Person selection box missing when trying to add a user to a group

I’m working in a SharePoint 2013 on prem environment and I’m running into an odd issue. Here’s the setup.

There is a subsite (A) in a site collection that has differing permissions from the parent. This subsite (A) has several subsites (B,C,D, etc) that inherit permissions from A.

Subsite A is managed by a group, Subsite A Owners. User X is a member of this group. There is another group in Subsite A called Group B. Group B is setup to allow access requests and those requests are sent to User X and the Group is owned by Subsite A Owners.

When User X goes into Group B to add users, the share with dialog box does not have the box to to input anyone’s name. It is completely gone. The only thing that exists is the optional description box.

I have not seen this behavior before. Some things I’ve tried

  • Making sure User X has access to the Access Requests list/resetting the permissions inheritance
  • Disabling Limited Permission Lockdown Mode
  • Comparing various lists and settings to other sites via SPManager

We had tried giving User X site collection administrator permissions, but that didn’t fix the issue. I’m not sure what else to do or check.

Change Power App Form in Response to Sharepoint List View Selection

I have created a PowerApps customized list form that is linked to my Sharepoint List. I set up different views in the Sharepoint List, but I don’t see a way to change the linked PowerApps list form to match the view fields. I found an article explaining how to make separate forms to create, show or edit the list item and then write formulas in SharePointIntegration control to navigate to the screen and set the form in correct mode based on user inputs.

The formulas looked like this:

OnNew – Set(SharePointFormMode, “CreateForm”); NewForm(CreateItemForm); Navigate(CreateScreen, ScreenTransition.None)

OnEdit – Set(SharePointFormMode, “EditForm”); EditForm(EditItemForm); Navigate(EditScreen, ScreenTransition.None)

OnView – Set(SharePointFormMode, “ShowForm”); ViewForm(ShowItemForm); Navigate(ShowScreen, ScreenTransition.None)

Does anyone know how I could alter these formulas to direct users to different forms based on the sharepoint list view that they choose? Or whether there is another way to alter the PowerApps form in response to view selection?

Tournament Selection Probability

I am taking an extra course this semester and we were given a series of questions for exam preparation. But I was unable to attend the discussion session and so I have no access to the solutions. I hope that can get some help here.


Within an Evolutionary Algorithm the probabilistic, rank based parent selection selects ρ = 4 parents from the population of P = 32 individuals.

The method shall be Tournament selection starting with k = 16 different individuals, chosen randomly from the population.

Calculate the probability ω that the best individual from the population (P = 32) is among the ρ = 4 selected parents.

My Solution:

Since tournament selection always selects the best individual out of the k initial individuals, the probability that the best individual from the entire population P is selected is equal to the probability of that individual to be randomly picked as one of those initial k = 16 individuals.

So for 1 trial,

ω = 1/32 

And for 4 trials, ω is the probability that the best individual is selected at least one of the 4, i.e.

ω = P(at least 1/4) = 1 - P(0/4)                     = 1 - (1 - 1/32)^4                     = 0.1192 

Does this seem correct?

Multiple selection filter

I am working on a design, however, I have hit a bit of a roadblock on a multiple selection filter. The list of filter values will not be very long.

I assume that users will not know all the available filter values, so I think search wouldn’t work in this case.

I have created a basic flow – shown in the image below. Is there a better way of doing this or does this way work?


How to organise a multi-select list that allows for selection of both users and groups, where users can have multiple groups?

So at present, the system I’m developing has a multi-select list that categorises users by their group. For example, the select list options looked like this:

  • Administrators
    • John Smith
    • Jane Smith
  • Finance Team
    • Jordan Smith
    • Jeremiah Smith
    • Joe Smith

And the selected options allowed for a whole category as well as individual users, such as: “Administrators”, “Jordan Smith”, “Joe Smith”.

The problem is, the system has now evolved so that users can have multiple groups. So rather than just being a member of Administrators or Finance Team, they could be a member of both.

The select list needs to still allow for the selection of both individual users and whole groups. I could replicate the individual users across multiple groups, so that they appear twice in the list, but then I’m concerned it will confuse the end-user as if they use the typeahead, the user will appear multiple times under different categories.

Display image on drop down selection change newitem form

I’m building a list where I want to show an image of the selected item as it’s selected in the drop down in the new item form, I have very little javascript knowledge. I’m using the following script

<img id="my_image" src="/mysites/site/AL-03T.PNG" alt="" style="width: 48px;  height: 48px;"/><script src=""  type="text/javascript"></script><script type="text/javascript"> $  (document).ready(function(){ $  ("select[title='Product']").change(function() {   document.getElementById("my_image").attr('src',"/mysites/site/" + (select[title='Product']).val() + '.PNG'"); }); }); </script>  <img id="my_image" alt=""/> 

based on this answer

Load image depending of selected value of dropdown list – SharePoint Online

can someone help?

show hide field based on radio button selection in new form

I have a field “Manager” (radio button with value yes and no) and another field country(dropdpwn) If I select manager = yes then only country should display else it should be hidden when user go to new form.

Below is my code, please let me know where I am doing wrong.

$  ("select[title='Manager]").change(function() { if ($  ("select[title='Geographical span']").val() == "Yes") { $  ('nobr:contains("Country")').closest('tr').show(); }