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Handling secrets and environmental variables in Docker-k8s-skaffold dev environment

Basically, trying to wrap my brain around how I should be handling secrets using Docker, k8s, and Skaffold in a dev environment. I’m pretty new to this tech, so don’t fully understand all of it.

Just not sure if I should be using a .env, or config.json, that isn’t committed to the repo, or if there is a better way with using Docker.

Ideally, I could just refer to process.env.API_KEY in my code, regardless of environment, and it would just work and grab the correct environmental variables. If it is in production in AWS, it would just grab the keys from Key Management Services. In production, it would just grab them from where ever.

Did come across this, which seems to apply to Docker Swarm so may not be relevant:

So what is the best practice using Docker, k8s, Skaffold for handling environmental variables and secrets in developement?

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Securing Code Secrets – What is the relevance if the host gets compromised?

I’ve been researching and testing different approaches when it comes to securing code secrets, and am unsure what the best options are, and if they even have any relevance once a host gets compromised.

Some standard approaches I’ve read about storing variables are:

  • Compiled code
  • Environment variables on machine or through Docker
  • Files
  • Encrypted/decrypted through keys to a vault API/DB

If a host gets compromised (admin access), secrets can be exposed via:

  • Decompiling code
  • Viewing env variables / files
  • Memory dumps
  • Viewing SSL traffic using private keys on host
  • Decompiling and modifying code to expose possible encryption/decryption keys and output secrets once fetched from a vault

Are there methods that will protect secrets once a host is compromised, or is it just making the ability to fetch secrets more complex, so an intruder will find it more difficult to reach them?
If a host is secured and firewalled and admin access is tightly controlled, is there really any benefit to the added complexity of storing secrets elsewhere rather than on the host itself?

How does the Commune spell work when cast by someone with the Ritual Caster feat or a warlock with the Book of Ancient Secrets invocation?

The D&D 5e spell Commune is a Cleric spell that contacts the Cleric’s chosen divine proxy and asks them three ‘yes or no’ questions. It is a ritual spell, so a Warlock with Book of Shadows or anyone with the Ritual Caster feat really can learn and cast the spell.

Let’s say an atheist wizard uses the Ritual Caster feat to learn Commune (gaining Ritual Caster does not require belief in any pantheon) and then casts it (which can be done through an arcane focus). Who would she encounter? (If it helps, the Wizard belongs to the School of Divination.)

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8 Secrets About Peak X Keto They Are Still Keeping From You

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Ex-contractor published company source code and secrets online

Just found my current company code on the plain internet.

We are talking hundreds of thousands of lines of scripts and configurations, including database schemas and a fair amount of internal information. Looks like an archive of some project(s), all concatenated into one file.

Didn’t have time to go through everything yet. Quick search for exposed databases and credentials is hinting toward other files/functions that are missing.

This appear to be the personal website of a contractor who worked here 5 years ago.

Edit 1 hour later: Found sensitive information from every company that guy worked for in the last 2 decades, mostly F500: huge national bank, postal service, large electronics manufacturer, general electric…

Mix of code, configuration, notes and what appears to be console input logs. No idea why a guy would keylog himself let alone publish it on the internet, this is really odd.

It’s a treasure trove. There are references to all kinds of internals with sometimes username and password. FTP access to production servers. SSH access to god knows what, even with the one-time RSA token number that was used if it was 2FA protected.

What can be done about that and who to contact? Cyber? Legal? FBI? SEC? Other? Any combination of these?

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