EMC Legato NSR_DATA_VOLUME_POOL in Rman script

How to put the NSR_DATA_VOLUME_POOL parameter in rman in case this parameter has spaces, I mean that I need to put NSR_DATA_VOLUME_POOL = Pool Oracle but it throws an error however with PoolOra it works, the case is that I need to know how to put the parameter separated with space. I tried ‘Pool Oracle’ and "Pool Oracle" but neither works.

Is nonce useless when user input is reflected within an inline script?

I stumbled upon a web app which is accepting user input and putting it into a variable within script tag.

The script tag does have a nonce attribute.

enter image description here

As am working on bypassing the XSS filter, I had this thought that this practice of reflecting user input within an inline script with nonce attribute beats the purpose of using it.

Is my understand correct or am I missing something here ?

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Why are so many languages written using the Dwarvish script?

If you look at the list of Standard Languages, you’ll see that most of them use Dwarvish as their script:

  • Common: Common
  • Dwarvish: Dwarvish
  • Elvish: Elvish
  • Giant: Dwarvish
  • Gnomish: Dwarvish
  • Goblin: Dwarvish
  • Halfling: Common
  • Orc: Dwarvish

(While that’s 5e, I found a similar chart for 3e.)

The Forgotten Realms Wiki calls this script Dethek and explains some of its history, but I can’t see how the explanation there relates to the Standard Languages at all. I also know next to nothing about DnD in-universe history.

Is there an in-universe explanation for as to why these languages all use the same script?

I don’t particularly care where the explanation comes from as long as it is from some DnD canon where the premise is true. I don’t expect too many settings to have an explanation at all, which should keep this from being too broad.

XSS in script tags application/json – possible?

Is there way to execute alert box if " is not correctly escaped and can be injected in example below?

<script type="application/json">{"requests":{"postClicked":"https://google.com"}</script> 


<script type="application/json">{"requests":{"postClicked":"injection"}here"-alert()-"}</script> 

I have tried several ways to break the string, but still failing to execute alert box.

Enqueue script globally

This only works for admin dashboard.

add_action('admin_enqueue_scripts',array($  this, 'login_register96_adminscripts')); 

And this only works for the user place.

add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', array($  this , 'login_register96_scripts') ); 

Is there a way I can enqueue a script globally? Which will be operational on the whole website including admin dashboard.