Sell a domain?

I purchased a domain recently from godaddy. It is related to my country and I think it will be valuable to many bloggers in my country. I wa… | Read the rest of

How does Expedia manage to sell a room significantly cheaper than the hotel itself?

I was recently booked in to the Hyatt Ziva All Inclusive in Puerto Vallarta booked direct through the Hyatt website. The room rate was approx. $ 650 per night.

This evening, I was casually browsing on Expedia and found that same room, room type and for the same dates availabel for $ 300 per night all in.

Expedia was indicating that the room was 55% off as of tonight.

This is a significant discount…how does Expedia manage to provide the same room for this price?

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[Method] EASY Get unlimited facebook likes & sell or monetize them

I found this forum really helpful through my IM journey, so I thought I should give away really good method back for you guys, which has made me nice money for a long time.

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Most of black haters think that clickjacking is over or they are just afraid of it. However if it's done right with the right programming, no one will ever know that they have been clickjacked.

1. Prepare your clickjacker.
I've been…

[Method] EASY Get unlimited facebook likes & sell or monetize them

Sell VPS/RDP windows/linux 2 core 4gb ram 80 gb SSD Monthly for $8

Hello my friend , im riza , i sell RDP/VPS with Linux/WIndows OS, surely before you order , please read carefully my descripton and the rules, okay lets gooo ===================================================== specs : access : full administrator Processor : 2 Core Type : Virtual Memory Ram : 4 Gb SSD : 80 Gb link speed : up to 1 GBps Bandwith : up to 4 tb Duration : 1 month , 2 month , need more ? pm for price ===================================================== Os : Linux ubuntu i will install the VNC server , WIndows 10, 2012, and 2016 ===================================================== Datacenter : New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Banglore ===================================================== what i got : ☑ credential admin for login (IP,User,Pass) surely FULL ACCESS ☑ private google suite email and have access to my member area ☑ full guarantee if you not break the rules ===================================================== FAQ ===================================================== What Allowed activity : ☑ download and upload activity ☑ Bots Besides bot traffic, hitleap is still allowed ☑ scraping bot ☑ open blocked site in your country ☑ and many more as long as not blackhat, hacking and many more what prohibited activity : ☒ Dont do blackhat activity ☒ bot trafic, jigling and many more ☒ mining and other things that make cpu overload ☒ enconde video , if you want PM me for reservation dedicated server Rules and guarantee ■ i will guarantee you full as you subscribe my service , and as long as you not breaking my rules ■ please backup your data routine , because im not accept yet service backup your data shiping all my server made by order , if any people buy , i will send , i will install configuration and i will send to you any question ? please PM me

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How to sell a domain safely?

I own a certain domain name and someone offered me a goos price for it and I want to sell it to him.
The problem is from 2 week we are stuck because we can't find a safe way for both to end this deal.
I have no reason to scam him, but obviously he doesn't trust a guy he never seen by face. In the same way I don't trust him.

For example, I asked him to hire a broker or to make the transaction on Flippa but he doesn't want this.
He offered me to pay half price now and the other half at the…

How to sell a domain safely?