How to protect my ubuntu linux computer from screen capture programs or keystroke loggers?

I have a Ubuntu home PC. I often use this system to enter passwords to various websites. Some sites also offer a graphical on screen keyboard to protect from keyloggers. However, I suspect that even the on screen keyboard is not safe from malicious software which records the computer screen. I want my passwords to be safe from such programs. Of course, I do ensure that I don’t install insecure programs but I would like to have an additional layer of security.

How to return/export only data showing on screen in custom post type view all screen

If I for example filter my custom post type by date and it only shows 2 records on screen, I only want to export those 2 records, but it is exporting a bunch of records out of my control ie: the wrong records.

How can I modify this to only export what is showing up on screen ie: the 2 records in this case?

add_action( 'init', 'func_export_some_records' ); function func_export_all_posts() {     if(isset($  _GET['export_some_records'])) {         $  arg = array(                 'post_type' => 'shirts',                 'fields' => 'ids'             );           global $  post;         $  arr_post = get_posts($  arg);         if ($  arr_post) {              header("Content-Description: File Transfer");             header("Content-Type: application/csv");             header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="wp.csv"');             header('Pragma: no-cache');             header('Expires: 0');              $  file = fopen('php://output', 'w');              fputcsv($  file, array('COLUMN ONE', 'COLUMN TWO'));              foreach ($  arr_post as $  post) {                  $  color = get_post_meta( $  post, 'user-color', true );                 $  size = get_post_meta( $  post, 'user-size', true );                  fputcsv($  file, array($  color, $  size));             }               fclose($  file);          }     } } 

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Fully-secured screen lock in Ubuntu with encryption

I have Ubuntu 19.10 with full disk encryption. The encryption is effective as long as the system is turned off or restarted. Otherwise the data is unencrypted behind a locked screen which may not be very secured.

I wish to protect against:

  1. mechanisms that bypass screen lock (I have disabled SysRq, but there might be other ways too)
  2. cold boot attacks
  3. attacks through DMA, network, WiFi/Ethernet, physical ports, etc

What’s the best way to proceed? Can I have a home encryption on top of full disk encryption, and set the screen lock such that the same password will unlock and decrypt the home drive (I don’t want to enter two passwords)?

Is there any secure screen lock (no bug, no vulnerability against X11 crashes, etc)?

The OS + encryption should be able to protect the system 100 percent (except for cold boot attacks which mostly aren’t practical: the data rapidly deteriorates).


New Page/Post Screen Opens an Existing Post

When I go to add a post or page to my WordPress site, the permalink and featured image are already populated with a 10 year old post, thus we are unable to create new content.

Recent changes done on the site:

  • We ran a find-and-replace in wp_posts to rebrand part of our company, however that should only have affected that string inside <p> tags since our search included spaces
  • We deleted old post revisions from the database to make it lighter
  • We ran a database cleanup plugin

I know one solution will be to rollback the database before these changes were made, but this bug was only discovered now (a week later), so recovering from the error is preferable.

Rotate object always at same speed on screen, no matter camera distance?

I am rotating a globe like XCOM’s hologlobe,

enter image description here

I rotate it using Quaternion.RotateTowards(Quaternion from, Quaternion to, float maxDegreesDelta).

I found a good value for maxDegreesDelta, in my case it is 5.0f.

There is a limit on how close or far the camera can be, let’s assume clos is 1.0f and far is 2.0f.

I want to be able to zoom into the globe, but obviously when I do, it rotates a bit too fast then.

When zoomed out, rotation speed is satisfying:

enter image description here

When zoomed in, rotation is too fast, making it more difficult to manipulate:

enter image description here

And the problem is even more evident as game view size gets bigger, i.e. fullscreen.

Using Mathf.Lerp and Mathf.InverseLerp, I’ve tried to make maxDegreesDelta and mouse delta proportional to the distance the camera is but it’s hardly convincing.

Note: I rotate the globe, not the camera.


How can I ensure object rotates at same speed on screen, no matter how close or far camera is ?

How to spawn enemy by individual rows, scrolling downward the screen [using 2D DirectX,C]

I’m a beginner to the game development and just started making one 6 months ago. I’m creating a 2D top-down scrolling shooter game using DirectX9 and C Language.(I know it’s an old one to use but have no choice since it’s a school project).

The result I want:

  • The enemies will be scrolled down by endless rows from top until the screen ends

The problem I’m having:

Currently I’ve managed to spawn the enemies in just one single row. I don’t know how to cut and sort them into 8 enemies in each single row. I really need to know the idea to sort this out and hope someone help me figure this out!!

Thank you in advance.

Content wider than screen


Content wider than screen issue

I have run into this issue on the site:

Some web tools fail to show the overlapping content, but I have found that it is present when viewed on a Samsung Note 8 and S9.

Is anyone able to identify which element is causing the issue?

Thanks for any advice!