Google says text too small too read when all text on the page is 14 point

I’m having no end of problems trying to get my site listed on Google. It was sitting right at the top of the rankings. Then, after I’d added a couple of extra sponsor logos, the mobile crawler decided the home page has “text to small to read.” Every bit of text on all 63 pages in the wbsite is 14 points or more. It has said this is the case on 5 pages of the site… I’ve checked each page and there’s nothing under 14 point. In addition it’s saying 7 pages have clickable elements too close together and that 5 have content wider than the screen. I’ve checked each page rigouously and re-submitted with no luck… the same 5 pages keep getting singled out. The site is for a festival that takes place in 3 weeks, so solving this problem is urgent

How to deal with a player who says no all the time?

I am a fairly new DM. I am playing with a group I have tried to DM and have played with as a PC. There is one person in that group that plays as a PC that says no, AKA he is the opposite of a murder hobo.

When faced with a decision or a turning point in the story he will say no to most of the possible outcomes and bring the story to a halt because either the DM is trying to come up with another method to put to the players, the party is arguing about what to do now, or the other players just want to follow his lead and he doesn’t want to do anything.

He does this to see how frustrated the DM can get before giving up and then complains that we don’t play because no one wants to deal with this every single time.

I am the DM for the next campaign and I am looking for an advice on how to deal with him. The common methods of just killing his character or excluding him but I don’t want to that. I want him and everyone to have fun and be a part of it but I also don’t want to get frustrated with his play style.

What can I do to either deal with him as PC or can I do anything as a DM to help the story without the mental state of “No I am God you will do what I tell you and that is the story”?

[ Politics ] Open Question : In 2016 Sen.Bernie Sanders encouraged Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Now she says he’s sexist. Why is she lying like Hillary Clinton?

If anything, she’s turned many progressives against her as many are demanding refunds of donations made to her campaign.  Why value does she and Hillary see in attacking progressives instead of Trump?

I’m using PHP 7.1 but Hostgator says they are on 5.4, and Cron throws an error

Trying to make sense of this. Doing a quick phpinfo() I get:

PHP Version 7.1.14 System  Linux n.nn.nnn-nnn.nnn.nnn.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue May 21 13:24:40 CDT 2019 x86_64 

But when I try to install a cron that hits a URL every 30 days for the Auto-Install-free-SSL plugin that I’ve been using for years on a different host, cron reports:

Your server is running PHP version 5.4.45 but WordPress 5.3.2 requires at least 5.6.20.

Got Hostgator on the phone and they reported that all shared hosts are still on 5.4.x which fits the error message, but if phpinfo() is showing I’m on 7.1… what the heck is actually going on here? How can I get cron to also use 7.1 so the command will execute?

Is there any way to keep the request in intercepting proxy for atleast a min before application says check your connection?

I just bypassed SSL pinning on an android application but the problem is application won’t let me play with the request on my intercepting proxy. It says something like problem with your network or check your internet connection, it might be slow. It used to say the same thing before I didn’t bypassed SSL pinning.

My assumption is that the application is coded in such a way that it expects to get response from the server quickly. Since am playing around with the request on my intercepting proxy there is no response from the server because the request is still on my proxy and not sent to the server.

Is there any way out of it?

Google says my URL is blocked by robots.txt — I don’t even have one!

I just discovered our image system domain is not being crawled by Google for a long time. The reason is that all the URLs seem to be blocked by robots.txt — but I don’t even have one.

Disclaimer: Due to some config testing, I now have a generic allow-everything robots file at the website root. I didn’t have one prior to this hour.

We run an image resizing system at a subdomain of our website. I’m getting a very weird behaviour as Search Console claims to be blocked by robots.txt, when in fact I don’t even have one in the first place.

All URLs at this subdomain give me this result when live testing them:

url unknown to google

url supposedly blocked by robots

Trying to debug the issue, I created a robots.txt at the root:

valid robots

The robots file is even already visible at search results:

robots indexed

The response headers also seem to be ok:

​HTTP/2 200  date: Sun, 27 Oct 2019 02:22:49 GMT content-type: image/jpeg set-cookie: __cfduid=d348a8xxxx; expires=Mon, 26-Oct-20 02:22:49 GMT; path=/;; HttpOnly; Secure access-control-allow-origin: * cache-control: public, max-age=31536000 via: 1.1 vegur cf-cache-status: HIT age: 1233 expires: Mon, 26 Oct 2020 02:22:49 GMT alt-svc: h3-23=":443"; ma=86400 expect-ct: max-age=604800, report-uri="" server: cloudflare cf-ray: 52c134xxx-IAD 

Here are some sample URLs for testing: 

What should I do?

epson WF-2660 MFP ubuntu 18.4 says no scanner deteced but does print without problems

OK being new to ubuntu I was pulling my hair out with all the complicated (to a new user) suggestions but I thought I should post how I fixed my problem. I use a VPN & I guess the IP address conflicts with the router address so I turned the VPN off & guess what the scanner is then detected & scans (printer is wi fi connected) so then I turn the VPN on & at least I can scan & am now happy

Edited. How can I install a software on an user computer in Linux (ub? Every time I try to install it, it says that I don’t have autorisation [on hold]

No it’s not my computer, I tried to install a software on a user computer in my university, but I couldn’t. So is there any way to do it. (put in mind that I’m a beginner.) PS: not sure if it’s a 18.04

Player takes my fluff descriptions as equal to crunch, and when I disagree, says “You’re letting rules get in the way of the story” [on hold]

(Disclaimer: This is a hypothetical question in the sense that I’m not currently in this situation. However, it’s not entirely made up; it’s very closely based on a situation I saw someone else on a forum experiencing, and I found it so interesting I wanted to see what this community thought about it. So in the rest of this message, I assume a persona based on the GM who presented this situation to me.)

I GM mainly 3.X/D20 systems and other rules-heavy traditional systems. Most of my players seem OK with how I GM, and then there’s one guy. I’ll call him Kamina, because he loves “being cool” and shonen-anime-esque over-the-top-ness. He’s always trying to do stuff like this. Often I/we get into arguments with him over this, but I don’t think Rule of Cool is the whole issue here…

Kamina tends to take a long time on his turns. He likes adding colorful description and narration. To make it very clear, I’m OK with players narrating some stuff, adding to the conversation… so long as they realize how I GM. When I GM, I add fluff description myself, but (at least in these crunchy trad games) that’s all it is: fluff. I understand these systems as drawing a line between “rules” and “fluff”, and I hope my players can recognize that distinction. Kamina doesn’t. When players contribute narration, I hope they’ll expect me to treat it the same way I expect them to treat my narration; IE, a lot of it will be regarded as color that doesn’t impact future rules invocations. Kamina doesn’t. He spends lots of time analyzing every word I (and sometimes other players) say and then figuring how to incorporate those details into his narration and actions.

Kamina’s “creativity” mostly looks to me like trying to do stuff that’s totally outside the rules, or more insidiously, stuff that’s functionally already there in the rules. Like, he’ll describe his character aiming for a bad guy’s weak spot in a system where there are no called shot rules, and then he’ll get annoyed when I don’t give him a to-hit or damage bonus for it. I assume that, if there are no called shot rules, that aiming is abstracted into the standard to-hit and damage rules. I assume that characters can be assumed to be trying their best and that players don’t have to micromanage every move like that because it would just make already crunchy games take even longer. Kamina doesn’t seem to be satisfied with that.

There are other systems which might be better suited to Kamina. But he tells me, “You can totally play D20 systems my way!” and I think, “Maybe, but why should I?”

So my main question is, Can I (and my group) reconcile with this player, and is it worth the effort to try?

[ Etiquette ] Open Question : Is there anything I can do about this My boss never says “Thank You” or shows any appreciation when I do extra things (I wasn’t hired to do)?

1 Example was, A squirrel was seen (a few times) in the office. My boss was aggravated about it & told me indirectly to take care of this problem (although I was only hired to do computer work for him). I took care of the problem (working the exterminator) which took a few hours. When I told my boss I took care of the problem. My boss had a certain expression on his face that said he heard me. Aside from this my boss was silent as if I told him something that wasn’t important. I took care of the problem (working WITH the exterminator) which took a few hours.