Food Scraps, what are they and do they go bad?

My Ranger character has the Urchin personality trait of "I hide scraps of food and trinkets away in my pockets", which I have been RPing, without thought for much benefit. I have been just saying in story that every time we eat a meal I tell the DM I am taking 1 or 2 scraps, which I have been tracking in my inventory. Occasionally if the food available is specific ("Meat pie" and "biscuit") I have put that in a special section of my inventory "Food hidden in pockets" specifically for the personality trait, without much thought for if they get used or rot in my pockets.

I had assumed that being so generic they were similar to "rations" in longevity, as it is part of the Urchin background where the purpose would be to avoid starvation, ie. a homeless child hiding away their own rations from scraps they gather, though I haven’t actually attempted or thought of using them yet. It’s been mostly for the fun of RP.

In our latest session some questions we can’t seem to satisfy our pedantry on have come up.

  • What are food scraps?
  • Do they go bad, and after how long?
  • Is their longevity different from or similar to rations?

I suggested that yes definitely the "meat pie" is now spoiled and changed the biscuit to "stale biscuit". But what of these scraps and what exactly they are, we can’t seem to google up a precedent.