Google uses wrong image to display product in Google Image Search

I have a problem with Google associating the wrong image with our products when they are display in Image Search.

For some reason, the main image of our products, which has more desirable data (alt tags, higher resolution, placed first as product image, not tampered with), is discarded.Instead, Google chooses the last loaded image for a product, which has no alt data, worse resolution, watermark dynamically added (it’s not even .jpg), or just blank white image with the watermark.

I have microdata set up dynamically for each product. I’ve removed the "additional_image" tag, using only "image", still no success.

Add link to excerpt if is on search and is custom post type

I want to display the excerpt and add a link to the bottom if the searched result if from my custom post type. What filter should I use?

if ( is_search() && get_post_type() == 'books' ) {          function exceprt_link( $  search_excerpt ) {         $  added_link = "<br><a href=''>Go to google</a>";                  $  new_excerpt = $  search_excerpt . $  added_link;                  return $  new_excerpt;              }     add_filter( 'the_excerpt', 'exceprt_link' );      }  

Google Search Console says it crawled the website but the access logs show no google Bots access at all

Google Search Console tells me that it crawled the website last today (I requested a fresh crawling, as the last was some months ago.)

The crawling report tells me now it crawled it, last, today.

However, the server access logs show nothing related to google bots. I can see al kind of bots, linkdexbot, ZoominfoBot, etc etc, but no Googlebot at all

What am I missing? Is google not using any detectable bot anymore or are their reports false?

Custom events in Google Analytics 4 for Ajax search

I have an search feature on my website. Sending text box value to a controller using Ajax and reading response. I want to track the text box value in Google Analytics 4. I have created a custom event but confused what will be my matching condition (parameter name, operator and value) ? enter image description here

window.gtag('event','search_keyword',{   search_term_input : $  ('#txt-search').val(),   country_code : 'UK' }); 

Request is reaching to GA4 and event is visible in Realtime tracking dashboard. I have created a custom dimension for search_keyword event and when generating report it search term is not available. Report display as "not set". enter image description here

Rewrite custom post type URL in search

I have a website in which I have a custom post type (guest authors from CoAuthors Plus). With a plugin I managed to make post of custom type "guest author" searchable by WordPress legacy search.

Now, the authors are correctly shown in search results. Although, they are linked to a wrong page, /?post_type=guest-author&p=2148, which brings to a 404.

I’d like to be able to get the URL, interprete it, and redirect to the correct page (which is in the form of /archives/author/name-surname/.

I’m trying to get it working with a rewrite URL, but I’m not able to catch the data and formulate the rewrite.

How to catch the search query when the user comes from a search engine to the web site?

Is it possible to transfer a search query to the url or to catch it somehow in order to show more relevant similar products on the landing page ? For ex.

  • if the search query is "red tiles" we would like to show other variants of red tiles
  • if the search query is "Versace tiles" we would like to show other variants from the same brand

Prevent search engines from indexing specific elements on a site

A website I’m working on has a team section. Every team member has a dedicated site. On the site’s bottom of each team member three other team members are displayed randomly.


What happens here is that search engines index all four images. When I enter the name a specific team member into a search engine I get all four images as results. I want to show only the main image on top. So, how can I prevent search engines from indexing the three images at the bottom?

Major search engines redirect an HTTP link to a scammy pharmacy site

There is an HTTP website (not HTTPS) that works perfectly fine when the URL is directly typed into the address bar or when links are clicked from other websites/applications like Reddit, Facebook, and Discord.

The exceptions are the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When clicked from one of these sites, it is redirected to a scammy pharmacy site with one of many different domain names. This occurs in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge; it also occurs on Android smartphones. (Bing only does this in Chrome; it works fine in Firefox and Edge.) This issue occurs for multiple people on many different devices.

Interestingly, other search engines (Dogpile, Baidu, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, etc.) seem to work fine.

What could be the cause of this behavior? Do the search engines or the website need to be fixed, and how? Would converting to HTTPS help, and why?

The website in question is I am not the webmaster, but as a programmer and web developer I am curious about this issue.

Choosing a specific future date using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Advanced Search

Is it possible to use the advanced filter to select a specific future date, dynamically? For example if I want to return all data with a "date" field populated for 30 days from today, but no data from before or after that? From what I am seeing the only filter option similar is "Next X Days" but it’s inclusive of all days to that point.