Hiring a Person to test php Script

I am hiring a person from USA only to test a rewards script based on php and uses CPALead.com surveys. You don't need php knowledge but will have to complete 3 surveys from CPALead network on this script and wait for my confirmation if the script working successfully or not.
For this tasks I am paying $ 3 if the script don't works or $ 7 if the script is working. I require 2 people for this task as of now.

Counting script?

Hi, just signed up. thanks for welcoming me as a newbie!

I would like to create a counter like the one at the bottom of this page. https://acceptingdonations.wixsite.com/gift/studies-show
Not just the timer but also how it would update the number of transaction received, which you can see in the smaller print above days/hours/minutes/seconds?

Changing the domain name of a php web script

I am purchasing a web script and will be installing it on my host server where I have two domain accounts, and the domains are resolved to the server.
I asked the developer if I decided to change the domain name, at some point after install, what I could do, and was told to make the change it the config.php file.
After I make that change, and I make the changes needed in WHM/cPanel, besides copying the db over, what else would need to be done to have a complete domain change?

looking for dtrace script to list top used nfs files

I’m currently using https://github.com/siebenmann/cks-dtrace/blob/master/nfs3-mon.d to identify most active datasets on our NFS server (Solaris 10)

Unfortunately I need to dig deeper, and I would like to be able to track down most used files. Is there a way to list top X files for various operations?

I’m not dtrace guru and was not able to find answer in few hours..