How to do a full backup of media, apps, settings, contact, calendar, etc without root and without the need to use any cloud service?

As the title indicates I am searching for a way to do a full backup of my android 9 phone (a Cubot Quest).

I want to backup anything: from contacts via apps to all settings, that I have adjusted.

If i need to choose what is most important to me to backup I answer: The most important part to me is to save all settings that I have done inside all the apps that I have installed (apps + its settings).

I am hosting my own Nextcloud Server, so I can backup contacts and calendar and media there. But I have no clue how to backup the rest.

I favor an one software one click solution, meaning that I would like to backup everything via one software in one place and be able to restore it with the same software by hopefully just one click.

I do not have a google account. I have access to the play store in case it is needed. I am not willing to upload anything to any cloud that I do not own, so an offline solution is preferred.

Keyboard shortcut for a service stopped working

I have made a custom keyboard shortcut for Finder that runs a script that copies the full file path to the clipboard. The shortcut is Control + Alt + Command + C.

It has always worked, but today it suddenly stopped working. I tried sniffing for any program that activates when the shortcut is pressed using /usr/bin/sudo opensnoop in Terminal but to no success. I have not recently installed any new programs.

How do I get my shortcut back?

AWS ELB kills RabbitMQ service in AWS ECS once in a few minutues because of failed health check

I’m running RabbitMQ Docker image (rabbitmq:3-management) in AWS ECS. It’s working fine with no issues.

Then I added a bit more complexity and created a service with the same RabbitMQ but now connected to AWS Network Load Balancer (my ultimate goal is to create a RabbitMQ cluster, so I need a few instances behind load balancer). Target group is configured with port 5672 and uses the same port for health checks. Interval between health checks is 30 sec (it’s max available). Threshold is 5. In configuration of service in ECS Health check grace period is 120 sec. Should be enough to start service. What happens is that when I run service after a few minutes it gets killed and restarted:

service Rabbit-master (instance i-xxx) (port 5672) is unhealthy in target-group Rabbit-cluster-target-group due to (reason Health checks failed) 

‘A few minutes’ means 2 or 5 or 9… It varies. It doesn’t happen on a start but after a while. Also I see that RabbitMQ works fine (in logs and in management panel). So it’s exactly ELB which causes its restart. Not that first RabbitMQ died and then ELB restarted it, no.

So my question is what I’m doing wrong and how I can achieve stable work of RabbitMQ in ECS in pair with ELB? Is the idea to use port 5672 for helth checks wrong? But which port then to use? 15672?

Sorry if I provided not enough details. I desribed those which seemed to me relevant. If you need anything more I will be happy to elaborate. Thanks!

Android / Google “Find my device” service with multiple devices

I hope this is the right community for this question. if not I’d be thankful to be redirected.

I have multiple Android devices all connected to my google account and activated for the “Find my Device” anti theft service. When I go to it only displays one device and I cannot find a single way to choose which device to track. I’ve been googling this thoroughly and can’t seem to find an answer. Does the service only allow one device to be registered for emergency tracking?

Stolen Pictures Removing Service from amazon seller for $1

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Playlist Pitching Service For Your Song for $99

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