Can the School of Necromancy feature Command Undead be used on very powerful undead?

The Command Undead feature says

As an action, you can choose one undead that you can see within 60 feet of you.

Unlike the spell Animate Dead it does not specify that it has to be a small/medium humanoid. So am I able to attempt to Command powerful undead such as liches, drago-liches, death tyrants, death knights, etc.? I know that they would be hard to keep under control because of the saving throws and their intelligence, but can I try, or does Command Undead not work on them at all?

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Is Trump right for congratulating daughter Tiffany on finishing law school or no?

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Which school of magic is Mordenkainen most closely associated with?

Which school of magic is Mordenkainen most closely associated with? In particular, I’m not interested in speculation or opinions, but rather if such a thing has ever been outright stated in any officially released D&D material, or which can at least be objectively inferred from things like the sorts of spells he was most closely associated with.

He has made an appearance in a couple of 5e adventures:

Speaking of the spells he has created, in 5e there are four spells that include his name in the title:

  • Mordenkainen’s faithful hound (4th level conjuration spell)
  • Mordenkainen’s private sanctum (4th level abjuration spell)
  • Mordenkainen’s sword (7th level evocation spell)
  • Mordenkainen’s magnificent mansion (7th level conjuration spell)

The above might imply that conjuration is his “main” school of magic because he made a whole two of those, but I know that there is also a 9th level abjuration spell called Mordenkainen’s disjunction from 3.5e, which puts abjuration and conjuration on an even keel (or possible even that abjuration is the “winner” because that’s the highest level spell he made), so I’m not sure if this method of inference gives a clear answer after all (since I’m not limiting this to simply what is in 5e).

So, has there ever been any clear mention in any official material regarding which school of magic Mordenkainen is most closely associated with, or can it be inferred from official material if not?

What school are the Kitsune Scouts?

I was hunting down the materials that contained information about the Kitsune and repeatedly found mentioning that the Kitsune family, both in their time as Clan Fox and as part of the Mantis clan, was very adapt to scouting (explicitly in Sword & Fan, Way of the minor clans, Way of the Daimyo). However, I could nowhere find any school that would belong to them that was not the Kitsune Shugenja. I could find ample descriptions that scouts are usually bushi.

All I could find was one mentioning of a Kitsune Ranger Path in the Book of Waterp154 where one person is described as follows:

Kitsune Gushimi (Tsuruchi Archer 3/Kitsune Ranger Path).

Where is this Kitsune Ranger Path described and is it befitting the aforementioned Scouts, or is there a distinct Kitsune Scout school?

What role does the school of necromancy play in the world of 5e? [duplicate]

The school of necromancy subclass states:

The School of Necromancy explores the cosmic forces of life, death, and undeath.

Which doesn’t sound inherently evil.

Obviously a Necromancer makes a classic villain in the world of DnD but I find myself unsure about whether villains like necromancy or necromancers like villainy.

Is raising skeletons, zombies, ghouls and mummies inherently evil or only frowned upon by some societies?

Are there good necromancers in the world of 5e?

Can my school track me on my home wifi?

I’m slightly paranoid that my school can see what im doing with my personal account on my home wifi. It is a managed device, but we are permitted to take them home and use them for homework and return them the next morning. Is it possible my school can still be tracking me off of my personal account and home wifi? I’m not doing anything to get me in trouble,I would just prefer to not have my school snooping around through my personal account I needed to access. I’m sorry if this wasn’t enough information.