automate office 365 health checkup to take screenshot every hour

So the requirement is like this:

  1. Login to o365 portal, navigate to health section ( this url

  2. take the screenshot of the page

  3. upload the page in a sp lib/email it

Please let me know how to accomplish this. I know how to write a script to take the screenshot, but how to login in message center and upload the screenshot in sp lib.

Note: We have MFA enabled.

How to take a screenshot with same width and height on Mac

I know I can open the Screenshot tool by pressing cmd + shift + 4. I can drag the mouse around to specify the area I want to take a screenshot of, but I am wondering how I can keep the width and height ratio 1:1 when moving the mouse cursor (creating a quadrat/square instead of a rectangle).

In image editing software, the combination is usually to hold shift while dragging. On mac using the screenshot tool, this means to lock one of the axis depending on where you start your drag motion. It locks the width if you start dragging up or down, and locks the height if you start dragging left or right.

Pressing alt on the other hand makes the capture area grow in both direction.

holding either cmd or ctrl seems to do nothing.

I really hope there is a key combination to make the width and height scale the same, but I cannot figure out which key combination to use.

Get Screenshot of specific running application on linux with python

I am working on a Linux based DevVM where I need to capture the screenshot of a VMRC window. The problem is when I run the python code with the terminal, the terminal also comes in the captured screenshot.

Is there a way in pyscreenshot to select a specific application for the purpose or is there any other way through bash scripting or C/C++ or Java.

Here is what I have currently applied.

import pyscreenshot as ImageGrab # fullscreen im=ImageGrab.grab()  # part of the screen im=ImageGrab.grab(bbox=(10,10,500,500))  # to file ImageGrab.grab_to_file('im.png') 

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Weird issue with no Sound on Ubuntu 19.04 / Terminal, Files and screenshot unable to start up

Encountered this weird issue where after upgrading to 19.04, my sound setting are all heywire. Plus some app wouldnt able to run like starting terminal, files and screenshot.

After some digging, realized that it might be related to some app crashing causing both the sound issue and also the app issue. The app of concern is either Anydesk or Kazam which I had already remove and purge from my laptop. Quite stuck now on how to go about debugging this. I had no idea where the root cause of the bug is and seems like there is multiple bugs happening.

Before the crash, the system was working fine with no issue, able to use the sound, the headphones as well as recording etc. It was only after installing Kazam and did some recording and had a reboot that all this problem start to crop up.

I found this: I am not sure whether to proceed with this as the current bug seems quite unique.

I explored the solution on installing pulseaudio, reloading alsa and even rename ~/.config/pulse/ but to no avail. Sound still not set by default. The cards and headphones are detected as it as show below:

Checking using aplay -l shows all the hardware detected so I believe the issue should be on the software side. The detected also included my usb connected headphones (Sennheiser Main Audio) enter image description here

Pic: Sound issue:

The output device shows the setting after I had installed pulseaudio and did a pulseaudio -- start. However, my headphone config setting is not shown. enter image description here

App unable to start issue:

Terminal, Files and Screenshot unable to start each time I reboot or restart my laptop. I had a workaround now which is to change the region & languages setting and then logout and login again to be able to start the terminal which is a bit of a hassle to do everytime.

Unable to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7

If I swipe with the edge of a palm, it is very unreliable — sometimes screen is pressed and I do some operations instead of screen shot.

Pressing Home + Power simultaneously doesn’t work.

What else can be done?


I am trying to take screenshow of an application, which I am debugging. When I run debug, it requests to close device monitor, so the third way of taking screenshots via device monitor also doesn’t work.


Disabling swipe didn’t help. Now it is impossible to take screenshot from within device at all.