How to have persistent session settings in SDDM for each user?

I use SDDM as session manager in Lubuntu 19.04. By default I got two desktops: Lubuntu and LXQt. I have two users. Each one uses a different desktop session.

However, every time I switch users, the last used desktop session is shown in drop-down list (when in SDDM).

How can I configure SDDM so it remembers that user1 always starts with Lubuntu session and user2 with LXQt?

Right now the user must manually choose the session every time he enters. I believe it should be a matter of selecting the user, writing the password and voilá!

Have tried proxy settings,

Cannot connect to the Internet. Using Ubuntu 16.04, wired connection using ip address of my server. I live in an apartment house with Internet user name and password given to me. I understand that I should be able to connect with an Ethernet cable directly to the outlet from my computer.he laptop that I am successfully using to send this message is using a wireless connection to the same source.

Volume mute or Completely Loud (Sound Bar or volume buttons doesnot respect the sound settings in unbuntu 18/19

I have a audio chipset of realteck ALC295, and the sound volumes are very high or mute

please help me in setting up the volume driver for the os!

(i have shifted from windows 10 to ubuntu since I really fed up with the buggy released of windows 10)

Right Click + “Settings” on Desktop not working

I’ve been testing some things on Ubuntu 19.04(because I’m a new Linux user and wanted to learn more about it), and some issues appeared.

When I [Right Click] on “Desktop” and choose “Screen Settings” or “Settings” it doesn’t do anything. It used to work. I’ve only made two things that may have helped to create this problems: install and remove kubuntu-desktop and mySQL.

This are the commands i used:

Installing and removing Kubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports sudo apt upgrade sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop sudo apt remove kubuntu-desktop sudo apt autoremove 

Changin the display manager and presentation screen

sudo dpkg-reconfigure sddm sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth sudo update-initramfs -u 

Installing and removing mySQL

sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client sudo apt-get purge mysql* sudo apt-get autoremove sudo apt-get autoclean 

Hope it helps

BitLocker Sleep/Hiberate Settings for DMA protection

The Bitlocker the guidance from Microsoft is to disable sleep states and use hibernate in combination with TPM + PIN for elevated security against cold boot and DMA attacks. Unfortunately this is pretty inconvenient as it results in very frequent entry of PIN and slower hibernate/wake times. I don’t regard the cold boot attacks as realistic outside of the highest security environments, but I am concerned about DMA attacks. Is hibernate required if we are using Thunderbolt 3 devices that offer UEFI DMA protection and we can disable new DMA devices being enumerated while Windows is locked using group policy?

See the section ‘Attacker Countermeasures’.

Unity settings and programs got messed up after fsck disk check

While doing my normal activity on my Ubuntu 16.04 (Unity) machine I noticed that Firefox stopped playing sounds from any tab (Applications tab in Sound Settings had something unknown to me listed several times and nothing else). Also the keyboard layout switching stopped working, while the indicator in the panel worked fine. I decided to reboot and after that saw the BusyBox prompt telling me that I had errors in my file system and needed to run fsck.
A similar thing happened to me about a year ago, but this time after running it on the specified drive and pressing y to every found error I typed reboot, logged back into my system and saw that the fonts are different from default and the theme switched back to Ambiance (from Radiance).
Nautilus changed it’s layout to (probably) non-patched gnome version, with nothing in the global menu. The ‘Recent’ folder returned despite still being turned off in the settings.
Image Viewer now has both global menu and local, under the title bar menu. Firefox got it’s icon changed to a folder.
Some programs wouldn’t start at all, including gedit and gnome-terminal. Running them in xterm outputs:

Failed to import the site module Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/lib/python3.5/", line 78, in <module>     import os   File "/usr/lib/python3.5/", line 27, in <module>     import stat as st ImportError: No module named 'stat' 

Between some more reboots the fonts and the theme had partially changed to the selected, and then back again.
Each time after logging in the mouse buttons wouldn’t respect the settings (mine are set to RMB as primary), the settings page is correct, but after a while the screen goes black for a second and it is back to normal.

What may have caused this and how can I fix it? Thank you.

Sorry if something isn’t clear, I’m writing this late.

Additional, but possibly unrelated information:
Some strange bug causes my computer to turn on right after the shut-down. I dual-boot with Win7 and this only happens with Ubuntu, and only for the past 2 or so years. After a cursory search I was not able to find a solution to this and got used to turning it off from the back of the case right after it starts again.
During the last several months I had 3 times when my computer suddenly rebooted while I was doing something. I hadn’t yet investigated that.
The disk with Ubuntu is just ~45 gb and currently I work with mostly less than 400 mb on the ‘/home’ partition and 1.2 gb at ‘/’.
The hardware is also mostly more than 10 years old.

SharePoint Online Migration Pipeline settings for Metalogix

We are migrating SP online sites from one tenant to another using Metalogix Content Matrix. There is a setting to use “Azure/SPO Container Office 365 Upload”. However it is mentioned that the Migration pipeline has to be enabled for the tenant (as shown in attached image. We would like to know where is this settings in the SP Online Admin center.

enter image description here

Could SharePoint 2013 Survey Advanced Settings disable the survey completely?

I have a survey in SharePoint 2013 that I have a question about. In the Advanced Settings, there is an option to set Create and Edit access. If I set this to NONE, does that mean that no one would be able to take the survey at all?

When I was exploring this, my original goal was to allow the user to take a survey, but not let them see the responses of other users. Now, the goal may have changed so that the users can’t see any responses at all (including their own). Is this possible in the same area as well?

Fix broken display settings – persistent LiveUSB

I have been running my MacBook off a persistent live USB using Ubuntu 16.04.

For another problem I’m having, it was suggested I start up holding down c.

My display settings seemed to not be the correct ones anymore.

I’ll get a black screen.

It used to intermittently flash a wrong display settings pop-up window on the black screen when I move my mouse.

I told it to go back to my log on screen using that window and it is now always a black screen.

Is there a way for me to fix the display settings in this persistent live USB?