meta_query compare “=“ returns nothing when it seems it should

Trying to query based on form submission. One select on the form is built with:

wp_dropdown_categories( 'name=specialty&taxonomy=specialties&orderby=name&show_option_none=Select a Specialty&show_none_value=-1&selected='.$  p_specialty ); 

The specialty value is then grabbed and an array created:

if (isset($  _GET['specialty']) && !empty($  _GET['specialty']) && $  _GET['specialty'] > 0 ) {     $  specialty = true;     ++$  qs_count;     $  p_specialty = $  _GET['specialty'];     $  p_specialty_array = array (         'key' => 'specialties',         'value' => $  p_specialty,         'compare' => 'LIKE',     );     $  term_specialty = get_term($  p_specialty);     $  term_specialty = $  term_specialty->name;  } 

$ p_specialty_array is then used in:

$  meta_query = array (         'relation'      => 'AND',         array (             'q_last'        => array (                 'key'       => 'provider_name_last_name',             ),             'q_first'       => array (                 'key'       => 'provider_name_first_name',             ),             'compare'       => 'IN',             $  p_fname_array,             $  p_lname_array,             $  p_new_array,             $  p_gender_array,             $  p_clinic_array,             $  p_specialty_array,         ),     ); 

But this causes a problem because the ID of one specialty is 20 and another is 204. When the form is submitted for specialty=20 using compare=LIKE it returns posts where specialty is either 20 or 204 (rather than just 20).

When I change the compare to “=“, nothing is returned even though there are posts where specialty=20.

I’ve also tried adding value_field=‘slug’ to the wp_dropdown_categories, but can’t figure out how to make that work (it may work and I just don’t know how to write the array when using the slug).

I would certainly prefer a method where it only gets “=“ values rather than “LIKE” to avoid issues like this, but can’t get it to work.

How do I make this work with compare "=", or something else, where I get only the specialty selected?

seems like a wide gaping hole in the process for checking integrity of e.g. linux distro releases

Many linux distributions recommend using downloaded signing keys to verify the integrity of downloaded checksums. This seems utterly ridiculous to me, since the downloaded keys are just as suspect as the downloaded checksums. And checking key fingerprints is exactly the same thing, ie the page with the fingerprints is just another file downloaded by my browser.


If I trust the PKI of my browser (assuming https) to authenticate the key or key fingerprints, then I dont need the signing process in the first place. But of course I DONT trust the PKI because the list of root certs distributed with major OS’s is chocked full of very very dodgy CAs.

At minimum, shouldn’t the keys of a new release be signed with the keys of the previous release? That way you can maintain a chain of integrity.

Given that the same process is used for GPG: I assume I am being a moron and missing something obvious. Can anyone explain?

How can I handle a player who seems to utilize skills their characters don’t have?

Well the tag is slightly misleading as these players do not cause problems. However I have encountered several players who exhibit skills their real life counterpart has without actually metagaming. As an example I encountered a player while running storyteller system and while they didn’t have leadership skill they were quite fond of management stuff and assigned people that were under their command. On a similar note I had a player in D&D 5e who did not have survival proficiency (or nature proficiency for that matter) but he explained how his character set up a rudimentary water purification system.

I thought of a few solutions for this.

  1. Just tell them no. While this solution feels like the correct one my players often get excited when they utilize things like this and I don’t want to be the GM that says ‘No fun allowed’.

  2. Ask them to switch their proficiencies/skills to better reflect their knowledge. This feels a bit too punishing and I feel that it might end up causing them to not have the character they had in mind.

  3. Just let it fly. This is what I have been doing so far but to be honest I feel it is hurting other players and stealing the spotlight from people that invested in the required skills.

The main question is: How can I handle a player who seems to utilize skills their characters don’t have?

google seems not to be the real google

I have a problem with google searches that occasionally point me to sites containing only nonsense. The nasty thing is, it happens only occasionally, like every hour or so of browsing which made me believe several times I solved the issue. A redirection of the link always happens but this is not the problem. The link displayed is already doggy and if I type in the found url directly in the browser, I always get "No Permission". If the response is an URL that i happen to know, then I am always redirected to the correct site.

The problem started during the weekend on my computer and that of my wife and for every browser, Firefox, Chrome, Edge. Mobiles are not affected though. I run Linux (Tumbleweed) and my wife Windows 10.

So I thought it must be my router, ASUS ac68u. Hence I factory reseted it, changed the password and installed the newest firmware (well, it did it automatically). But the problem persisted.

I ran a virus scanner on my wife’s Windows 10 and it found nothing. I also set another DNS server on all machines,, the only DNS address I remembered from ancient times. But also no luck.

My conclusion is that only google queries are affected (no problem with duckduckgo). But that is not plausible, because the SSH keys would also ad to be faked by the attacker. My browser says it’s google when right clicking on the lock.

I really do not know where to look further. Next thing I will probably do is install a fresh OS, which is easy enough on Linux, but on Windows this will be a lot more work.

BTW, everything I install in Linux is from the package manager. I have compiled a few projects from github though.

The first dodgy site I saw was the infamous "You won a price" scam. But all security sites say it is a browser hack. I cannot imagine five browsers have been hacked at the same time on two different operating systems.

Any idea?

ProgressIndicator with Monitor seems to update to 0 and then back to correct number

I am monitoring a large function that reads in filenames, performs operations and saves multiple files to different folders. This works without issue, but I like to be able to monitor in case it stalls at a certain file so that I can check if something is wrong.

Monitor[  Table[myfun[filename[[n]]], {n, 1,     numfiles}],  Row[{ProgressIndicator[n, {1, numfiles}],     ToString[N[100 (n - 1)/numfiles]] <> "%"}, " "]] 

For the most part, the progress bar works correctly, but when it initially moves to a new file the n% and progress bar resets to 0%, before getting back to the correct % complete and process. Is there something wrong with how I have used these functions? Thanks.

if campain seems like ending should i change character

I feel like it might be ending because, one of the other players are in jail with no chance of escape, and another was currently kicked from the only home she ever new and is feeling depressed, while another is at deaths door and I’m stuck in the middle. so which one should I do: quit and make a new character or should I try to see some good in all of this and try to help all of them at once? if so, how should I go around it, I have no Idea on how to keep my team together.