screenshot of web application

Iam new to programming.Please help me on this one

This is the javascript code.

function fnShowSuggestion() { $ (‘#screenName’).val($ .trim($ (‘h4:not(.navbar-text):first’).text())); $ (‘#suggest’).modal();

} .while clicking suggestion link it calls this function which opens a modal popup.How to give the screenshot code to take a screenshot of the page behind the modal popup.

How do social media apps notify you when someone else takes a screenshot of your profile?

Social media apps like snapchat, instagram, viber.. Etc notify you if you someone takes a screenshot of your profile, chat, conversation, story.. Etc.

How can the app findout that you are taking a screenshot of their conversation, profile,story?

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take-vector-screenshot: focusing the window before taking the screenshot

I am using take-vector-screenshot to take a PDF screenshot.

When I launch take-vector-screenshot, I have to click a button within its window in order to begin the screenshot process. I then need to pick the window to take a screenshot of.

A button is required to be clicked to start the process

In the process of clicking this button (pictured above), the focus changes from the window which I actually want to capture. Hence the screenshot I get is of an unfocussed window, which is undesirable.

I can use wmctrl -a $ WINDOW_TITLE to focus the window I want to take the screenshot of, but this doesn’t work if I precede it with e.g. a sleep 3.

Any ideas how I can get this to work?

Cannot change save location for Gnome screenshot on Ubuntu 18.04

I am on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and default screenshot save location is in Pictures.

I don’t want my Pictures folder to be flooded by my screenshot so I changed it to a folder called ‘Screenshots’.

But pressing Prtscr button always saves screenshots on Pictures even after I changed it using dconf-editor.

Screenshot of my dconf config

But when I manually launch gnome-screenshot and take a screenshot, it asks for save location and saves to that location properly.

Is there a way to change location I didn’t know or is it a bug?

screenshot now using $HOME not $HOME/Pictures

When I hit ‘Print Scrn’ my screenshots are in $ HOME. I want to move them back tp ~/Pictures/. All online help says do this or that, some of it pretty scary, and much of it does nothing. Some say it is gnome-shell’s fault. Some say it is a known bug, but it was working for me not that long ago. Some say just set it in the dialog, but I do not get such a dialog.i

Can’t open Files, Terminal, and Screenshot

After installing new Chrome Remote Desktop browser extension, it somehow harmed my Ubuntu system. After reboot I saw a warning “can’t access keyring” and now I’m not able to open Files, Terminal, Screenshot apps (and maybe more – I haven’t tested yet). But I can open Google Chrome, Sublime Text, System Monitor, and IntelliJ IDEA. Though the browser was reset to defaults after restart.

Please help me debug and fix this.

How to take a screenshot with colors as they appear in night mode

I often find myself in situations where some images have nicer looking colors in the night-mode. I often want to screenshot them. Unfortunately, what I get is the original image.

Is there any way to get the image as it appears on the display?

PS: A lot of times, I want to pick colors from images in night-mode. If it is not possible/easy to take screenshots in night-mode, can you please suggest a way to pick those colors?

Apple Watch Screenshot not saving on iPhone?

I recently purchased a Series 4 Apple Watch yesterday, but I cannot seem to get the screenshot feature to work. The steps I have taken are:

1.) Enable screenshots through the watch app on my iPhone 2.) Restart watch 3.) Restart phone 4.) Screenshot by pressing the digital crown and side button

When I try to take a screenshot, both the watch and my phone vibrate, but the photos do not appear in the photos app on my phone.