Why don’t CAs sell certificates as files, instead of hardware or as a service?

I’m trying to purchase multiple certificates, some just signing, some just encrypting, and some a combination of the two. I wanted to purchase one signed by a CA, rather than using a self-signed one. I just want a file, so that I can easily integrate it with some software I’ve written and just call the command line to sign/encrypt files.

All the CA sites I’ve looked at are trying to sell it as a hardware package, with physical devices like USB drives, etc. Have I misunderstood what the CAs offer, or the whole process itself? I may be unaware of what the correct thing to google is, because the research I’ve tried to do on this hasn’t cleared anything up.

Any help is appreciated, even just links to anything you think may help point me in the right direction. Thank you.

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How should I price sale or license of my photographs to a site which will sell them in turn?

I have a celebrity charity event coming up soon. I am photographing VIPs at step & repeat with four celebrities, stage show with 20+ celebrities, VIP party with all celebrities. This is a 5 hour event, and with sales on my site I can make some good money.

I just found out the benefactor of this charity event (which is a hospital) wants full rights to my images (freelancer/I own copyright) because they want to sell them on their foundation’s website.

I decided to take a look at this website and found out that the celebrity VIP photos I shot (at no cost) in 2013 are for sale stating ‘photos by bla bla hospital’. I understand I can sue for copyright infringement. At the moment I am more concerned with how much to charge for (buy-out licensing) or (non exclusive shared licensing) of the event images (usually around 400-500) for the upcoming celeb charity event. Oh… they are selling my images as digital downloads for far less than they are on my site!!!

If this hospital does not want to pay my licensing price, then I will start working on the 2013 images lawsuit. First I would just like some input on the buy-out licensing giving them the right to sell my digital images as downloads, shared rights, most likely giving them lo res images.

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