Algorithm for searching string with wildcards

I’m trying to find efficient algorithm for checking if string with wildcards contains given substring.

The parts of the string are separated with a “.” character.

So for example I have*.efg

And I want to check for given strings, if they are substrings of string above, for example to match with those:

ab b.c cd.qq <- "qq" is replacement for wildcard d.qwe.ef <- "qwe" is replacement for wildcard 

What is the best algorithm to use?

Searching on hyperlink description an o365 list

I have a custom list on on an O365 community site that links to documents in an external document management system.

The list only needs 4 columns – the first two, class and doctype are lookups used for grouping, the third is a Hyperlink with URL and display set. The last is a rich text description.

I’d like the standard search, at list or site level, to include the hyperlink display text.

Any way to achieve this?

Where is the rule for moving slowly when searching for traps that’s referenced by Dungeon Delver?

I’m having trouble finding the rule for one of the bulleted items for the Dungeon Delver feat:

  • You can search for traps while traveling at a normal pace, instead of only at a slow pace.

I can’t find anything that talks about searching at a slow pace. In which book is this referenced?

Searching for Link Engine Pro contact


because I've found here seom comments regarding Link Engine Pro (okay… they are all some kind older…), I just thought about asking here whether somebody knows a still wokring contact to the programmer of that software? The product domain ( and the support domain ( are not wokring any more.

I've done some bug fixing and feature adding in v2.4 of that script and just wanted to have a review and discussion with him:)

Thanks for Your help,…

Searching for Link Engine Pro contact

Is this possible to represent any word or massage for grep output (which is not available in OR conditions searching)

I have file with 5 numeric no. Like below

Line 1 – 6 rahul Line 2 – 4 anil Line 3 – 8 ravi Line 4 – 9 sagar Line 5 – 3 pravin

Here if I’m using grep ‘8\|9\|2’ file >file1.txt It will redirect only matching record i.e. Line 4 – 9 sagar Line 5 – 3 pravin To file1.txt only But here I want ” 2 — this record is not available from your searching strings ” Massage from grep command