Which is less trackable by online services, using a SIM card or free wifi?

I cannot do anything about government agencies, but I doubt that they are interested in me.

I do not like the idea of Google, FaceTweet, etc, compiling data on me.

What’s the best way to prevent them doing so, if I purchase a smartphone – buy a pay as you go (unregistered) SIM, or use only public WiFi? Would a Linux ‘phone make a major difference?

Looking for publishing company (books, magazine, journals) website/web-design services

I'm looking for someone, who can design (customize) a website for a publishing company. The company offers publishing services for:
1. Research articles
2. Books
3. Thesis
4. Technical Reports
5. Different studies (student reports)

I can provide list of similar websites or you can search for "research articles publishing websites".


am I being spied on? requests in unpublished services

Just today i’m migrating some of my webpages to a new server, after a couple hours the services was ready, I set up hosts file with my domain example.com pointing to the server address, went to my browser and navigated to the domain and all worked ok, just before make public the new server (by changing the dns) I noticed 2 requests in the nginx log comming from different IPs to my own: 

By curiosity I went to that address in my browser and both says that are from bots that scans services (tequilaboomboom and shadowserver), ok but… how did they now the domain? the server is public and people can go to the ip address, but my nginx log is specific for my domain example.com, I only have React extension on my W10 Chrome browser, how did they catch my request to know what site to scan? am I being spied on? is my maquine compromised? is my network compromised?

Freight Forwarders Services In Mumbai

Freight forwarder plays a crucial role in serving import and export business and without help of Freight forwarding agents they can’t run their international business. The exporters and importers in Mumbai and western India must need a smart freight forwarding agent in Mumbai to ensure the smooth running of their International business. MNCs need assistance of Freight courier service for documents and goods sending purpose.
Tripath Logistics is much popular for an International quality…

Freight Forwarders Services In Mumbai

What Is Logistics Services

The Tripath Logistics team has extensive experience in transportation management, However, our approach to transportation management goes beyond rate negotiations. We start with an analysis of your distribution activities and look for opportunities to optimize modes and frequency of transit; all in the effort to reduce transit times, cycles and costs.

What Is Customs And Clearance Services?

The Customs Clearance Services offered by us supports in faster and hassle free clearance of shipment. We support and guide our clients to handle the sensitive procedure of custom clearance with taking full responsibility. We can understand that if the cargo is not cleared on-time it may result in incurring un-expected loss.

We utilize our expertise and latest technology and ensure that the supply chain of our client remain compliant. Paying attention to the minute details is our hallmark…

What Is Customs And Clearance Services?

Problem while debugging services with WinDBG using GFLAGS

Please i have a little problem when i try to debug services using WinDBG and GFLAGS. Here’s some screeenshots resuming my problem, so, here’s what i did. First, i configured GFLAGS like this :

enter image description here Then, i lunched the service, and used the following command line : enter image description here

And finally, i had this error : enter image description here

If someone can help, it would be very great, Thanks a lot !

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Thank you.