Array based Binary Search Tree out of bounds

The problem is I have an array based Binary search tree that needs to take in nearly 2000 lines of information from a text file read from a file IO.

However, I continuously get array index out of bounds 3012.

I’ve attempted to make the array as large as I could without exceeding the limit in Java VM. But even that wasn’t enough to store the file.

I tested with smaller files and it works fine.

Examples of the text files can be located at:

public class ArrayBinary implements Serializable {     private class Entry implements Serializable     {         private int key;         private Object element;         public Entry (int k, Object e)         {             this.key = k;             this.element = e;         }     }     private Entry [] tree;     private int size;     private int height;     private int left;     private int right;     private static final int MAXCAPACITY =  2000;     public ArrayBinary()     {         size = 0;         height = 1;         left = 0;         right = 0;         tree = new Entry[MAXCAPACITY];         for (int i = 0; i < MAXCAPACITY; i++)         {             tree[i] = null;         }     }     public void insert (int key, Object value)     {         Entry node = new Entry(key, value);         boolean added = false;         //System.out.println(key);         int index = 0;         while(!added)         {             if (tree[index] == null)             {                 tree[index] = node;                 size++;                 added = true;             }             if (key < tree[index].key)             {                 index = index * 2 + 1;             }             else if (key == tree[index].key)             {                 index = index * 2 + 2;             }             else             {                 index = index * 2 + 2;             }         }     } } 

I expect the file to be read without reporting any array out of bounds and can hold an entire 2000 int file.

Qt LineEdit search in the site

In Qt i have a LineEdit, and i want to connect my Line and the search line on the site. I need, for example, write in my app – “Dog” and in the selected site take result. Site has the search field. How i can receive this? Maybe using NetworkManager or JSON requests?

Здравствуйте. В моем приложении у меня есть LineEdit и мне нужно при вводе, к примеру – “Собака” на определенном сайте выводился результат поиска. Подскажите пожалуйста как можно это реализовать? Через Менеджера или, как второй вариант, используя JSON?

My logic is a right, or i must correct something?

connect_to_the_selected_site; find_SearchField_using_XML_or_JSON; connect_My_LineEdit_and_SearchField; GET_request; *Reply; parse_result(); 

Is it possible to publish an app to playstore but not find that app in search?

The thing is I don’t want to share the app in public and also I cannot create a close beta testing as I don’t have the particular users email address. The scenario I want is something like this – I wanna share a link to the specific users and thus they can only install that. And if someone randomly search the app from playstore, I don't want him/her to see the app on the search result list. Is this possible?

Custom search function with result from external url

I need to create a page in Drupal 8 where there is a text field and a search button. When the user has entered a word to search and hit the search button a list with a search result should be displayed.

The search should go against this endpoint:[SEARCHWORD] Where [SEARCHWORD] is replaced with for example Stockholm and results are shown.

If more than 5 results are shown a pager should show up.

Have search the internet for tips or solutions, but couldn’t find anything.. Is there anyone who has a clue that can point me in the right direction?

What’s happened to formatting of Google search results in the last 48 hrs?

I’ve previously been able to keep Google Search fast and clean by disabling JavaScript but in the last 48 hrs (since May 20, 2019), they’ve changed something.

Now the results return with excess HTML formatting (see link to screenshot), with or without JavaScript. This makes for slower rendering, makes scanning long results-lists tedious, and hides or removes all of the clickable search parameters that existed before.

Now if I want to access any of these I have to go through Advanced Search to add them to the search page (as in my screenshot). Even eBay allows reversion to their “Classic” view when they screw with appearance, so has anyone else experienced this new Google for Babies styling excess since May 20, 2019 and managed to get rid of it?

I use Firefox ESR (because I use Windows XP) and would like to understand what has changed at Google’s end rather than hear that I need to change my browser/OS/hardware.

Is this an HTML5 thing, or just the latest Firefox Fail after the recent plug-in signing debacle?

Google screenshot

Prioritize URL over search in Chrome’s Omnibox

I’m the kind of chrome user that is used to quickly navigate by entering the first or the first two letters of an URL in chrome and hitting enter.

Since the last update though, Google kind of screwed up my navigation ability by prioritizing search instead of URLs I regularly use. Let’s say I type “s” to get on StackOverflow… It works fine as long as I don’t search for something starting with “s”. If I search for “Soldering Iron” I need to then remove the search in order to navigate quickly again.

I tried to search for a flag and in the options, but honestly, there are so many and their description is so evasive that I don’t have a clue.

I don’t want to disable the Omnibox, I just want to reverse the order of chrome’s autocomplete suggestions: URL first. Search after.

Website disappearing from SERP but shows as positioned in Search Console

I am confused that a site I have recently (about a month ago) disappeared from the search engine rankings. I made a change to my page that should have increased the ranking because I had items not sizing in mobile aspects and a lot of placeholder content.

Since improving the part on the page my site does not appear on many of the queries it once placed on. I caught a structured data issue and fixed it, but it was for a sub page that was not placing for these queries.

In search console the position is showing 35 for 5/18. It has been around that position since I made the page changes. However, I go from page 1-12 of Google for that query and my site does not show at all.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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