Do I need to supply 3 months salary slips for Schengen visa application?

Do I need to supply last 3 months salary slips to apply for a Schengen tourist visa? I recently registered a limited company and will only receive my first pay at the end of this month. I would like to go to the Netherlands next month. The required documents state that “7. Salary Slips (last 03 months) (if employed)”.

Does this apply to people that are self employed?

Required Documentation:

Bank statements for Schengen & UK visa applications

I am hoping to travel to Europe in August 2017 for a month. My itinerary is to arrive in London, travel to France, Switzerland, Italy and Greece and go back to London form my return flight to Melbourne. I am a permanent resident of Australia for the last 4 years.

I have been saving for my Europe trip since last year. I created another savings account with my bank and transferred money to that for the European trip. I have around 12,000 AUD in that account. Is that sufficient for me as proof of funds to obtain Schenagen and UK visas?

My everyday savings account would have usually 1500 AUD after my expenditures and transferring money to my Europe savings account. Is it okay if I provide 3 or 6 months of bank statements of that specific savings account? Do they require my everyday savings account into which my salary is deposited, as well? Do they require credit card statements, too?

My partner is travelling with me and he is a citizen of Australia, so he doesn’t need to obtain visas. We are hoping to pay the hotel bookings and flights (prior to obtaining my visas) from his account/credit card so that I still maintain 12K balance in my account at the time I apply for my visas.

Would that be a problem? Would they need to see from my bank statements the payments I have made for flights and hotels?

Indian with UAE resident visa expiring in 2 months while applying for Schengen Visa

Me and my family are planning for a week long trip to Austria, Hungary & Czech Republic(max. no of stay).

We will be returning from there on October 28th, 2019 and my wife’s UAE Resident Visa is expiring on January 1 2020(2 month validity as per the Checklist I have seen). But rest of the family got their visa till mid year of 2020.

Will this be a problem in the visa application?

Can I use my Schengen VISA for multiples purposes

I was issued Schegen VISA for 90 days validity with multiple entry. Initially i planned for tourism to France and Switzerland and accordingly i have written the purpose as tourism only and i will be travelling as well for a week and coming back to India. First i am using for tourism for one week and travelling back to India.

Now, i also need to travel again to Schengen area to the same countries for business purpose for one week again. Can i use the same VISA or do I need to reapply again.

Schengen Visa Re-applying

My Schengen visa was rejected in october 2018 stating:

Justification for the purpose and conditions of intended stay was not provided The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of intended stay was not reliable.

Now A month back i got Uk visa and would be travelling to Uk soon. In Sept i plan to apply for schengen visa again. My query is should i try again from greece or try from any other country.

Valid H1B visa but not stamped. Want to attend a conference in Spain. Am I eligible to get schengen visa and re-enter US?

I have a valid H1B visa though not stamped yet as I have not traveled to India since then. I got an invitation to speak at a conference in Spain next year. Am I eligible to get a schengen business visa? Is so, after conference I am aftraid I cannot re-enter US without stamping? Can I get it done in Spain or do I have to travel all the way to India, get it stamped and then enter US? Please advise?

Thanks much