How Lightning Networks protect itself from ‘Selfish Mining’?

It is a well accepted fact that mining pools do engage in ‘selfish mining’ by not broadcasting a block to the network when they find a PoW solution, but building on top of that block so as to maximize revenue. Now from the point of view of lightning nodes that are creating a HTLC, assume that the blockchain height is ‘h’. A HTLC is forwarded by the origin node and each node on the way uses 1 block of CLTV_expiry_delta (say there are 5 intermediary nodes). But soon after the final node reveals the pre-image to its peer, 3 blocks gets relayed simultaneously. Now, it may be the case that even after including a buffer, some nodes along the path can get exposed as its peer can relay the transaction to the blockchain due to timeout. Is there a protocol in place to stop intermediary nodes from getting vulnerable due to selfish mining?