What does it take to use a scroll?

Using a scroll doesn’t take any material components. Instead, these were used up when scribing the scroll. However, other than that the book isn’t exactly clear on what one must provide in order to use a scroll.

I am not talking about the requirements to be able to use a scroll. I am talking about what is needed to actually use it. For example, does a scroll still require verbal and/or somatic components? Is use of a scroll always a set amount of time, or does it take an amount of time equal to the casting time of the original spell?

How to implement an infinite scroll or Ajax load more

My site is www.grubnglug.co.uk. I use geomywp to search/filter and display posts and do not want to change it.

My question is, how can I implement infinite scrolling or Ajax load more button functionality on the posts, so i can get rid of the ugly pagination buttons.

I tried various plugins but they all load the posts independently rather than integrating with geomywp /it’s template for displaying postsand infinitely loading them.

As a result I end up with two lots of posts – one infinitely loaded and the other as it is currently, with the pagination buttons.

I don’t have coding skills beyond minor tweaks. I’m lost 🙁

Should I use a left aligned scroll bar?

Usually, users expect scroll bars to be at the right side of the content they want to scroll. My page menu is located on the left side of the page however and is intended to be scrolled separately (navigations layout looks like roughly like this.

Can I risk putting my scroll bar left to the menu instead of right? It might make my page layout more balanced (one progress bar to the left, one to the right). I wonder if users would feel too unconfortable with it though so I went here.

Display form errors on small screen. Scroll to error vs errors by submit button

I’m working on improving error visibility on our form. We display errors next to the field and highlight the tab containing errors. Which works well on desktops above a certain resolution. But on mobile or small laptops errors aren’t always visible.

This screen shot below of the form contains errors but are only visible when scrolling up.

Mobile View

mobile view

Actual Page

enter image description here

Should I display errors beside the save/submit button or scroll to the area/tab that needs correction?

Crafting a higher level scroll

I am a wizard who can cast 2nd level arcane spells. I want to create a scroll of a 3rd level arcane spell. Would this even be possible?

Under the creating magic item rules

The DC to create a magic item increases by 5 for each prerequisite the caster does not meet. The only exception to this is the requisite item creation feat, which is mandatory. In addition, you cannot create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items without meeting its prerequisites.

But nothing specifically says what the prerequisites are. Not scrolls further down, not scribe scrolls feat, not the page on magic items scrolls.

Learning the spell isnt an issue as under the magic rules for adding new spells to a wizards spellbook doesnt have any restriction on the level of spell compared to your own casting ability.

Scribe scrolls stated that you are able to craft a scroll of ANY spell you know.

On the crafting magic items page it says that the feat is required as well as one of three skills. It also TALKS about casting the spell but that doesnt have required next to it.

Create a scroll with higher than default DC

When a scroll is crafted the DC for the effect is always set to the lowest possibly ability score.

$ $ \begin{array}{l|l|l} \text{Spell Level} & \text{Lowest Ability Score} & \text{Final DC} \ \hline 0 & 10 (+0) & 10 \ 1 & 11 (+0) & 11 \ 2 & 12 (+1) & 13 \ 3 & 13 (+1) & 14 \ 4 & 14 (+2) & 16 \ 5 & 15 (+2) & 17 \ 6 & 16 (+3) & 19 \ 7 & 17 (+3) & 20 \ 8 & 18 (+4) & 22 \ 9 & 19 (+4)& \ \end{array} $ $

Yes its possible to create a 1st level spell as a 4th level spell to bypass less globe of invulnerability using heighten spell. What I am asking is it possible to create a 1st level scroll but increase the DC by changing the ability score? I know the rules do not have this or else the formula would state it. Is there a class ability to create a scroll (not use it as I know there are one or two which allows you to use your ability scroll or caster level) with this higher DC?