How to solve the ambiguity of selected state in a segmented control with just two segments?

I’m working on a web application that has two similar data grids in a page. User should be able to switch between these two data grids within the same page.

I have used segmented buttons to navigate between these two grids. But I feel this component visually becomes a toggle, and the current state of the toggle becomes ambiguous.

As of now I’m solely relying on the color / hue to show the selected state but I feel it’s kinda unclear which state is selected.

Is there a better approach to solve this problem?

Segmented buttons circled in red enter image description here

dropdown list value when selected then it sets another column value in SharePoint list

I am new in using SharePoint List.I have list created with two columns in same sharepoint list Column A(Text) and B(currrency). I want to set value of column B when Column A value is selected of same ID value of Item.


abc $ 12

xyz $ 2

pqr $ 20

Please give me solution to use this list to use in powerApps for calculations

Is there a color that signals “selected item with error”?

I have a list with items. Items have errors and therefore are displayed with a red font color.

When one of these items is selected it is hard to read the text of the item, because the selection color is blue in the whole application.

Selection colors

Is there a color, that I could use to make the text easy to read but still show that there is a warning ?

Note: I would like to keep the selection highlight color.

Starting a created flow on a selected document

I can’t seem to figure out how to start a flow that I have created for a selected document. I don’t want to hardcode a list or document library into the flow – but rather give users the option to select the document and trigger the flow.

A typical scenario is when users want to trigger a multi-level approval on a selected document.

Secondly, I’d like this flow to appear in the right-click menu, on the selected item, similar to Request Sign-off. Is this possible?


Clear selected items when filter is applied?

Trying to justify my approach here.

When multiple items are selected (for bulk actions to be taken) what should happen when the user applies a filter?

Should any selected items be cleared as soon as a filter is applied? Should the selected items remain selected? There will be cases where the filter will result in none of the selected items being available (all filtered out) and cases where some selected items will still be available, and cases where some of the selected items are still available, but many many pages deep (and out of view) due to the items that have been added when the filter was applied.

My current thinking is that the complexity of keeping the items selected too hard to effectively communicate, so when a filter is applied, any selected items will be reset. The user has to then make new selections based on the new set of items displayed.

Thoughts? Visuals below.

Selections made

Selections made

Option 1 – Stay selected

filter applied

Option 2 – Reset

enter image description here

Ubuntu 18.04: Duplex Long Edge printing mode selected but not working

If i choose to print a document (pdf, txt) with more than one page with Duplex “Long Edge” enable with Evince, Gedit, … on Ubuntu 18.04.x, it still print with Duplex Off.

It was working with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and i also tested on Ubuntu 19.04 and it’s works. So the problem is on 18.04 LTS.

We use a remote printer on a Ubuntu print server 19.04.

It’s like the file sent by Ubuntu 18.04 to print server are not interpreted correctly by the print server..

Any help would be appreciated, i don’t know if the problem is with ubuntu, cups, poppler, … Thanks!


Filetype: PDF
Neither PDF renderer command line nor Ghostscript-based renderer command line found
Driver does not understand PDF input, converting to PostScript
Storing temporary files in /var/spool/cups/tmp
Starting process \”pdf-to-ps\” (generation 1)
Printer make and model: NRG MP 2352 PS3

Running command line for pstops: pstops 44555 john testfile.pdf 1 \’ cups-browsed cups-browsed-dest-printer=37\\ Duplex=DuplexNoTumble finishings=0 InputSlot=Auto job-uuid=urn:uuid:8023a1dd-8f1f-3e58-58b2-eb77f271e0d5 JobType=Normal MediaType=Auto OutputBin=Default PageSize=A4 Password=None print-quality=0 StapleLocation=None UserCode=None pdftops-max-image-resolution=300 pdftops-renderer=pdftops date-time-at-creation= date-time-at-processing= time-at-creation=1566373945 time-at-processing=1566373945\’

Found: %%BeginFeature: *Duplex None
Option: Duplex=None
Setting option
Found: %% FoomaticRIPOptionSetting: Duplex=None
Option: Duplex=None
Setting option


How to open file browser with a specific file selected by default?

Let’s assume a situation where I have a terminal emulator open on my GUI and I have changed my working directory to some specific directory. I know that current directory contains file xyz.

Is it possible to open a new file browser window with my current working directory and have the file xyz focused by default but not launched automatically?

If multiple solutions exist, I’d prefer using xdg-open, caja, nautilus or nemo with some command line flags. Basically I’m looking for command like

xdg-open --in-file-browser xyz 

which obviously does not work but is there a way to make it or something similar to work?

Bonus points for having a command that allows me to open a file browser view with multiple files pre-selected so that I could write

xdg-open --in-file-browser *.png 

to e.g. easily start drag and drop operation for exactly those files.

VLC Player does not display bold subtitles/font (regardless which font is selected)

When I was using Windows, VLC was able to display any font properly: Regular and bold. But when I started using Ubuntu and used the pre-installed VLC player, only the normal font variant was displayed all the time. Changing the settings did not work and reinstalling VLC made no difference.

Other programs like gedit and Libre Office and even TeX, however, work perfectly fine. They can deal with all the installed fonts properly.

What might be the problem?

Web UX – Serving two versions of site based on selected customer type

I’m building a site for an accounting firm. They would like to serve two distinct home pages for “Individuals” and “Businesses.”

The site would look similar but have different content relating to the services they offer these two types of customers.

  • What is the best way to allow users to choose their customer type? (Currently thinking pop-up prompt on first visit)
  • How easy should it be for users to switch between types?
  • How obvious should I make it for the user to know which version of the site they are on?
  • Any differences between desktop and mobile?

Thank you!

SharePoint : Unable to resize image as it is getting Selected on clicking it

In SharePoint 2013, when I am trying to resize image in page (Not image web-part).

When I click on the image, it gets selected so I am unable to resize it using dragging the end points(dots on border of image).

Image renditions option is used in this page. Is this is a reason? If this feature is enabled, can’t we do manual resizing?

Can anyone help me, why this is happening?

I am a beginner to SharePoint.

Note: I am able to resize from Image tab in ribbon.