Cannot change save location for Gnome screenshot on Ubuntu 18.04

I am on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and default screenshot save location is in Pictures.

I don’t want my Pictures folder to be flooded by my screenshot so I changed it to a folder called ‘Screenshots’.

But pressing Prtscr button always saves screenshots on Pictures even after I changed it using dconf-editor.

Screenshot of my dconf config

But when I manually launch gnome-screenshot and take a screenshot, it asks for save location and saves to that location properly.

Is there a way to change location I didn’t know or is it a bug?

screenshot now using $HOME not $HOME/Pictures

When I hit ‘Print Scrn’ my screenshots are in $ HOME. I want to move them back tp ~/Pictures/. All online help says do this or that, some of it pretty scary, and much of it does nothing. Some say it is gnome-shell’s fault. Some say it is a known bug, but it was working for me not that long ago. Some say just set it in the dialog, but I do not get such a dialog.i

Can’t open Files, Terminal, and Screenshot

After installing new Chrome Remote Desktop browser extension, it somehow harmed my Ubuntu system. After reboot I saw a warning “can’t access keyring” and now I’m not able to open Files, Terminal, Screenshot apps (and maybe more – I haven’t tested yet). But I can open Google Chrome, Sublime Text, System Monitor, and IntelliJ IDEA. Though the browser was reset to defaults after restart.

Please help me debug and fix this.

How to take a screenshot with colors as they appear in night mode

I often find myself in situations where some images have nicer looking colors in the night-mode. I often want to screenshot them. Unfortunately, what I get is the original image.

Is there any way to get the image as it appears on the display?

PS: A lot of times, I want to pick colors from images in night-mode. If it is not possible/easy to take screenshots in night-mode, can you please suggest a way to pick those colors?

Apple Watch Screenshot not saving on iPhone?

I recently purchased a Series 4 Apple Watch yesterday, but I cannot seem to get the screenshot feature to work. The steps I have taken are:

1.) Enable screenshots through the watch app on my iPhone 2.) Restart watch 3.) Restart phone 4.) Screenshot by pressing the digital crown and side button

When I try to take a screenshot, both the watch and my phone vibrate, but the photos do not appear in the photos app on my phone.

automate office 365 health checkup to take screenshot every hour

So the requirement is like this:

  1. Login to o365 portal, navigate to health section ( this url

  2. take the screenshot of the page

  3. upload the page in a sp lib/email it

Please let me know how to accomplish this. I know how to write a script to take the screenshot, but how to login in message center and upload the screenshot in sp lib.

Note: We have MFA enabled.

How to take a screenshot with same width and height on Mac

I know I can open the Screenshot tool by pressing cmd + shift + 4. I can drag the mouse around to specify the area I want to take a screenshot of, but I am wondering how I can keep the width and height ratio 1:1 when moving the mouse cursor (creating a quadrat/square instead of a rectangle).

In image editing software, the combination is usually to hold shift while dragging. On mac using the screenshot tool, this means to lock one of the axis depending on where you start your drag motion. It locks the width if you start dragging up or down, and locks the height if you start dragging left or right.

Pressing alt on the other hand makes the capture area grow in both direction.

holding either cmd or ctrl seems to do nothing.

I really hope there is a key combination to make the width and height scale the same, but I cannot figure out which key combination to use.

Get Screenshot of specific running application on linux with python

I am working on a Linux based DevVM where I need to capture the screenshot of a VMRC window. The problem is when I run the python code with the terminal, the terminal also comes in the captured screenshot.

Is there a way in pyscreenshot to select a specific application for the purpose or is there any other way through bash scripting or C/C++ or Java.

Here is what I have currently applied.

import pyscreenshot as ImageGrab # fullscreen im=ImageGrab.grab()  # part of the screen im=ImageGrab.grab(bbox=(10,10,500,500))  # to file ImageGrab.grab_to_file('im.png') 

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