Screen refresh / repaint issues with Ubuntu MATE both 16.04 and 18.04

I am using two different Lenovo laptops and even two different Ubuntu-MATE versions 16.04 and 18.04, yet ever since I started with Ubuntu, I suffer refresh / repaint problems (on a multitude of monitors and docking stations, so let’s not blame those…)

screen photo

If I switch to the next workspace (virtual screens) and back, these artifacts are gone. If I move a window slowly over it, it’s also gone. Basically most things triggering a repaint makes it gone. Hastily shaking windows around tends to create them.

I know little about Linux & hardware, but let me share what I know. I appear to have intel graphics:

$  > sudo lspci|grep VGA     00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09) 

And DRI2 (what that was again?)

$  > xdpyinfo | grep DRI     DRI2 

My xorg config (if I am not talking gibberish) does not seem to contain a 20-intel.conf

$  > cat /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ 10-amdgpu.conf            10-quirks.conf            11-evdev-trackpoint.conf  50-vmmouse.conf           51-synaptics-quirks.conf 10-evdev.conf             11-evdev-quirks.conf      50-synaptics.conf         50-wacom.conf 

Not sure, what to make of that 10-amdgpu.conf file (Didn’t I have intel graphics?)

cat /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-amdgpu.conf Section "OutputClass"         Identifier "AMDgpu"         MatchDriver "amdgpu"         Driver "amdgpu" 

Is this usr/share-xorg.conf.d just an overlay of settings, and the basic, core conf is elsewhere? Should I possible creatre a 20-intel.conf as suggest here.

Or is the problem somewhere else entirely? I am totally cluessless on these matters.

iOS 12 devices randomly wakes to Home screen and doesn’t turn off again automatically

I’ve got an iPhone 8 and an iPad mini 4 (both running iOS 12) that both seem to have the same issue.

For some reason they randomly turn on the Home screen when they are resting, as if they have just received a push notification (although they haven’t).

When they randomly turn on the Home screen, it will not turn off without manually pressing the lock button. So if this happens in the middle of the night, it just runs down the battery.

Any ideas why this might be?

Please see below screenshot of Settings app for lock on the iPhone.

Python pygame displays images to screen from a string/surface buffer, in grey

I want to display images to the screen in their original colour, but this code is showing greyscale images. I want to use pygame.images.frombuffer() because it is the lowest resource usage. Also looking for formatting critiques and OOP critiques.

import pygame # import random   colours = {     "red": [255, 0, 0],     "black": [0, 0, 0],     "white": [255, 255, 255],     "blue": [0, 0, 255],     "green": [0, 255, 0] }   images = ['house.bmp', 'car.bmp', 'logo.bmp'] imageFormat = "ARGB"   resolution = {     "small": [600, 600],     "large": [1200, 700],     "x-large": [1920, 1600] }  screenSize = resolution["large"] bottomEdge, rightEdge = screenSize   pygame.init() clock = pygame.time.Clock()  gameDisplay = pygame.display.set_mode(screenSize, 0, 32) pygame.display.set_caption('Wandering Sojourn')   imageList = {} for image in images:     """Load images from folder into dict of Surface buffers."""     __img = pygame.image.load('images/' + image)     __img_size = pygame.Surface.get_rect(__img).size     __img = pygame.image.tostring(__img, imageFormat)     __img = pygame.image.frombuffer(__img, __img_size, imageFormat)     imageList[image] = __img   # def drawImage(imageToDraw, imagePosition): #    """Docstring. # #    This is more summary of this function. #    """ #    gameDisplay.blit(imageToDraw, imagePosition)   gameOver = False while not gameOver:     for event in pygame.event.get():         if event.type == pygame.QUIT:             gameOver = True      gameDisplay.fill(colours["black"])     gameDisplay.blit(imageList['house.bmp'], (50, 50))     gameDisplay.blit(imageList['car.bmp'], (100, 50))     gameDisplay.blit(imageList['logo.bmp'], (bottomEdge-50, rightEdge-50))      pygame.display.update()     clock.tick(60)  pygame.quit() quit() 


Hello everyone im new here after searching online trying to find answers to the problem im having I came up empty,im reaching out now with hopes someone can help the voyager is a RCT6873W42BMF8.after doing a wipe data/factory reset that didn’t fix the problem after doing it the voyager logo comes up and stays on nothing else happens,why is this happening and how can I fix it also after doing a reboot in safe mode its now telling me the Gboard has stopped working and one another thing how do I apply the update from ADB

key or gesture to display “virtual/on screen keyboard” (even if there is not text input)

I want to open on screen keyboard on demand and not when android detects an input.

Real scenario, I loaded a url containing a javascript web page, this page asks to type a name. Trying on Android Firefox or Chrome, the keyboard is not displayed so I am not able to send keys to this js web app.

However on a pc, if I type the js web app recognizes the characters, print them and I can go forward.


Screen time statistic for longer periods

The screen time feature is awesome!

However, having only daily or weekly statistics is a bit limiting.

Is there any way to see usage for a longer time, like the last month?

Alternatively: does anyone know where the log files are stored on the file system so I can parse them myself? As iOs even keeps deleted Photos forever, I assume the log files for screen time are also kept somewhere.

Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS problems after automatic suspend, vast file of errors on screen no functions

Hi to all I am new here and a novice Ubuntu user having escaped the clutches of Microsoft at last! I am getting a fairly regular issue with my system if left for a few hours after going into automatic suspend. I either have no functions available via keyboard or mouse or otherwise get a screen full of process information which I am unable to copy. Any help or suggestions gratefully received! N.B. I am really pleased with the setup other than this glitch, only way I can think of sharing the screen is to take picture and try to post it but it is not ideal as there are pages of info. Many thanks in advance.

Black Screen after booting from USB to Install

This is my first try on the Ubuntu. The original laptop is running : Asus A43S Intel i5 Windows 10 (free upgrade from window 7 during the window 10 introduction period) 4Gb RAM Nvidia GT-520M

Created the bootable USB using Universal-USB-Installer-, with the BIOS ubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64 Booted into BIOS using F2 button, selected to boot from USB (UEFI enabled) Popped up the selection page, Try Ubuntu without installing, install Ubuntu etc. Tried both option, the results are the same. Right after selection the screen goes black (but the background was lit and the fan started running a little faster) This remains the same for over an hour without any progress. Is my machine too old to run Ubuntu? Any idea how do i fix this?