need c# example to search for users which belong to a pa group

Pleass please help

need c# example to search for users which belong to a SP group. this should be using any of the SP services, not server side objet model, not any of te client object models

Need to search using keyword, results for paging.

I can get all the users in a group using usergroup.asmx web service. But I cannot do a keyword search using this web service.

I have done a lot of googling but no success.

Thanks in advance.

Can you shorten a search time by breaking the search set into smaller groups?

Say you have an 8-bit binary number for which you have to guess the value but you are given only six tries. So, you try two methods:

1) Guessing the whole number gives a probability of a correct guess of 6/256 = 2.3%.

2) Break the number into two 4-bit groups and try guessing 3 times for each one. So, the probability of a correct guess is 3/16 * 3/16 = 9/256 = 3.5%

If you are given validation for each sub group, say you are told after the second guess of the first group that sub group guess is correct. Wouldn’t that shorten the search time for the rest of the number?

Is this right?

Do users use their arrow keys to cycle through auto complete search results?

I’m working on a webapp/site that allows users to sign up to training courses that is aimed at the construction industry.

The main users of the website are self employed tradesman and office admins who will be booking staff onto training on their behalf.

The search input on the site has autocomplete functionality and I want to know if it’s necessary to allow users to cycle through the suggested results using their up and down arrow keys and hitting enter to select that result?

I feel like the majority of on site tradesmen will be using handheld devices and that office admins will likely use their mouse rather than using shortcuts and the arrow keys – meaning that it’s potentially unnecessary.

Is there any evidence out there that suggests it’s worth having this functionality enabled?


solr search displayview did you mean?

Currently I have setup the whole solr search and everything is working great! When you begin to type your search string the solr search block, it “displays did you mean?” This is great except for the fact that when the user hits enter and makes a typo it will display the “same did you mean?”, but with results in a view (like a normal successful search).

i tried to follow this tutorial: But couldn’t find the Search:Spellcheck field. (I did correctly install the required modules)

Could someone help me out with this?

Fetching modern sharepoint page comments and likes count using search api

I can’t seem to find the correct managed property for both modern Comments Count & Likes Count at all as all managed property within schema returned 0 counts. enter image description here

enter image description here

I would like to avoid additional query again just to get each items likes/comments count when querying news posts using search api.

Does search engines like Google or Bing search through all web pages for a single query every time?

Here is what I imagine would happen when I type in a search query in Google or Bing:

  1. The search query is converted into a vector through some pre-trained machine learning models. The vector captures semantics features, etc.

  2. The search engine goes through all webpages that it has ever crawled and computes a similarity score of each webpage to my search query based on the vectors of a query and the webpage. (Assuming the search engine have already pre-computed the semantics feature vector for all webpages that it crawled)

  3. The search engine ranks the similarity scores of all the webpages, and return the ranked list to me.

To me, it just seems that searching through all webpages would be too expensive and I find it hard to believe the searching and ranking are all done in a few milliseconds.

Can someone comment?

Using “Office” property of User Profile for search query filter in Content Serch Web Part

I have a Content Search Web Part where I need to use the Office property of the User Profile. I can get the Department property and use it as filter property but can’t get the Office property to select from the filter drop-down. Please see the image. enter image description here

Also, is there a way to use custom user profile properties to use for filter in Content Search Web Part?

Any suggestion in the proper direction is welcome.


Fulltext fields search — ONLY one keyword return none results

I am building search enhancement in Drupal 8 site. I have one search server: Acquia search API In the search API fields tab, i set up title, rendered HTML and taxonomy term as fulltext fields and boost them accordingly.

In my search view, i selected three of them as search fields and put the min keywords length as 1. view picture If i search two keywords, it works good like ‘ONE TWO’. If i only select ‘ONE’, it return none result.

The SQL query looks like the following: Query

Any suggestions will be appreciated.