Help On Scrapebox engine.dat update

Hello Folks , i need help, if someone can help me and update my scrapebox engine.dat file with this new search engines,

i have been try for 4days now still cant get it working .

i can pay if you want me to pay you for the help.

66290 urls Scrapebox Autoapprove list tested and all links working 19-04-2019 NEW LISTS WILL FOLLOW for $35

Great list of Autoapprove comment list for Scrapebox. Current results are 66290 unique urls for posting and all are tested within the last few days. Every week I will release new fresh 100% working and tested autoapprove lists for Scrapebox here. Send me a message here if you want to keep updated and I will provide the link to any new completed and tested list I will place here.

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Scrapebox proxy checker stops checking after 150 proxies

Hello Loopline and all others. Happy Holidays!

I have been using scrapebox for the last 8 or so years to do various blackhat spamming. I used to use private proxies.
Recently I scraped some public ones using internal scraper. I had about 13k proxies. So when I start checking everything goes as planned until about line 120-150. It just stops and hangs. The stop button is unresponsive. I mean I can push the stop button but it doesn’t do a thing. I tried to load 200 proxies and SB still stops and hangs around line 130-150. Before I start bugging the support with this I was wondering if any of you fine fellows encountered an issue like that. Who would know better then Loopline, right? Smile

If you have any ideas about adjusting TCP timeouts on Windows 7 or any other methods that would allow me to verify public proxies please let me know.

My next step would be decrease timeout of the TCP connections in registry unless you have any better ideas.



Problem with scrapebox

Hello guys! I have the problem. I tried to run 13 scrapeboxes on the same VPS and after ~24 hours I got these results: 3 scrapeboxes were with 300-700k urls scraped , but the remaining 10 were with only 20-40k urls scraped. This is very big different , isn’t it? I used same footprint and even same keywords. Just locations were different , but all of those locations were quite big so i dont think its location problem. Its not possible that out of 13 locations only 3 were big enough and others 10 weren’t. So I’m wondering where can be the problem that I got this issue? If anyone could help me I would appreciate it a lot! Because I need all scrapeboxes to scrape like 300-700 or more urls , i dont need 20-40k urls per scrapebox , its just way too less…

Need a person who is an expert with Scrapebox scraping

Quote:Hello guys. I need someone who is an expert with scrapebox scraping. What I need is someone who could scrape Instagram URL’s for me with scrapebox. Basically what I need is Instagram urls scraped from specific locations , only USA/UK cities. I will use these urls to scrape with another program that i have and I will get additional info such: email, followers count, bio and so on, thats why I firstly need scrapebox in order to get Instagram URL’s. Here is how the Instagram URL’s scraped with scrapebox looks like:

So I really believe that a person who is experienced with SB scraping – will understand what I mean.

Please contact me through PM. I’m ready to pay good for this kind of help!

ScrapeBox dont activate my LICENSE!!!

I buy ScrapeBox for email. Pay money by paypal when i found what is software is shit i try to make money back, they say it impossible – use it, but they cancel my license and two month i cant activate software what i purchase – what THEY say – use it – you buy it.
this is not a deal for software seller!