Seeking the seeds for writing tidy event handlers in JS

I’m seeking a critique of the simple program below, which displays two counters and increments them through a button, using D3.js. In real life of course no one has a need for displaying buttons that increment counters. It’s a stand-in to talk about how to craft the code over the scaffold of a trivial problem.

I would like to remain within function invocations, and to generally fit in seamlessly with D3. In particular, I do not wish to use constructor invocation or prototypal patterns. More concretely, I would like to use neither class nor new.

I would also like to avoid constantly asking myself “what is this in this instant?” by initializing that, as you see in the code (let’s leave arguing that this is sometimes entirely compelling for another occasion).

function Incrementer(name, value) {     let that = {};      that.init = function() { = name;         that.span ='body')                       .append('span')                       .attr('id', '#num' + name)                       .text(value);     }     that.init();      that.increment = function() {         let i = parseInt(that.span.text()) + 1;         that.span             .text(i);     }     return that; } var incrementer1 = Incrementer('one', 10); var incrementer2 = Incrementer('two', 20);  function double_increment() {     incrementer1.increment();     incrementer2.increment(); }'#inc')   .on('click', double_increment);  //'#inc') //   .on('click', incrementer1.increment); //'#inc') //   .on('click', incrementer2.increment);
span { margin-left: 40px; }
<script src=""></script> <button id="inc">Increment</button><br />

At this point I’m lacking a nice way to avoid the function double_increment. Of course without that function—were we to use the commented out pair of on-click handlers instead—we would have a bug. Only one on-click handler can be set. We have no mechanism for adding multiple addEventListeners.

So to summarize:

  1. We define that.init as our initializer. That seems tidier than letting the initialization code loose in the body of the function. But defining it then immediately calling it seems odd. Can you improve on this?
  2. How would you avoid the ugly double_increment function within a D3 program?

that.span.text() should probably be replaced by that.span.datum, if I can find the datum in there. But we’d like to avoid duplicating the counter within Incrementer. This way we do not need to worry about the counter and its view going out of sync. The datum itself, once located, is already a bit of a (necessary) duplication.

Electrum issue restoring via seeds

I have an electrum wallet on a server

I use ‘electrum getseed’ and the 12 word seed is returned.

Then on a separate local machine I restore the wallet with the seed.

No funds available.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this.

Edit: It looks like the local electrum wallet is not loading addresses that the server created outside the gap limit with –force. Any ideas on how to make local machine load these

Note: Wallet has under 2$ . Could this be a ‘too little btc issue’

Note: Tried seed on Exodus, says ‘Invalid Key’

Is it allowed to carry seeds on an intercontinental flight?

I will take a flight from South America to Europe (with Air France, Colombia-Panama-France-Romania if this info is useful) and I want to bring some seeds from there.

Obviously, I’m not talking about drugs or illegal things but some colorful maize seeds would be great, like these ones or other vegetables.

Is it allowed to do it or it’s forbidden?