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How to send packets at 512 nano sec delay using Socket Programming and UDP socket

Using SOCK_DGRAM for UDP sockets

All packets are 22 bytes in length (ie 64 including headers)


...     no_of_packets--;     sprintf(buf, "#:!0 rem");     sprintf(buf, format , buf);     sprintf(buf_aux, "#: 0 rem");     sprintf(buf_aux, format , buf_aux);     buf[MAX_LINE-1] = '';     buf_aux[MAX_LINE-1] = '';     len = strlen(buf) + 1;     send(s, buf, len, 0);     while (no_of_packets-- > 1) {         nanosleep(&T, NULL);         send(s, buf, len, 0);     }     send(s, buf_aux, len, 0); 


... while(1) {         if (len = recv(s, buf, sizeof(buf), 0)){             // do nothing         } }  

When I open Wireshark to see avg delay between the packets which are sent,

I can see the following:

  • MIN delay: 0.000 006 795 sec => 6 micro sec

  • MAX delay: 0.000 260 952 sec => 260 micro sec

  • But I want to send packets every 512 nano sec (ie., 0.512 micro sec).

How can I achieve this speed?

How do I send data to a lookup field with ReST? SP2013

I’ve been working with a jQuery AJAX call to post data to one of my SharePoint lists.

One of the fields in this list is a look-up field. In forming my JSON data to push to the list I was able to push data to each field with the exception of the look-up field.

How do I push data into a lookup field?

I know I need to push the target list’s ID to the look-up field, but have gotten hung up on just how to format the data.

How to automatically block IPs that send too many HTTP requests?

I run a website that regularly gets hit by too many HTTP requests coming from the same IP.

Is there a simple way of automatically reject connections for IPs that send more than 2 requests per second?

Currently I just block some IPs manually via iptables, but I want to block IPs automatically that do not behave like a human.

How do email clients “send later” without storing a password?

Email clients like Spark for macOS have a feature where a user can send an email later, at any given time, even when the computer is turned off. An SMTP server needs a password based authentication, though.

Does that mean that if I use Spark to send an email later, my password gets sent over to Spark servers in plaintext, so that they can authorize on the SMTP server later? Or is there a different method?

Gmail’s Undo send and other UX design patterns for reversing actions/transactions

When Gmail first brought out the Undo feature for sending emails it was a very interesting way to address the typical user behaviour of sending something on an impulse (or just not checking things properly) and allowing the user to undo an action or transaction the same way that you can undo on Microsoft Word or any typical desktop application.

I am curious to know if there are other similar design patterns for less familiar actions/transactions, and if the user ends up adjusting to these design patterns and so we still end up with many emails sent in mistake just because the perception is that we can undo those actions. Another unintended consequence is that when Gmail tries to predict whether an attachment is missing from the email and prompts the users, it often gets ignored because it incorrectly asks users for missing attachments because it has picked up a wrong context. When a user actually forgets an attachment but ignores the prompts by experience, the design pattern introduced to prevent the problem ends up contributing to it.

My question is: have design patterns used for reversing actions/transaction been shown to reduce the number of mistakes generated by the users (which is the purpose of allowing an ‘undo’) or simply increased the confidence level of users so that they end up creating more mistakes (although some of them are caught by the undo actions).

How can I delete email trigger by “Send email with options” in MS Flow?

I am using “send with options” action in MS Flow. It sent a new email with buttons.

enter image description here

My requirement is, when I click on any button, whether Paid or Unpaid, the email sent via “send with options” should also get deleted automatically.

I do not want to keep those emails in my inbox so can I delete those emails also automatically?

Any help will be appreciated.