Preventing a missing or faulty plugin loaded inside of wp-settings from halting a script

foreach ( wp_get_active_and_valid_plugins() as $  plugin ) {     echo $  plugin;     wp_register_plugin_realpath( $  plugin );     include_once $  plugin;      /**      * Fires once a single activated plugin has loaded.      *      * @since 5.1.0      *      * @param string $  plugin Full path to the plugin's main file.      */     do_action( 'plugin_loaded', $  plugin );     echo 'end'; } 

So I have a script that loads wp-settings and the script halts at: /var/www/public/wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/w3-total-cache.php. I am thinking that do_action(‘plugin_loaded’, $ plugin); throws an exception and stops the script from running, how do you prevent an exception like that from halting a script? I tried to put a try catch, but it doesn’t work.

Website Moderator Code Script [closed]

Ok so I have this site, and I need a code, or strand of codes to embed Roles. Sort of like Stack exchange, but a little different.

I have made this site that is supposed to allow you to sign up. Once signed up, it enables you to a live chat.

However, I wont be on the site 24/7 to enforce it, so I need a little help. The problem is, Im using google sites to create it and I have absolutely NO idea how to put a moderator code script into it.

So my question is, is there any way that I can add one (or more) role(s) into google sites in a random place like embed, and once the code is in, how would I make users the role I want them to be?

I know this is a game development site, but I searched and couldnt find another one that could suit my needs, if there is another site that i could find, could you point me to the right direction?

Selling a casino script for a casino club Goldsvet 7.1 MRS

Our casino script is designed to create a club casino.
There are 954 games in the casino set.
The script has a convenient admin panel, cashier.
Our games are written in html5 and work on computers and phones!
We want to clarify that all casino games are source code!
The most important thing is that our script is not bound to a domain, and ip.
The casino has two unique templates (casino design).
We also provide detailed instructions on how to set up a casino (in case of difficulties, we will help you set up!)

We accept payment on a crypto wallet!
Price of a full casino set: 1500 euros

For all inquiries, contact the cantaks:

Need a script that saves what I write

I´m someone, who is really interested in statistics and music, so when Spotify released their 2020 User Statistics, I wanted to make something similar for my own.

Because I don´t think Spotify will allow me to see user statistics. I instead wanted to try making a mobile app, where i can type in something like: Song – Artist and then it saves what I´ve typed in a list I´ll always have access to. But then, I had another idea: When I type for example Savage Love – Jason Derulo and one day later i type it in again, in the list, there should be shown something like:

  1. Savage Love – Jason Derulo (listened: 2 time/s)

and if I then don´t like this song anymore and instead i hear Lucid Dreams – Juice Wrld for three times, the list shall show me something like:

  1. Lucid Dreams – Juice Wrld (listened: 3 time/s)
  2. Savage Love – Jason Derulo (listened: 2 time/s)

Tell me if you haven´t understood something, and please also tell me, if you know, how to do this (or if you have suggestions)

Plugin or standalone script for wordpress automatic generate passwords for admin users with 24h regenerate

I have clean wordpress installation with one admin user. I want some script or plugin with autogenerate passwords for WordPress’s admin and sent automatically to email notification. Is possible? Example : i have user’s admin with password ‘test’ – i want generate random passwords for this admin once at 24h and send automatically thsi fact to email.

Can I use scripts to block other script or block/rewirte HTTP requests?

I’m building a personal website using this premade Enterprise-class CMS because it has both the blogging and wiki/docs parts in one package, it’s not as gorgeous as a WordPress site can get but it’s got a ton of management tools and then some. Plus, I’ve invested on it already and got it looking pretty good for an Enterprise CMS––actually it ain’t that bad even compared against the blogging CMSes.

There’s a big issue with it though: analytics. They are disabled on the backend but the code still loads in every page and I found out that HTTP POST requests are made to a REST endpoint, fortunately all within the domain (although this might be because my reverse-proxy, HAProxy, injects Content Security Policy headers so no requests outside of my domains are allowed) and in the same proxy those REST calls are blocked so they never make it to the server and finally the server itself is blocked from connecting to the Internet on its own so it can’t ever phone home to upload stuff.

Only doing all of this I feel I feel confident about visitor (and my own) privacy and I would leave it at that except for the fact that those REST calls have the word "analytics" right on the URL therefore privacy tools like uBlock Origin flag them on a site with otherwise perfect privacy score.

The CMS allows to put in some code in sections on it, I’m already using code put in the end of the body section to hide the login section back up in the header section, not needed on a personal site. It’s a something like:

<script> jQuery('#sectionid').hide(); </script> 

So I’m thinking about using something like that to either block loading the analytics script’s module I guess it’s called, or perform a function similarly to a CSP, forbid the page to make HTTP requests to that address thus uBlock Origin won’t flag my site. I tried blocking the script from being requested altogether but it’s in some form of multiplexed request with other scripts (as you may tell by now; I know nothing about code) and they are loaded lumped together in batch.js files breaking the site with it when blocked. I found about all of this (and the concept of minify) after a couple of hours viewing logs and analyzing the code with the developer tools on different browsers. Didn’t fix a thing but at least I didn’t break things* and I got an idea on how to proceed.

I also found this resource://gre thing:

enter image description here

…and I am begging that "gre" doesn’t mean what it means in the networking world, y’know–a tunnel, because I’d have to dump the CMS and start looking again. I’ll leave that for later though.

Is there some code to block other code or block/rewrite requests? I have other servers from where I can easily server the code if it can’t be out inline. Any suggestion is welcome.

BTW those last sentences sound like dev talk, at least to me a little, but it’s only what I’ve learned from using a proxy–I really know no code.

*: actually I did break some stuff but thankfully virtualization saved me: I snapshoot (snapshotted?) back in time.

script for update game resources automatically in MySQL database

would you please tell me how I can update my MySQL database automatically when some event finished? for example when player send some resources to another player there is time should be appearing and when a time finished. the database should be updated automatically .even if the player was offline or browser was closed.

thanks for your time

Best Regards