Custom multiselct product attribute not showing selected in admin

I have created a custom multiselct product attribute pro grammatically. Everything is working fine i.e values are saving in databases and values also showing in product grid.But the selected values is not showing selected while editing the product.enter image description here

However If I create multiselct attribute from admin it showing selected .

Hi autocomplete twice to get option selected ios

I’m using the default autocomplete function for taxonomies in a text field and everything is working fine. However, on Iphone 6/8, whenever I start typing and the autocomplete list appears, I have to tap twice on my selection to take effect which is not the case with the android where you only have to tap once.

Is there a way to make the IOS autocomplete behavior identical to Android?

I’m using Drupal 7

Appreciate any help given.


Use Custom CSS in some selected SharePoint List

Current Process:

I am having a CSS & JS file in Site Assets, which I render it to some List / Library using Content Editor ( referencing the CSS/JS).


What I need is, End User shouldn’t access these files or see the codes inside my CSS & JS. Is there any possibility that I will add the CSS/JS inside a Master Page or somewhere else (globally) and get the List and Library name (to be applied with changes) from a master list !! So that a non-coder admin can only add list/lib name into that master list and the required changes will apply on that list/library automatically

selected tree node in angular(typescript) using jqwidgets

In my html template I have: <jqxTree #treeReference [width]="'100%'" [height]="'100%'" [source]="treeSource"> and in my component typescript file I have the treeSouce declared and initialized. It is displaying the tree view.Am using Angular 6.0.8 and jqwidets for tree view I want to know which was the tree node that is selected.

Maximum number of options when selected via next and previous buttons?

I’m designing a product that has customizable features. The user can customize a light color by pushing a forward (>) or back (<) button. This action will toggle through a set color palette that will loop back once they reach the end.

I’m setting it up so that holding either button (< or >) will jog more quickly through the color options, but assuming the user is unaware that holding the buttons will run through them quicker…

And regardless of how many colors a user can distinguish or even needs…

How many options (aka. button presses) is enough before the user gets frustrated by toggling through them all? Any experience or studies to support this?

It’s safe to assume that toggling through 3 colors would not be annoying. However, toggling through 1,000 colors could be. I’m wondering if there’s some “sweet spot” in between.


To clarify these are physical buttons on a physical product.

Leaving first-level tab selected when clicking on a subtab

I have a menu like the following defined in

mymodule.page_memos:   title: 'List of memos'   description: 'View list of memos'   route_name: view.document_list.page_1   route_parameters: { doctype: 'memo'  }   menu_name: main   weight: 100  mymodule.page_letters:   title: 'List of letters'   description: 'View list of letters'   route_name: view.document_list.page_1   route_parameters: { doctype: 'letter'  }   menu_name: main   weight: 200  mymodule.page_notes:   title: 'List of notes'   description: 'View list of notes'   route_name: view.document_list.page_1   route_parameters: { doctype: 'note'  }   menu_name: main   weight: 300 

and then a list of tasks defined in mymodule.links.task.yml:

mymodule.document_list:   title: 'List of documents'   description: "View full list of documents"   route_name: view.document_list.page_1   base_route: view.document_list.page_1   weight: 10  mymodule.create_doc_by_type:   title: 'New document'   description: 'Insert new document'   route_name: mymodule.create_doc_by_type   base_route: view.document_list.page_1   weight: 20 

Everything work as expected, with three tabs in the main menu and two tabs in the task (they will soon become more). There is only a small visual glitch: when I click on tabs in the main menu, the last one clicked is correctly marked as active; when I click on tabs on the task menu, only the first one is ever marked as active. I am sure this has to be something really minor, but I really don’t know how to search for a solution.

In Capture One, how to Color-tag one image at a time when multiple selected in viewer?

In Capture One, I can select multiple images at the same time and use the viewer to cycle through them.

I’d like to use this so that I can cycle through variations on the same image and pick the best one by either assigning green to the one I like or red to the ones I don’t like.

However, the - and + hotkeys for assigning color assigns the same color to all photos in the viewer, not just the currently selected. I can manually click to do it one at the time, but that is incredibly time consuming.

Is there a way to get the color tag hotkeys to work on one photo at a time?