How can a client verify that code sent from the server has not been tampered with?

While trying to understand the recent controversy involving Protonmail, I started to wonder if its possible to verify that the opensource JavaScript being sent from the server to the client hasn’t been tampered with.

If I understand correctly, you cannot use E2EE in the browser because technically if the server was compromised the server could send malicious JavaScipt to the client and respond with the client’s secret encryption key/password.

If I am a developer, how could I ensure that my client is receiving the same JavaScript that is stored in my public GitHub repo? Is this even possible?

Sent messages not synced on first install of new SMS apps

I just installed Textra to try out as a new primary SMS/MMS app. However, I’ve noticed that none of my previously-sent messages seem to have been imported into Textra. I see most (if not all) of my received messages, but none of my recently sent ones are there.

I recall having something similar happen when I downloaded Android Messages, to try out as an alternative to Samsung’s built-in app.

Is there any way to get this all synced up, so I can have my complete history (at least, everything from since I started using this phone) in whichever SMS app I end up choosing?

Platform: Android 7.0 on Samsung Galaxy S8+

Software Versions:

Android Messages 2.2.076
Samsung Messages
Textra SMS 3.37

How to make google group members see all sent mail from the group?

The scenario is this:

I have a google group; let’s call it Anyone can send email to this group. The group has 2 members, and Both personA and personB has set up as an additional email address in gmail settings with “Treat as an alias” checked. This means that both personA and personB gets mail sent to the support group in their own personal inboxes, and can reply as “”. So far so good.

The issue I have is that if sends a mail to, and personA replies to this mail using the alias, personB gets no indication that personA has replied to the mail, personB can’t see the mail that personA sent as a reply to personX anywhere. Vice versa obviously also applies if personB replies.

How can I fix this so that the group members can see all sent mail from the group, regardless of which group member sent it?

Both group members also use the Outlook mail client if that makes any difference.

E-mail sent by workflow cannot be opened

I have created a workflow with a link to the list filled in on the SP. The e-mail field is a choice list. When the e-mail is sent the receiver cannot open the link as the message is somehow like : the item cannot be opened iT seems it has been deleted or removed. I have changed already the ID columns name to CustomID. I used the Absolute URL in the designer. Any tips? Thx Remko

Is there a way to get sales data from Facebook ad campaigns sent back to Magento and/or Google Analytics?

We have FB pixel installed, it’s accurately capturing sales data in FB analytics from FB ad campaigns we’re running. But I’d like to track more customers data, including products purchased, frequency, and more. FB analytics data is very broad, only showing clicks, add to carts, checkouts, total revenue, and cost per ad campaign.

I used UTM codes for the campaigns to track them in Google Analytics, which is working. However, that only tracks when the ad is clicked. FB ads analytics attributes a sale when an ad is simply displayed/seen (not clicked), and it also tracks users across devices. UTM codes can’t track either of those. That missing data makes up over 50% of the sales coming through.

Is there a way to get FB, Google, and/or Magento to transfer data back and forth so we can see more granular sales data?

Am I making sense 😛

Thank you!

Calculating the end-to-end delay of a message sent over a network

This is a problem from a MOOC on computer networking:

We wish to send a message of size $ 150,000$ bytes over the network. There are four hops, each of length $ 20$ km and running at $ 100$ Mb/s. However, before sending we split the message into $ 1500$ byte packets. What is the end-to-end delay of the message? Use speed of light in copper $ c = 2 * 10^8$ m/s, and round your answer to the nearest integer millisecond.

HINT: Break the problem into two parts: the end-to-end delay of one packet and the delay of the rest of the message across the slowest link.

After struggling for a bit, I obtained the answer by following the hint as follows:

$ $ 4\left(\frac{1500 \ B * 8 \ (b/B)}{100 \ Mb/s} + \frac{20 \ km}{2 * 10^8 \ m/s}\right) + \left(\frac{150000}{1500} – 1\right)\left(\frac{1500 \ B * 8 \ (b/B)}{100 \ Mb/s}\right) = 12.76 \ ms $ $ The answer is correct but I don’t understand why the packetization delay only was considered for the rest of the message. Why wasn’t the propagation delay also considered for the remaining packets?

How to prevent email sent by other accounts appearing in Sent

My setup is as follows.

I have two Gmail accounts: a main Gmail account, and a secondary one that I have so I can use Google’s SMTP server.

This SMTP server account is used whenever I need a server/script/IOT device/whatever to send mail to me so that I don’t need to configure my main Gmail credentials (or more accurately, an app password) within the unsecured device.

My main Gmail account (say is setup to pull email from the SMTP account (say using the option “Check email from other accounts”.

An example setup would be a cron job on Linux emailing me its run result. This would be sent to root@localhost and .forward contains The server is setup to use Gmail as an SMTP relay with credentials for and this works great.

However, in Sent for I see all the mail that is sent through I have Send mail as configured for this account too, however, I have unchecked the Alias option which I thought caused what I am seeing.

Is there a way to prevent sent mail from appearing in Sent in

[ United States ] Open Question : Can a person legally claim you as a business expense if they sent you money over the internet, even if it wasn’t for work?

I am currently dealing with an issue that arose between me and my cousin, who owns his own business. I don’t want to go too much into detail, but basically he sent me some money (around $ 6,000) in 2018. Most of the money he sent was as a gift which i accepted because i was struggling financially and he offered to help. Recently, we’ve gotten into an argument and he’s trying to claim all of the money he sent me in 2018 on his tax returns. He said he is going to send me a 1099 form. I have worked 2 jobs all year (minus 2 months out of the year due to my move) and claim 0 allowances which should allow me to get a good refund this year given my circumstances. If he claims this money, chances are most, if not all. of my money will have to be paid back due to this reporting (I believe he is trying to claim me as a freelance writer for his website since i did some work for him for about a month total out of the year) He claims that since the money he sent came from his business account, it doesn’t matter what it was for that i have to pay taxes on it. My understanding is that you cannot claim gifts because they are not taxable. I know that he may be in some trouble with the IRS and is trying to write off as money expenses as possible. Can he legally claim these expenses (as work) even though we have no contract and he doesn’t have any information of mine except for my name?