(Cash traffic) is a Big Scam With Proof (Warning)

This Affiliate Network '' just scam me 500 Euro and close my account, and did nt paid me for my works, and when i ask them, he don't want to answer me, so i speaked to a support in MSN Live Chat name's (Maxime) and then, i ask here why he did that and the answer was block me.

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and here's my account suspended without any reason :(

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i send them in about 5 messages and without any response :(

Warning : don't trust this… (Cash traffic) is a Big Scam With Proof (Warning) is Scam

I had a publisher account on AdNow a few months ago. One day when I tried to log in it said Username or password isn't correct. I tried to reset password but never received any email to reset the password.

I tried to contact AdNow through their contact page to solve this issue more than 6 times but never got any reply from them.

They are the scammer.

Beware, Flippa themselves a scam

The marketplace for selling/buying websites/domains/apps Flippa, is a complete scam!!

Even though many of you're gonna tell that it's not Flippa, but some of its users are scam, i will not agree with it. They are INDIRECTLY scamming!

Because they don't really care about the authenticity of the listings, rather their focus is on making sales so they get their fee. (Just like Fiverr, who don't care about the false gigs)

I have seen many website listings which claims it has that & this & bra…

Beware, Flippa themselves a scam

Outlook rule to forward all emails – is that a common scam?

Recently we had a security problem. One email account which is based on MS Exchange 365 was hacked and the hacker forwarded all emails per rule to a Gmail account.

I checked all relevant PCs and I didn’t find any viruses. And I changed the passwords. But in this case changing the passwords didn’t change anything because the rule which forwarded all the emails also worked after I changed the passwords. The forwarding only stopped once I discovered that such a rule was setup and then I deleted the rule.

How common is this hack? I never heard or read about it before. It is also still a mystery for me how the attacker accessed the email account. Probably he stole the password somewhere but I can’t figure out how. & x19 Limited is a Scam, Steal My Money, WARNING!

Hello mates,

Please not buy none, not use Adfly, this business or website is a Scam, very steal!!!!

I pay 50 USD. For Web Site Hosting Clear. And i waiting 2 week and the not active my Campaign none. Send 5 tickets, in the 2 week's not reply, none!!!

I register a forum account on

And to send a claim.

Telling the simple truth.

And provide proof.


You have been permanently banned from this board.

Please… & x19 Limited is a Scam, Steal My Money, WARNING!

Stay away from – SCAM its a pay per click ad / content discovery company, similar to Taboola .
I have used them for a month and earned up to 1300$ .
When i have asked them for the payment, they have deleted my account. After many tries to contant them i get told that the earnings are "writen off" and "Hope you understand" .
Stay away from them , they are a SCAM company that DOSENT PAY.

Is Certified | Ethical Hacker (C|EH) a scam or legitimate?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Certified | Ethical Hacker (C|EH) to see if it’s a credible certification. But I’ve stumbled across a Wikipedia article on it and discovered that the sources are straight from the company EC-Council the ones that made the certification in the first place. The writing of the article sounds like it’s marketing it to you. It didn’t have a wiki article on EC-Council itself and the founder and CEO is from India (I’m not being racist or anything) I even signed up for it on the EC-Council website and got a message from the employee who is from India. Does anyone know the real history of the company or is it a scam?

Keto Plus Spain Diet Shark Tank – Scam Trials, Benefits

Keto Plus Spain other significant thing to take a gander at is the symptoms before you really settle on your official choice. Are There Reactions To Utilizing Keto In addition to? a specialist holding a composition board While the definition of this item is for the most part esteemed safe, note that