This script doesn’t work and I don’t know why. | Unity 2D C#

Here is the army code:

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;  public class Army : MonoBehaviour {     public int ArmySize = 100;      private Vector2 lastClickedPos;     private bool moving = false;     public float speed;      public SpriteRenderer sprite;      private GameObject Village;      private void Start()     {         Village = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Village");     }      private void Update()     {         if(Input.GetMouseButton(0))         {             sprite.enabled = true;             lastClickedPos = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(Input.mousePosition);             moving = true;         }          if(moving && (Vector2)transform.position != lastClickedPos)         {             float step = speed * Time.deltaTime;             transform.position = Vector2.MoveTowards(transform.position, lastClickedPos, step);         }         else         {             moving = false;         }          if(ArmySize < 0)         {             ArmySize = 0;         }     }      private void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other)     {         if(other.gameObject.CompareTag("Village"))         {             Debug.Log("Attack");              if (ArmySize <= Village.GetComponent<Village>().strength)             {                 Debug.Log("Lost");                 ArmySize -= 30 % Village.GetComponent<Village>().strength;             }              if (ArmySize > Village.GetComponent<Village>().strength)             {                 Debug.Log("Won");                 ArmySize += 15% Village.GetComponent<Village>().strength;                 Destroy(other.gameObject);             }         }     } } 

and here is the village code:

using UnityEngine;  public class Village : MonoBehaviour {     public int strength;     private int x;      private void Start()     {         StrengthValue();         strength = x;          Debug.Log( + " ---- " + strength);          transform.localScale = new Vector3(strength / 100, strength / 100, 1);          if(transform.localScale.x < 1 && transform.localScale.y < 1)         {             Debug.Log( +  "Is Destroyed");             Destroy(gameObject);         }     }      private void StrengthValue()     {        x = Random.Range(10, 500);     } } 

the problem is that it sometimes doesn’t destroy the village even though the army size is bigger than the village’s strength. I also got an error but I can’t seem to re-create it. I think it was something about an object reference? But don’t think that that’s 100% right.

Can’t add script

New to Unity and got this issue. I was watching a Brackey’s video and copying code as we go along. So I am really stumped as to why I am having this issue.

Here is the video I am following:

at 4:58 seconds he adds this script to the player and starts moving. When I add my script I get the "Can’t add script" error.

I have read other post about this and Have copied and pasted my script name and even tried changing it too. No luck. I have restarted Unity as well thinking it could be some kind of bug. Not that either. I will post my code down below if somebody can help me out that be so greatenter image description here

Difficulty to run a Wolfram Script (with FacialFeature function) on Windows Command Line

I am on Windows.

I am working on a project which consists in analysing a very high number of images. More precisely, I am using the FacialFeatures function of Mathematica to quantify the visibility of women in Hindi cinema in the last fifty years.

Here are the steps I have followed:

  1. I prepare a Wolfram Script. I have borrowed the coding from this source:

  2. I save the Wolfram Script under the name script_test.wls in a folder which I call workplace_folder. This folder also includes another folder – film_folder – which contains the images I want to analyse.

  3. I open my Windows Command Line, and I change the directory to workplace_folder

  4. I run the following command: >script_test.wls film_folder output_file.json

  5. Windows asks me the program I want to use to open the file; I choose wolframscript.exe

  6. A new Windows Command Line window opens, some text appears (too quick for me to be able to read), and then the window closes. As if the work was done.

  7. However, nothing seems to be happening. No output_file.json has been created, and no analysis seemed to have taken place.

Is there any step I got wrong?

I wrote a script to auto-create GSA projects from RankerX (like a one-way sync tool)

I want to share something I built in case it would be helpful.
I use RankerX to build tier-2 backlinks, and then I have two GSA instances hitting those with tier-3 links. I think it keeps the tier-2 links alive longer and I’ve been able to grow a number of domains to DR 40-50 over 4-6 months with this strategy. But I was getting annoyed because I keep forgetting to set up the GSA projects each time RankerX finishes a campaign and it’s a lot of clicks!
So, I fixed it and here’s the source code:
The script runs under python on Windows. It polls your RankerX instance for completed projects, and when it finds one it sets up a new .prj file in your GSA-SER projects folder and then pings the GSA API so it would refresh itself and start the project. Now GSA can build your T3 backlinks as soon as a RankerX project finishes with basically no work from you.

i am trying to run the powershell script to get disk report for servers from text file but getting error

$  DiskSizeReport = @() $  servers = get-content "D:\Testing\Serverlist.txt" foreach ($  server in $  servers) { write-host "Executing query against server: " $  server $  Disks = Get-WmiObject win32_logicaldisk -computername $  server -Filter "Drivetype=3" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Select-Object @{Label = "Server Name";Expression = {$  _.SystemName}}, @{Label = "Drive Letter";Expression = {$  _.DeviceID}},@{Label = "Total Capacity (GB)";Expression = {"{0:N1}" -f( $  _.Size / 1GB)}}, @{Label = "Used Space (GB)";Expression = {(Round($  _.Size /1GB,2)) - (Round($  _.FreeSpace /1GB,2))}}, @{Label = "Free Space (GB)";Expression = {"{0:N1}" -f( $  _.Freespace / 1GB ) }},@{Label = "Free Space (%)"; Expression = {"{0:P0}" -f ($  _.freespace/$  _.size) }} $  DiskSizeReport += $  Disks }    # Output to CSV   write-host "Saving Query Results in CSV format..." $  results | export-csv  "D:\Testing\Diskreport.csv"   -NoTypeInformation 

The below error I am getting

Get-WmiObject : Cannot validate argument on parameter ‘ComputerName’. The argument is null or empty. Provide an argument that is not null or empty, and then try the command again.
At line:6 char:56

how to script out database users and permissions in all user databases in the instance

Can anyone help please?

I would like to use Steve Kusen’s script at

to loop through all the user databases automatically, using Aaron Bertrand’s sp_ineachdb. Has anyone got this to work? Kindly advise on how to do it please.

Thank you

Display Script in Header When URL Variable Present

I have a script that I want to display in the wp_head, but only if a URL variable is passed. For example, if someone visits I want the following script to display:

  <script>     alert( 'Hello, world!' );   </script> 

I can already have this display all the time via the following function, but it’s the part around having it only display if that URL variable exists that I’m not sure on.

/* Describe what the code snippet does so you can remember later on */ add_action('wp_head', 'your_function_name'); function your_function_name(){ ?>   <script>     alert( 'Hello, world!' );   </script> <?php }; 

MySQL Table structure and data export – Script sequence is not correct

When I export the data and structure of my MySQL database to a file, I notice that the table sequences in the output file are not correct. For example the script of a child table is put before the master table. Incase of MSSQL that is not the case. Any idea how that can be corrected?

MySQL80 MySQL Workbench 8.0

Given a set of SQL scripts, does there exist software that generates a dependency tree of SQL scripts starting with the root SQL script?

I have a about 100 *.sql scripts located in a directory (let’s say script1.sql, script2.sql, …., script100.sql).

Some of these scripts create tables, some create triggers, some create functions, etc..

Without manually looking through each of the 100 scripts, it is not immediately clear to me which script depends on other scripts.

Is there a software/program out there that, when given as input a directory of SQL scripts, can output a dependency tree, starting with the root SQL script?

How to run a bash script from a plugin?

I am lookin for some guidance. I have a host command that has to be runned between two functions in a plug-in I am working on.

Long story short,

I have built a class which holds two methods, namely: pdf_handler() and pdf_signer() – Now I realize the names suck.

Within pdf_handler I am filling some form fields in a pdf – all good. In the pdf_signer I need to apply a png image with the user’s signature to that pdf file – can be done.

The problem comes in the flow: After I fill the form and I save it under a new file I have to import the document again for signing it. On import, the document looses all the form fields including the data within. The solution to this is to ‘flatten’ the form to the pdf, which can be done with pdftk, which is a server/host program.

Short story even shorter,

$  this->pdf_handler(); pdftk file.pdf output file_flat.pdf flatten; <---- Unexpected something PHP left the room. $  this->pdf_signer(); 

My question is; How can I execute a bash/cmd script from php, within a wordpress plugin’s class? (I don’t really care about Windows)