Can a scholar repeat healing hands every 10 minutes?

In adventures in Middle-Earth RPG, the scholar class has “Hands of a Healer” ability: “If you can touch a creature, you may expend one Healing Die per action, instantly granting them hit points equal to 1d8 plus your wisdom modifier…If instead you tend the creature for at least 10 minutes…, then you may multiply the 1d8 by your proficiency modifier… “

My question is: Can a scholar repeat healing hands every 10 minutes, spending more healing dices?

Can the Separatist and Scroll Scholar cleric archetypes be combined?

Each of these archetypes changes something about how the cleric’s domains work, and I’m not sure if they can be combined.

The Separatist chooses one domain from those that their deity normally offers and a secondary domain that can be almost anything. For that secondary domain:

Granted powers from the cleric’s second domain function as if the cleric’s level, Wisdom, and Charisma were 2 lower than normal (minimum level 1) in terms of effect, DC, and uses per day. This also means the separatist doesn’t gain the domain’s higher-level ability until 2 levels later than normal. If the second domain grants additional class skills, the separatist gains these as normal.

The Scroll Scholar gets Diligent Student, which

…replaces one of the 1st-level granted powers from her domains—the character gets to choose which of her two 1st-level granted powers it replaces.

Here are the ways that I could see this getting ruled:

  1. The archetypes cannot be combined, because both of them modify the Domains class feature
  2. The archetypes can be combined, but Diligent Student has to replace the ability from the primary domain, because that is the only domain power the cleric has at 1st level.
  3. The archetypes can be combined, and Diligent Student can replace the second domain’s 1st level power, even though the cleric wouldn’t normally get that power until level 3.
  4. The archetypes can be combined, but Diligent Student won’t be usable until level 3 if it replaces the second domain’s ability. In this case, Diligent Student functions as if the cleric was 2 levels lower, just like the second domain.

Is there an official way that these archetypes would work together, or are they / should they be mutually exclusive?

Reason for fake academic pdf files found on sites like Google Scholar?

Using my web-browser, I clicked a link on Google Scholar that led to a fake paper (in .pdf format). The pdf contained many keywords and phrases related to the research topic, possibly for search engine indexing, but it was not a readable paper.

My question is: what is the purpose of these fake academic pdfs? Is it to install malware? Why upload a pdf filled with keywords, but nothing else? In my particular case, here is a link from Google Scholar that contains the site hosting these pdfs:

Google Scholar user profile has disappeared from search results

I have a public user profile on Google Scholar, and my user profile used to show up when I searched my name on Google Scholar. However, as of about two weeks ago, it no longer appears in the search results, although it still appears if I click “My Citations.” I double-checked that the profile is still public, and indeed, it even shows up on regular Google if I search my name.

How can I get my user profile to show up in the Google Scholar search results again?