Need help with WordPress theme searching


Could someone please help me find a WordPress theme for Freelance Video Editing Services, or simmilar, so I will be able to add my Showreel on the top of the page(with muted autoplay) and portfolio + contact + testimonials sections like this .

I made this website using DIVI but alot of people says DIVI is not good option and I can find simple theme for my little needs, but the problems is, I search for it for 2 years already and I can't find anything that…

Need help with WordPress theme searching

number of comparisons in searching algorithms

i was going thorugh different searching algorithms,Linear,binary and ternary search.Now i want to know the number of comparisons in these.

For linear search :

procedure Linear_search(a1,a2,...,an:integers,k) 1.location = 0; 2.for i = 1 to n      #n+1 times 3.    if (a_i = k)  then location = i # n times 4.return location; 

so total comparisons are =n+n+1=(2n+1). Right?

For Binary Search and ternary search,we know the algorithm.But the number of comparisons are,

T(n) = T(n/2) + 2,  T(1) = 1  T(n) = T(n/3) + 4, T(1) = 1 

Hence solving this will give 2clogn + O(1) and 4clogn + O(1).

how to constants(2 ,4) are formed?? Also correct me if my comparsions are wrong.

Searching the best mini gas tiller

We are doing some severe space clearing and leveling to move a storehouse unit (aluminum skeleton and dense coated tarp roof/sides). My tiller died of a broken transmission (mini – but got lots of years of use). It was great, but I remember holding many times to stop and get a stone out that would be jammed between tines. Can anybody suggest me the best one?

nmap – Searching a string from some standard services using nmap

I wanted to know if there is a way of searching a string trough the responses given by standard commands of standard services like telnet, smtp, etc using nmap.

For example, given a smtp server that answers “This is the searched string” when it receives the helo command, I want a way of using nmap that indicates that i should use helo to find that string.

Which databases/sites do most people use for searching vulnerabilities?

This is slightly different to this one which site do you use to view details of vulnerabilities?

My question relates to the differences between various websites for searching vulnerabilities. I am aware of the following sites:

  • National Vulnerability Database (NVD) (
  • CVE Details (
  • CVE Mitre (
  • CIRCL CVE Search (

The same CVEs can be found in all of these places. My questions are:

  1. What distinguishes each of these different websites? Is it simply the same information available in multiple places with different maintainers?
  2. Is there one recognized source of truth that the majority of security researchers go to? Or is this country dependent?

Algorithm for searching string with wildcards

I’m trying to find efficient algorithm for checking if string with wildcards contains given substring.

The parts of the string are separated with a “.” character.

So for example I have*.efg

And I want to check for given strings, if they are substrings of string above, for example to match with those:

ab b.c cd.qq <- "qq" is replacement for wildcard d.qwe.ef <- "qwe" is replacement for wildcard 

What is the best algorithm to use?