Travel Schengen tourist Visa

I believe tax deducted from my salary by my employer is not accurate and am applying for a French visa that require me to present my payslip indicating how much deducted with payment certificate.

Hope that won’t be a basis for denial. My account balance is well funded to about €8,000 for my 7days vacation with my 2 children.

Can Schengen visa from France be used later on for other countries as well with a break? [duplicate]

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  • Does a multiple-entry Schengen visa allow visiting other Schengen countries later, without going via the issuing country? 2 answers

I want to apply for a Schengen short stay Visa for France to travel in August 2019. The duration of the stay will be for 3 days and then I will return back to London. Later on, can I use the same visa to travel for a longer duration to other Schengen countries and return?

Also, as far as I understand from this forum, once I get the visa issued from France this month, I cannot use it to travel to another country for two days and return to London before going to France in August.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Can I travel in Schengen states until the last day of the validity on my D-visa/residence permit

I am a Chinese citizen working in Denmark. I have a Danish D-visa and temporary Danish residence permit valid until end of October, 2019. I am traveling to Iceland as a tourist in August 2019. I saw that Iceland requires that the validity of qualified visa-exempt passport/ID be at least three months beyond intended stay (

Does this requirement also apply to my Danish D-Visa/Danish residence permit?

Schengen Tourist Visa (Multi)

I have a tourist multi entry C visa (Etats Schengen) from the Swiss consulate in the U.S and was wondering the following below:

1) Can I travel to other Schengen countries without any issues given I have obtained the tourist visa from Swiss consulate.

2) Do I have to enter Switzerland since my tourist visa was provided by the Swiss consulate and then book my flight/train to other Schengen countries?

3) Can I fly into another Schengen country without having to fly into Switzerland?

4) Do I have to fly out of Switzerland to come back home to the U.S since the tourist visa was provided to me by the Swiss consulate or can I fly out from another Schengen country back home to the U.S?

Please provide me some form of assistance as I need to book my trip itinerary accordingly and as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Schengen Question

My daughter is studying abroad over the summer and does not require a Visa. She entered the Schengen area on May 21st and will be leaving it on August 19th, which is 91 days (our bad – her dad and I are meeting her in Italy and traveling to Greece with her and I did not understand the 90-day rule). She is planning to travel to England/Scotland for a few days while in Italy. Can we subtract those days from the original 91 days? Thanks much.

If I’m visiting the Schengen region, can I “work from home”?

I’m a US citizen. I want to spend about 6 weeks vacation visiting my friends in France, Spain and Italy. However, with taking this much consecutive time off from work my employer would require me to do daily check-ins (email and Skype).

It’s also very likely I would have to spend up to 20 hours per week fixing untoward problems. This would require me logging into my company laptop to write and submit code. Any hours that I spend doing company work I would be paid as a normal employee (vs. PTO for the rest of the vacation).

Is this legal as a tourist?

travelling before schengen visa expires [duplicate]

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  • Should I follow what was mentioned in the “duration of stay” or in the “validity of the visa”? 2 answers

I have a Schengen visa from French embassy valid between 25-05 to 10-06-2019 for the stay of 15 days.

I want to travel on 6th June for 10 days. That is 6th June to 16th June, is it ok or do I have to travel between 25-05 to 10-06-2019. Please advise.

Schengen visa refused using motif 2 on purpose and conditions of stay

A friend of mine who is an official teacher, applied for a visa to Germany and got refused because of the motif #2 saying:

The purpose and conditions of the intended stay have not been established 

The file was full of papers, the original invite from her son in law was in the file, and even a high amount of money in the bank account.

What is extended explanation of this motif and how can she pass it in her next apply.