View filter settings not selected properly in production environment

I have a group of block views for various program pages on my site which have a filter for an area of interest. Within my “Area of Interest” taxonomy term are numerous areas for the different groups. When I create a block for my “Online” section, I have the filter for that block with an operator of “Is one of” and select only the appropriate terms for my online courses.

This works great in dev, however, the second I push this configuration to my production environment, the chosen “areas of interest” are no longer selected. When I view the filter on my production site, the operator is still “Is one of”, however, none of my terms are selected.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening? I can’t update it on production either cause the second I push another update through from dev, it overwrites what I just did and nothing is selected again.

Cargar Selected Option con los resultados obtenidos desde la base de datos (ANGULAR)

Tengo una tabla con todos mis registros de la base de datos, cuando doy en la opcion “EDITAR” me abre un formulario con la informacion ya cargada dependiendo del id del registro que se eligio, pero dentro de ese formulario hay listas desplegables y no logro hacer que me cargue la opcion que ya esta registrada en la base de datos.

Me carga toda la lista de options pero no me selecciona la opcion que ya esta registrada. he intentado con [selected] pero no me ha funcionado.

<select  [(ngModel)]="actividad.FK_LINEAMIENTO" (ngModelChange)="onDropdownChange($  event)" class="form-control" name="lineamiento" id="lineamiento" required>       <option *ngFor="let lineamiento of lineamientos" [ngValue]="lineamiento.PK_LINEAMIENTO" [selected]="lineamiento.PK_LINEAMIENTO === actividad.FK_LINEAMIENTO" class="form-control">{{lineamiento.NOMBRE}}</option>           </select> 

How features should be selected for a classifier?

I am dealing with signal which look like: enter image description here

I then wrote a function which searches for the amplitude points of those peaks and sum them up.

def give_peak_sum(file): image = cv2.imread(file) # opencv's image read function image_copy = cv2.cvtColor(image, cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB) # converts image from # BGR color space to RGB color space  image_dims = image.shape x_dim = image_dims[1]  # converting to gray scale gray = cv2.cvtColor(image, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) gray = np.float32(gray)  # detect corners dst = cv2.cornerHarris(gray, 2, 3, 0.04)  # dilate corner image to enhance corner points dst = cv2.dilate(dst, None)  thresh = 0.02*dst.max()  peak_sum = 0 mid_line = get_mid_line(image_copy) # using the previously defined function  for j in range(0, dst.shape[0]):     for i in range(0, dst.shape[1]):         if (dst[j, i] > thresh and i < 0.4*x_dim):             peak_sum += abs(j-mid_line)  return (peak_sum) 

after that I am using a


I was wondering if istead, if there is a way I can train the code to process the image and remember the whole pattern of the signal(blue line) or read the images (training set) and let the code decide what features are better to capture (automatically)? (note: feel free to give advices)

Change autocomplete results based users selected checkbox

I have a drupal 8 site that uses the paragraphs module. In one of the paragraph is a field that contains an autocomplete field. It is already set up to reference a small list of Content Types. For example, “News, Events, Product, Image” are four referenced for the autocomplete.

On another paragraph, it includes this autocomplete but also has a field called “Select a Content Type”, it lists out ALL the content types. This is used on the content type. When someone adds a new content they are presented with a list of all the content types as a checkbox and the autocomplete field.

My goal is to only display the selected results from the “select a content type” field onto the autocomplete field.

So when a user selects a “news” / “events” / “Product” / “image” from the “Select a content type” field, the autocomplete only displays nodes of what was selected. If I select news then only news appears when I start entering data. If I select News and events, then both will show. If I select none then a custom message appears.

I have looked around and found how to overwrite getReferenceableEntities but I don’t see a way to pass two variables: one from the checkbox field and the autocomplete entered value.

I suspect there will be JS involved to have the form send both checkbox and search value over but I don’t know where to begin.

Apple script to create a new Outlook email using selected text as subject?

I have a workflow that involves copying and pasting a lot and creating emails and pasting the copied text into the subject. I think an applescript could do much of the heavy lifting, and I’d also use automator to set up the input as selected text and also setup a “run applescript” part to the workflow.

So this script would essentially tell outlook to take input (selected text) and set as subject of a new email.

I think it would start out like this, from referencing other scripts to automate email creation in outlook:

tell application "Microsoft Outlook" set NewMail to make new outgoing message with properties 

I imagine after that it would be something like {Subject: Input}

Anyone know what the proper way to do this is?


MS Word – Display value based upon what is selected in a combo box

I have a dropdown box in MS Word with the title of “DOK”. I want to change the value of another field based upon the value selected in the combo box.

I’ve tried referencing it with an IF formula

IF "<<DOK>>"="1 - Recall"  "True" "False" 

where DOK is the name of the combo box, but I keep getting “False”. Will I need to do this with some form of VBA or am I not referencing it correctly? Thank you.