Magento 1.9 With App Emulation Cron send only one email

Once the order is made, I save this order to a custom table that is sort of queue.

When I want to send multiple emails with cron, I can not.

I found that an App Emulation might have been a problem because when I disable it, x emails are sent at the same time.

I need App Emulation to eluvate store where order was made.

First I filter collection, then in foreach loop I’am sending emails.

    foreach ($  rows as $  row) {         Mage::helper("module_name")->sendEmail($  row);     } 

in sendMail($ row) function:

        $  appEmulation = Mage::getSingleton('core/app_emulation');         $  initialEnvironmentInfo = $  appEmulation->startEnvironmentEmulation($  order->getStoreId());          $  mailTemplate->sendTransactional(             $  schedule->getEmailTemplateId(),             $  sender,             $  recipient,             null,             $  templateVars,             $  order->getStoreId()         );           $  appEmulation->stopEnvironmentEmulation($  appEmulation); 

Thanks to everyone who can help.

Is there a standard for vibration pattern when a mobile device failed to send an alert that the user needs help?

I’ve been looking for any standards around haptic feedback of a mobile device when it tries to send out an alert for security but failed. I haven’t found any clear answers so hoping I’ll get some guidance here. 🙂

So the app I’m designing is for the security of the user that when they find themselves in a threatening or dangerous situation, they will call for help by pressing a button on the device. But if the device couldn’t send the alert for some reason, the user should be made known that the device cant help you, it failed to send the alert.

I have checked a similar answer saying the distress signals are sent in sets of three, but this is not a distress signal, it’s a feedback that the distress signal could not be sent. Any recommendations?

Microsoft Flow – Can it send to email to people included in the Lists Email column for that specific entry?

I need to enter data in Sharepoint Lists, when the data is entered a email goes out (triggered by Microsoft Flow). However, there is a email column in the Sharepoint List. I need the email to send to that specific person. Can flow do this and if not, what other options exist?

Does anyone have some good resources to learn flow at a deeper level?



MPlayer won’t send audio output to bluetooth headset

This is the first time I try to pair a bluetooth device on Ubuntu. This is an up-to-date 18.04, and the device is an Andoer LH-811.

blueman-applet is detecting the headset and pairing successfully, but after pairing the audio still ouputs through the laptop speakers.

It appears from blueman-manager that the device is connected as Serial port even when I choose Synchronie audio (French equivalent to Audio sink, I guess ?) or Handsfree, and nothing happens when I change it back to these options.

Furthermore, I can’t change the profile to HSP/HFP : I get the error

Failed to change profile to headset_head_unit

On pavucontrol I can change the volume of the headset, and I hear the test sound of the volume in the headset, but I can’t seem to select the headset as default output, even playing with the “set as alternative” buttons.


Figured it works with aplay and firefox, so it seems to be an mplayer issue. I tried mplayer -ao pulse movie.avi without success, and mplayer -ao alsa:device=bluetooth with an .asoundrc containing pcm.bluetooth { type bluetooth }, as suggested elsewhere, didn’t help either.

How do I make mplayer audio output through the bluetooth headset ?

how to fix “Cannot send headers; headers already sent in

a:5:{i:0;s:119:”Cannot send headers; headers already sent in /home/stepup441/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/functions.php, line 60″;i:1;s:1029:”#0 /home/stepup441/public_html/lib/Zend/Controller/Response/Abstract.php(115): Zend_Controller_Response_Abstract->canSendHeaders(true)

1 /home/stepup441/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/App.php(1265): Zend_Controller_Response_Abstract->setHeader(‘Content-Type’, ‘text/html; char…’)

2 /home/stepup441/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Front.php(80): Mage_Core_Model_App->getResponse()

3 /home/stepup441/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Router/Standard.php(202): Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Front->getResponse()

4 /home/stepup441/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Front.php(172): Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Standard->match(Object(Mage_Core_Controller_Request_Http))

5 /home/stepup441/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/App.php(365): Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Front->dispatch()

6 /home/stepup441/public_html/app/Mage.php(683): Mage_Core_Model_App->run(Array)

7 /home/stepup441/public_html/index.php(83): Mage::run(”, ‘store’)

8 {main}”;s:3:”url”;s:10:”/index.php”;s:11:”script_name”;s:10:”/index.php”;s:4:”skin”;s:7:”default”;}

Send and HTTP request to Sharepoint with attachment

I’ve created a flow that will send an email to my group whenever there’s a new request from our SharePoint site.

I would like to add/attach an attachment in sending the email from sharepoint list.

I’ve used HTTP request to Sharepoint. Using this:

Site Address: \sharepoint_site\ Method: POST Uri: _api/SP.Utilities.Utility.SendEmail Headers: accept = application/json;odata=nometadata          content-type = application/json;odata=nometadata Body: {         'properties':{        'To':['']        'Body': 'Hello world!'        'Subject': 'Request #1'         }       } 

I don’t how to add the attached file from the list. My goal is on every request we will received an email with attachments and the attached file will be automatically delete when the flow is successful.

Any idea on how it will work?.

thanks in advance.

Is it safe to send an unencrypted password through https? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Is it safe to send clear usernames/passwords on a https connection to authenticate users? 8 answers
  • I just send username and password over https. Is this ok? 2 answers

There’s an endpoint that receives an e-mail and password and creates a user account in an external system. To access that endpoint, one must be logged in to our system as it’s the only way for that user account to be created.

To me it looked really bad when I found out that the password was going to be sent without encryption, but I’m not an expert on the subject and I was assured that the communication was safe being sent via https.

Is it? If not, what would be a good solution to this problem?