Drupal 8 Views select the same number of results for every group

I have views where I select nodes and group all results in 3 groups by field. When I select for example a limit to 30 I get results but with the different count in every group (for example 20/7/3). What I can use to select for example 10 most relevant results in every group. I can do it with query alter or maybe need to create some plugin?

SharePoint 2013 – need workflow approval generate 3 emails when approvor select one of the 3 status

Hello Folks I have created SharePoint 2013 form wiht SP Designer 2013 and now I would like to create a workflow. I have done a workflow to inform the approvor that new item need to be review. My requirements are based on the approvor decision about he will Approved, Rejected or Need more information status selection. When he selects one of the previous status, the workflow status will be updated like below: If the status is approved: workflow status = Approved – Email will pick the documents attached into the form and will be sent to dedicate contacts If the status is rejected: workflow status = Rejected – Email will pick from the approval form the text about why and will be sent to dedicate contacts If the status is Need more info: wokflow status = Pending Need more info – Email will pick text comment about why and the email will be sent to dedicate contacts with the link to add additional missing information – when the contact will provide additional info, a new mail will tell approvor that new approval action is required

How I do that with SP designer tool? Because the things I saw in SP Designer, are limited to 2 status “Approved/Rejected” and even if I add others status, the email will only be generate for the Approved and Rejected. not for others status. I don’t have technical skills or deep knowledged thanks for your support and helping

Como hacer un conteo de un select con excepciones

como podría hacer un conteo de esta consulta, quisiera que me muestre el conteo de todos los datos seleccionados, aquí hay 32 datos, y quisiera que muestre como en un COUNT(*)

SELECT cu.idespecialidad,es.Nombre,convert(char(5),cu.horainicio, 108) as HoraInicio,convert(char(5),cu.horafin, 108) as HoraFin FROM cupos cu inner join Especialidades es on es.IdEspecialidad = cu.idespecialidad EXCEPT SELECT ci.IdEspecialidad,ci.HoraInicio,ci.HoraFin,ess.Nombre FROM Citas ci inner join Especialidades ess on ess.IdEspecialidad = ci.idespecialidad EXCEPT SELECT es1.IdEspecialidad,cb.HoraInicio,cb.HoraFin,es1.Nombre FROM CitasBloqueadas cb inner join Especialidades es1 on es1.Nombre = cb.Especialidad 

Como hacer select dinamicos?

tengo el siguiente código:

<select name="dia">         <?php         for ($  i=1; $  i<=31; $  i++) {             if ($  i == date('d'))                 echo '<option value="'.$  i.'" selected>'.$  i.'</option>';             else if($  i < date('d'))                 echo '';             else                echo '<option value="'.$  i.'">'.$  i.'</option>';          }         ?> </select>  <select name="mes">         <?php         for ($  i=1; $  i<=12; $  i++) {             if ($  i == date('m'))                 echo '<option value="'.$  i.'" selected>'.$  i.'</option>';                         else if ($  i < date('m'))               echo '';             else                 echo '<option value="'.$  i.'">'.$  i.'</option>';         }         ?> </select>  <select name="ano">         <?php         for($  i=date('Y'); $  i>=date('Y'); $  i--){             if ($  i == date('Y'))                 echo '<option value="'.$  i.'" selected>'.$  i.'</option>';             else                 echo '<option value="'.$  i.'">'.$  i.'</option>';         }         ?> </select>

Son tres select, día, mes y año, lo que deseo es que al seleccionar el mes 5 u otro en adelante al mes que me muestra, me carguen los días correspondientes a ese mes, ahora que lo publico, marca 17/4/2019.

¿Se puede hacer?, ¿Qué se les ocurre?.

Add column names dynamically to `select` method in SP PnP JS

In the select method of SP PnP JS how can I add column names dynamically?

For e.g. can the below code

sp.web.lists.getByTitle("My List").items.select("Col1", "Col2"); 

be written something like this (this does not work asselect method does not take arrays)?

var cols = ["Col1", "Col2"]; sp.web.lists.getByTitle("My List").items.select(cols); 

MySQL – link tables issue (select unique rows)

I have been trying to sort it out but failed. I have below snapshot of my problem and it has been cut. What I want is the following:

action_id   event_id    link    text    duration 339054      10221877    317547  text1   30 339057      10221877    317548  text2   45 339061      10221877    317549  text3   30 339065      10221877    317551  text4   40 339074      10221877    317550  text5   60 339075      10221877    317552  text6   80 

Is that even possible with just two tables? if not, what might be helpful?

CREATE TABLE time1 (  prim int (5), booking int (5) PRIMARY KEY, duration int (5));  insert into time1 values  ( 10221877, 296480,30), ( 10221877, 296484,45), ( 10221877, 296487,30), ( 10221877, 296492,40), ( 10221877, 296494,60), ( 10221877, 296510,80), ( 10221877, 296511,11);   CREATE TABLE action1 (  action_id int (5) PRIMARY KEY, event_id int (5), link int (5), text_text VARCHAR(255)  );  insert into action1 values  (339054,10221877,317547,"text1"), (339057,10221877,317548,"text2"), (339061,10221877,317549,"text3"), (339065,10221877,317551,"text4"), (339074,10221877,317550,"text5"), (339075,10221877,317552,"text6"); 

How to select text in python shell, and does the shell have a limit on output?

In my python shell I am running code. But I cant highlight it. So I cannot select and copy it to elsewhere. This is a problem because I wish to copy a large number to notepad. Why is this happening? How can I fix it?

Also I am wondering is there an limit to how much I can output in the shell? If I make it print all the number from 1-100 000 000, will the shell crash at any point?