it deals more with surveillance technologies that might be built into a smartphone, not the options available to a malignant individual with physical access.

AlienVault Alert – What is this event saying?

Title: ALA4747 - AV Policy violation, Tor anonymity network usage on ( -> Extra info:  Source IPs:  Source Ports: 64689  Dest. IPs:  Dest. Ports: 53  Ticket details  Description:  Event Type: AlienVault NIDS    Event Description: AlienVault NIDS: "ET POLICY DNS Query for TOR Hidden Domain .onion Accessible Via TOR"    Ocurrences: 2 First Ocurrence: 2019-12-17 17:56:50    Last Ocurrence: 2019-12-17 17:56:50 Number of different sources: 2 Number of different destinations: 2 Source: Dest:   Description:  Event Type: directive_alert Event Description: directive_event: AV Policy violation, Tor anonymity network usage on SRC_IP  Occurrences: 2  First Occurrence: 2019-12-17 17:58:45  Last Occurrence: 2019-12-17 17:58:45   Number of different sources: 2  Number of different destinations: 2   Source:   Dest:  

What are filler words that you can use for responding to users’ saying in user interview?

In user interviews, I often say “very interesting” or “that’s an interesting point” or “very helpful” in response to users answer. “Interesting” is a perfect word choice because it has a neutral feeling, doesn’t really mean good or bad. Sometimes it would be very repetitive for keep saying those in a long conversation. Would you suggest any other phrases or words to response to users?

Parted saying “cant have overlapping partitions” but no partitions overlap

Image of issue

Hello all, I am having an issue with my raspberry pi. I am trying to move it from one sd card to another larger one,and when I resizepart it says there is an overlapping partition, but I do not see one. Is there something i am missing?


(parted) print free Model: Generic STORAGE DEVICE (scsi) Disk /dev/sda: 128GB Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B Partition Table: msdos Disk Flags:  Number  Start   End     Size    Type      File system  Flags         32.3kB  4194kB  4162kB            Free Space  1      4194kB  1936MB  1932MB  primary   fat32        lba  2      1936MB  15.9GB  14.0GB  extended  5      1938MB  1971MB  33.6MB  logical   ext4  6      1971MB  2044MB  72.4MB  logical   fat32        lba  7      2047MB  15.0GB  13.0GB  logical   ext4         15.0GB  15.9GB  932MB             Free Space         15.9GB  128GB   112GB             Free Space  (parted) resizepart 7 End?  [15.0GB]? 100.0GB Error: Can't have overlapping partitions. (parted) 

Ubuntu 18.04, battery indicator not displaying as well as system saying no battery

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04, I originally had Windows 10 running on a microsoft surfacebook 2 and since then have completely wiped windows. Since then I can’t find a battery indicator anywhere. Even in my power statistics there is even no tab for it. In another app to look at hardware it says there even is no battery.

Received email from ISP saying one of my devices has malware

My dad received a suspicious email from our ISP ( The email was from and it had our userid (xxxxxxxx@a i masked it) in the email so it must have come from the ISP itself.

Email details below:


“Intimation Regarding Malware/ Virus Infected Systems”


Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings! It is observed that your device connected with MTNL Mumbai broadband network with broadband number xxxxxxxx@a is infected with Malware. This is as per the analysis of Computer Emergency Response Team -INDIA (Cert-IN), under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Malware (CNC) is unwanted software that is installed in users system without users consent while user is surfing on the Internet. An attacker or cybercriminal can remotely send commands to such systems which are compromised by malware. These compromised machines can be used to create powerful networks (botnet) of infected devices capable of carrying out distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, stealing data, deleting data or encrypting data in order to carry out an extortion scheme. The device becomes part of the botnet due to malware/virus installed on it. To secure your devices , Kindly check your devices for malware/ botnet using Antivirus S/w. For more information on malware/botnets and the counter measures kindly visit You can also download "Free botnet removal tools". Thanks & Warm Regards, MTNL, Mumbai 

I extracted all links from the email and scanned them via url scanner but all were reported as safe.



Looking online there is a similar question on Quora but different scenario.


  • Two mobile phones (Android)
  • One laptop (Windows 10 with Avira antivirus)


  • Can an ISP really detect this?

  • Should I action on this and what to do?

Google suspicious activity warning persists for 4 days despite my saying I recognize it, does this indicate additional security issue?

I had a google suspicious activity warning four days ago triggered by logging in from a location I don’t use often. I accepted the offer to view the activity and acknowledged that I recognized it. This normally makes the warning go away.

However in this instance every time I log back in over the last four days, I get a red warning bar at the top of a signed-in google page.


When I click Review your recent activity I get the critical security alert box grayed out with a white box over it saying “You’ve already replied that you recognize this activity” followed by two options Change reply and OK.

Of course I click “OK” every time because I do not want to change my reply and lock my account.

QUESTION: Does this behavior indicate that there is a further security issue that I’m unaware of? What would happen if I instead clicked Change reply? Right now I have two-factor turned off so I’m very concerned about getting locked out. Are there any further problems that I could look for somehow?

  • macOS & Chrome incognito mode

I should note that in the last weeks I received two dialogues from google when initiating a search, to verify that I was not a robot, due to “unusual traffic from (my) computer network”. (also shown below)

That happened at a shared WiFi connection using a DSL line.