I was scammed by Pingpipe

Your email address and other information can be consulted freely and free of charge by making a query when you are the owner or contact of a domain name. This enables Pingpipe hosting service, to take advantage of having your data and to know what domain you own, to contact you and sell you a service that you do not need, they try to convince you to pay for a service they can not give you, etc. They tell you that your domain is about to expire and that is not true, it is only to invite you…

I was scammed by Pingpipe

This is how infolinks scammed us on 2117$

Hi everyone,
we joined infolinks in February this year believing that they are a good PPC ad network, the first moth was great even if we had some low rates, but we have continued using them.
on 15 march we have received our first payment (409$ ) then we said this ad network is trusted and we can continue using them.
After 2 months of using infolinks we have received this message telling us that our account has been closed.
we have…

This is how infolinks scammed us on 2117$

Have I got scammed? [on hold]

I have seen this thing pop up on my screen, it said: “you have won a free iphoneX enter your address to mail it to you!” And then it said:”you’re one of our 10 lucky winners!”I felt like I couldn’t just leave it,because that would, well maybe lose an iphoneX? It said it was by google. Then it asked me these questions: who founded google?,when was google created? And one I cant remember. Then I filled In my name,phone number,address for it to mail it to me. Then I pressed ok. A thing popped up and said: your phone has been reserved and we will mail to you. Am I in danger? Is there something wrong about this? This seems fishy. I’m only 10 years old sorry

I too have been scammed by this same property!

All of what you’ve described has happened to me as well. My booking was, I thought, with TripAdvisor but actually it turns out was booked through a larger umbrella company, Lodgable. Have you heard of them? They host all the companies competing with Airbnb, which has gotten so large and has so much recognition that people looking for vacation rentals just say Airbnb now.

In an attempt to compete, TripAdvisor, VRBO, Booking.com, etc have been using Lodgable which may be part of the problem.

I am now feeling very reluctant to book with any other than Airbnb who seems to be the only company doing any sort of verification of the actual existence of a listed property.

My dilemma is that I’m two weeks away from traveling to London and can’t find a place now.

BEWARE: Wix.com Affiliate Program Scammed $30,000/year in Affiliate Comissions

Im here to tell the story behind my frustrated relation with Wix.com and its Affiliate Program
Forgive my poor english if not 100% correct, since is not my 1st language
Long time ago in 2002, I started a sitebuilder service based on a flash website builder script that allowed users to create a free flash website under their own domain name or a subdoman under my brand www.flashbuilder.net
I still remember it when launched 14 years ago, it was my very…

BEWARE: Wix.com Affiliate Program Scammed $ 30,000/year in Affiliate Comissions

2k negative balance on Paypal because I was scammed. Third world country.

Hey there,
I was scammed on Paypal upon a transaction for a digital item. Now I am in 2k negative balance. I am in country Georgia, it is a third world country. Will they be able to come after me? They have my kinda real info. They have my first and last name and probably an ID number, I don't remember if I indicated that.
Any replies would be highly appreciated!

Do I got scammed? [on hold]

Someone told me that I have won 10,000USD last new year in the chat box in favorite..they told me to download WhatsApp and email zwerllottomanagement@gmail.com, that I followed.. suddenly he ask my bank account..then I got confused when he ask me to send them the money for the process of my winning price..so I go to help center and try to find out if I got scam.,and based off what I read, it’s possible that I scam. Please help me to verify this..I got confused..

Hassan Khan scammed me!!!

Great site by the way Shawn. Unfortunately it didn't do too well for me. The person named Hassan Khan AKA hmk20009 scam me. I tried to buy an owned unbranded license for whmcs and this individual tried to scam me at first by giving me a secondary account with no privileges. I used escrow as the payment method because I thought that was the safest way, obviously now I know that it's not.

Full chat logs available upon request.

I don't know why people do the things they do.