Selling all my project all done Just launch

Its Social media Agency offering 3 types of service for 3 niches clients
*Travel and Hospitality
*Real Estate
business idea:
Web Development, App Development, and Digital Marketing

Im selling this business idea because I don't have time for it anymore.
Everything is ready, website and social media accounts. even contract and testimonial templates
and have some traffic already
only what you need is a register a company.
Half money will go to charity too -… Selling all my project all done Just launch

Security considerations when selling a printer

Ive got an HPW2228H laser printer, which i have used for about a year, which I wish to sell.

Are there any security issues to consider when selling a printer that has been used.

My considerations so far have been :

  • Would any previously printed / scanned documents be viewable / recallable by the purchaser
  • Would any wifi passwords stored on the computer be accessible to the purchaser

Selling an item, received money by Interac e-Transfer, buyer never pickup the item. Is it a scam? [closed]

I’m selling an item on Facebook Marketplace. I set up an exchange meeting with a potential buyer. The buyer sent me the money (50 CAD) beforehand via Interac e-Transfer. Before accepting the money, I made sure that I was on the real Interac website. I also made sure that I was on my real bank website before entering my username password to accept the money. The money was finally deposit in my account.

The problem is that the buyer never showed up and now he keeps making up excuse to not come pick up the item. This has been three months now.

I still have his money and the item. I did not lose any money. Is this some sort of long term scam or am I facing a really slow person?

Selling Bitcoin ?


Im wondering if anyone can recommend me a trusted website to sell bitcoins for GBP and payment by bank transfer or paypal if it comes to it, but id rather avoid paypals fee's.

I have 0.800 bitcoin to sell, ive tried signing up to a few exchanger websites but i can't seem to work out how they function.

Any help is appreciated.

20 Page Views per WEEK + 7K Twitter Impressions per WEEK Selling Website & Twitter acc.

Why are you selling this site?
Wanted to flip it in the short term to move on to bigger projects
How is it monetized?
– All products are dropshipped, so you only buy from the supplier with the customer's money after they purchase the product from you first.
– This site uses WooCommerce: a FREE alternative to Shopify. It's more complicated to set up, but I already set it up. So you can just enjoy the free eCommerce benefits without…

20 Page Views per WEEK + 7K Twitter Impressions per WEEK Selling Website & Twitter acc.

Is using “Signature Versioning” in Amazon S3 a secure way of selling ebooks?

I own an ecommerce platform that sells large (500 megabyte+) ebooks. To reduce server costs I am looking at hosting the ebooks on S3 and using Sendowl/ FetchApp to create the links to the downloads.

My understanding is that “customer buys ebook” -> “customer receives signed url (i.e.” -> signed URL goes to actual s3 file (i.e. amazon.bucket/file1.pdf)”

Assuming that the middleman I use to sign the domain works correctly, and my bucket file has the correct security settings, is this secure? What is keeping someone from just brute-forcing the file system to find other files or use the link after it expires? My nightmare would be a security hole wherein someone could access all the documents.