Electrum issue restoring via seeds

I have an electrum wallet on a server

I use ‘electrum getseed’ and the 12 word seed is returned.

Then on a separate local machine I restore the wallet with the seed.

No funds available.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this.

Edit: It looks like the local electrum wallet is not loading addresses that the server created outside the gap limit with –force. Any ideas on how to make local machine load these

Note: Wallet has under 2$ . Could this be a ‘too little btc issue’

Note: Tried seed on Exodus, says ‘Invalid Key’

Is it allowed to carry seeds on an intercontinental flight?

I will take a flight from South America to Europe (with Air France, Colombia-Panama-France-Romania if this info is useful) and I want to bring some seeds from there.

Obviously, I’m not talking about drugs or illegal things but some colorful maize seeds would be great, like these ones or other vegetables.

Is it allowed to do it or it’s forbidden?