Is there a risk to hosting service if hot-potato site is using cloudflare?

Picture a politically hot website that might be subject to a DDOS attack. If that site is hosted at and then uses cloudflare or another CDN, is the hosting service vulnerable to a DDOS attack on the site?

I do understand that the host could be discovered via DNS settings and attacked directly unless something was done to obscure the host IP address.

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Why is pastebin considered a high risk service

The company I work at uses zscaler to restrict access to certain websites.

Earlier today, I tried to visit, but got the error message in the picture below:

Website blocked. Not allowed to browse SHN-High Risk Services category. You tried to visit:

Trying to google why pastebin is considered a high risk service, I didn’t really find much, except this one blog post which talks about certain hacker groups pasting sensitive data to the site.

This alone doesn’t seem like a very strong reason to block the site, as there should be a multitude of other options for making information public. What am I missing here?

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