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How to create a block “Search: More like this” with my articles?

I noticed that in the context filter of the view, there was a filter “Search: More like this”. How to make it work? Is this the right solution ?

I have a tags field on my articles with taxanomy terms. I would like to retrieve the taxonomy terms from this field in the current page and use them as keywords to search the body and title of all articles. To view similar articles.

How to create a block “Search: More like this” with my articles ?

Search results are still broken

"The Medic Update" literally broke the internet…

Hi everyone,

I am an occasional contributor here and have been since almost the start of my SEO career.

Recent events have made me question my knowledge, my judgement and my ability to diagnose an issue related to organic Google search.

I work for an online pharmacy / chemist, I have an outstanding team of digital marketers.

Working in this field is naturally more complicated than working in a non-regulated sector.

We have done everything possible from an E-A-T perspective, prior to the ‘Medic Update’, to ensure that our customers can trust us.

Let’s face it, from the word go we are battling ‘buying medicines online’ – it already sounds non-legitimate and potentially fraudulent, as opposed to walking into a local chemist where the trust is instant.

This is why we position ourselves as a friendly, trustworthy and accessible online chemist.

Rewind to 27th September 2018 and there was, for us, a significant algorithm update that caused a 70% decrease in organic traffic which translates to a monumental loss of revenue.

It was like a light switch being flicked off.

The news that followed pointed at E-A-T.

My issue is that when an algo update has previously been rolled out and a client has seen a decrease, I can usually diagnose the issue and/or will know in my gut feeling that I already know what the issue is.

In this case, I had no idea… and I still have no idea what has gone wrong.

I have had advice from real SEO figureheads as well as other industry professionals that I trust a lot.

I have spoken to competitors both in our country and other and still I have no clue what went wrong.

As it stands, I am confident and certain that the search results are broken.

Over a month after the update, we were still seeing awful search results.

An example, "buy codeine linctus", page 1 results included a Japanese, non ecommerce website with the only mention of the work ‘codeine’ in the URL, and the entire page in Japanese.

Even today, a search for another popular produce, "buy phenergan", we are being outranked by Australian ecommerce websites who sit on page 1.

The basics of Google Search are broken.

I’m in the UK, I am looking to buy a product.

Clearly the right result here is to provide UK ecommerce search results.

Their result (I don’t belive they ship to the UK either):…5mg-50-tablets

Our page:

We have clear imagery, options to buy different strengths, links to the official information leaflet, safety advice, extensive product description, links to help and advice guides, mentions of how we are regulated, we have our content checked for quality and accuracy by professional pharmacists

The list goes on.

This single example is the top of the iceberg – I am convinced there is an issue with the current algo and I feel there must be another significant update coming in the next couple of months.

… thoughts?

How to default search to organization to see promoted search?

I am working to use promoted search results to help guide our users towards their most common query faster. The issue is that you have to select Organization in order to see promoted search results. Does anyone have any recommendations for solving the issue of displaying promoted search results in the default search or making the default search the organization search?

FYI – This is for SharePoint Online

Search example for a promoted result I added:

enter image description here

It does not display the promoted result, clicking Organization enter image description here Now it shows the promoted search result

enter image description here

Thank you for your help!

Do non-existent ‘category’ pages present a problem for search engines?

Say for example if I have a news site and my url structure is

If there is no page at in other words it’s a 404, is that problematic from an SEO perspective or problematic for the search engine crawlers?

The reason I ask is that the homepage is the actual “news” landing page so I was thinking of using a permanent redirect to the homepage if the nonexistent page is a problem.

But I also want to preserve the possibility of eventually moving the “news” landing page to Would a permanent redirect mean that would become impossible from the perspective of being indexable in the future?

Retain query in search block input

How can I retain the current user’s search in the search block input? Please don’t suggest a third party module for this unless strictly necessary. I’m also aware of views exposed filter and that’s not what I want.

Currently, I managed to grab the query with this code:

if($  form_id = 'search_block_form'){   $  keys = \Drupal::request()->query->get('keys');   $  form['keys']['#attributes']['value'] = $  keys; } 

The issue is that the value doesn’t update for new searches, I think it may be cached. So I have a few questions…

I can I updated it from the URL and not the cache?

How to grab it only if the current page is /search/node?

Is it safe or can it be susceptible to SQL injections if someone directly edit the URL in the browser’s address bar and press enter/return?

Relevance of the ZeroSum game to Heuristic search?

A question was posed to me as to the relevance of the ZeroSum game to Heuristic search algorithms.

I know that the zero sun game is a theory in which one persons gain is exactly balanced to another persons loss but I am unsure as to how this applies to Heuristics.

I think it may have something to do with how parts of the problem space are removed and as a result, the problem space is optimised?

Thank you.

Books – PDF – Preview – Search : “No Results Found”

I recently upgraded from High Sierra to Mojave, and consequently iBooks became Books. I now have an issue with Books which was not present in iBooks.

I have stored many PDFs iBooks. Clicking on one of them and Preview opens. I could search in the text by Search; just fine.

Now in Books the Search in Preview gives “No Results Found” : for many PDFs but not for all PDFs. It works sometimes. (Of course I have checked that the text is present in the PDF.)

Thanks for your time.

Books version 1.16., macOS Mojave 10.14.2, MacBook Pro 13 inch Late 2013

Wildcard search not working

We have created a view which is based on the Solr index. We have provided multi-field full text exposed filter to search the terms. We are using Solr 7.4 and Drupal 7.59. We are facing problem while doing a Wildcard search, i.e. search with . For example, if we search “conc“, we are not getting any results. When we checked at the Solr backend we get the results. So there is no problem with Solr backend. After decoding the search query found that it is just passing the text to the Solr server. It is excluding the “*” from the search text. Please help to make it work.