How do you use TCP in Adventurer’s League Season 8?

In Dungeons And Dragons Adventurer’s League Season 8 instead of Gold you get Treasure Checkpoints (TCP). During some sessions the DM has announced we’ve unlocked a particular item.

I then also understand that TCP can only be used on items from, or below, the tier you earned the points.

For example TCP earned in Tier 2 can be used on Tier 2 and Tier 1 eligible items, but not Tier 3 items. Thus as I just hit level 5 I should use my TCP for something.

My question is are the items that were unlocked during play the only things I can use it on? If not, where do I find a complete list of tier 1 items to spend the TCP on?

How to season a player?

Granny Bells, the Night Hag, has captured a player (half-elf bard) and plans to eat her, as hags are wanton to do. Granny Bells has a preference for sour and bitter food and an extensive array of monster parts and spices available for her cooking adventure.

What should she throw in her cauldron along with the half-elf to get as sour and bitter an elf-soup she can manage?

The ingredients must be:

  • Actual cooking ingredients listed in one of the 5e rulebooks or adventure modules, described as especially bitter or sour


  • Part of a monster from a 5e rulebook or adventure module, described as especially bitter or sour. Granny Bells is not particularly concerned about the ethics of killing sentient monsters to prepare her food. (Obviously.)

And a half-elf obviously, but she’s got that part covered. Granny Bells is not well versed in cooking and operates under the assumption that more ingredients is better, so the best answer will be the one that throws in the most bitter and sour ingredients. She’ll get a bigger cauldron if need be.

How do I season a relatively new solo player?

I’ve been DMing off and on, mostly off, since AD&D, but in no way claim to be a very experienced DM. Due to schedule constraints, I’m DMing for my daughter in a solo campaign about once a month. She’s only had me as a DM. We’ve had other players join us but not on a regular basis. Admittedly not an ideal situation.

Currently, she runs two characters and there’s an NPC ally along for the ride.

How do I get her to not get stymied by what to do, and to do things that will help her in the adventure, e.g., remember to use her magic, heal when she can, ask standard questions of NPCs, don’t split the party, etc. She just needs experience in playing the game and being able to put herself in her character’s positions.

Are there any short PDFs or lists I can direct her to where she can gain some insight, or should I have NPCs continually bail her out until she gets up to speed.

Thanks for the help!

Rock Stone

Is there any way for an adventure’s league character in the 8th season to gain heavy armor proficiency?

Is there any way for an adventure’s league character in the 8th season to gain heavy armor proficiency?

My wizard has no armor proficiencies, and the only way I found to get it was the following: Multiclass into fighter or barbarian and then gain the heavily armored feat.

Are there any other options?

How can the PCs avoid this consequence in the season 8 epic, Stardock Under Siege?

Stardock Under Siege (DDEP08-02) concludes with all of the tables in the Epic boarding skiffs and facing off against a massive mothership. The PCs are tasked with destroying the mothership before time runs out. At the end of each round, runners from each table report their table’s damage total. If the mothership reaches zero HP in time, it is successfully destroyed.

The mothership has an AC and a damage threshold, allowing it to be attacked with the normal rules for attacking objects. Ranged attacks and spells are viable options that allow the PCs to keep their distance. The PCs can also choose to board the mothership and attack it in melee. Any PC on the mothership when it is destroyed is subject to an effect, but each PC may first take a reaction. The effect does not call for a saving throw, attack roll, or ability check. The full (spoilery) quote from the adventure is as follows (Stardock Under Siege, p. 34):

Are there AL-legal features or magic items that allow movement, teleportation, or appropriate defenses as a reaction, without a specific trigger? Is there something that I missed from the adventure (besides simply not boarding the mothership) that would allow the PCs to avoid the effect? Has there been an official confirmation that the effect should work as described?

Bonus points for solutions that work for a variety of PCs in Tiers 1-3, the tier range for the Epic. Don’t forget that the party also needs to damage the mothership, so “just keep Readying movement” won’t work, unless the party can also deal damage.