Can I apply for a longer Schengen visa to overwrite my shorter one? [on hold]

I have been recently approved for a Schengen visa to France for 15 days. I’ve found means and desire to stay in France for closer to 30 days, but the visa only allows 15 days. The difficulty is that the period of validity is 30 days, but the length of stay is only 15 days. This makes it impossible to apply for a Schengen visa from the second country during the duration of my stay there, after the first one’s 15 days are up. My question: I have heard that it is possible to request another Schengen visa and have them cancel the first. Can I request one that overlaps with the previous and have any reasonable expectation of it going through?

Tranfer/transit via Schengen area with 2 separate tickets and no visa

I’m Russian. I have no Schengen visa. I want to buy a ticket going via Schengen Area with a transfer less than 24 hours. A transfer will take place in an international airport of Germany, or Spain or some others. I have several options. The thing is, it’ll be an international airport with a transit zone and I won’t leave it.

If I buy a normal a single ticket, there’ll be no problem with the transfer. For instance, Brazil – Portugal – Turkey.

However, I’ve discovered that the price of 2 separate tickets on the same route with the tranfer and duration will be cheaper, around 2 times.

The tickets may be even of different airlines. Still, the condition will remain: no chaning of an airport, no leaving the transit zone, the duration of transit will be less than 24 hours.

Now, people tell me that in case of 2 separate tickets I’ll face a problem with boarding. That is, the 1st airline will take into account only the 1st ticket and neglect the 2nd one. For some unclear reason.

Because those would be 2 separate tickets, possible of different airlines. Or even of the same airline, but if they’re 2 physically separate ones, there would be a problem.

For an airline it’d look like as if I travelled only half-way, with a single, one-way ticket to Schengen Area. And, therefore, it’d reject to board me in the beginning.

Is this true? If so, what is the rule what doesn’t allow to travel with 2 separate tickets via Schengen? And only allows to have single physical one

Note, that I don’t take into accout a checked-in baggage – I may have none. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, suppose I won’t have it.

Is it possible to request a longer Schengen visa / apply for a new one before I leave for my trip?

I recently got approved for a 15 day France-issued Schengen visa. I would also like to visit Switzerland and stay longer in France. The trip is still months away. Is it possible to request an extension, can I apply to France for a new visa, or to Switzerland? The problem is that: I would like to stay from approximately May 21 to Jun 19 (clearly less than 90 days…) But France only issued me 15 days with validity from May 14 to Jun 14. This makes it impossible to apply for another Schengen visa valid before Jun 15. What should I do here? Apply for a Switzerland Schengen visa from May 21 to Jun 19 and stay in France for the beginning part and Switzerland as intended?

Schengen visa on old name

I’m travelling to Switzerland on the 31st. I have a valid Schengen visa on my old passport. On my new passport my name has been changed into my spouse name and I was wondering if I would be allowed to travel with my new passport with a valid Schengen visa on my old passport. I will be carrying my marriage certificate and wedding photograph as proof. I would request you to let me know if this is sufficient for me to enter through switzerland.

I will be entering the schengen state through switzerland. I have recently got married and have got a new passport , now on my spouse name. I hold a schengen visa which is currently valid and is on my maiden name(on my old cancelled passport). I will be carrying my marriage certificate and wedding photograph as proof. I would request you to let me know if this is sufficient for me to enter through Switzerland

How to proof that I will return home after a Schengen visa (I am a minor)

I am a minor and want to apply for a visa to Italy (currently residing in Kenya). I want to visit my sister who lives in Italy. She owns a house and is a permanent residence. She divorced about a year ago. The requirements for the visa application is that you should proof that once you’re given the visa you will come back to your home country. Could you give me some tips to proof that? (Also tips on how to make sure I get the visa. I’ll appreciate it

Schengen Visa from Greece was rejected

My Schengen visa was rejected in october 2018 stating:

  1. Justification for the purpose and conditions of intended stay was not provided
  2. The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of intended stay was not reliable.

Kindly advise what went wrong. This was my first attempt for any visa application. I do not have any travel history and the reason I want to travel now is to redeem a travel voucher I was awarded by my employer.

So I do understand me not adding a cover letter was one of the biggest mistake. Secondly I think I submitted two bank statements…One is for my Salary transfer account where usually I do not maintain any balance and second was my savings account which I usually use for all my transactions. So if I now attach the copy of travel voucher and cover letter and my salary account with a good balance and transactions for almost 4 months, will that help?

Can I cancel hotel reservation AFTER crossing immigration in Schengen area?

I already have tourist visa to Germany. I stated I will be staying in a hotel, but I am PLANNING to stay with a friend*. I figured I would cancel the hotel reservation AFTER I go through immigration, just in case the immigration officers call the hotel to confirm my reservation.

Is this a good idea or should I just stay in the hotel instead?

*I thought obtaining a “formal obligation” for Schengen visa application was too much of a hassle (when you want to stay in Germany to visit a friend/relative), so I declared that I’d be staying in a hotel instead.