Unity baked lighting – blotchy shadows, bleeding and/or stiching

I have spent days trying to get baked lighting to look good. I use a simple low-poly style. No matter what I do, I get this type of effect (blotchy shadows and odd dark lines):

enter image description here

Here are my settings:

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Baking a scene already takes around 4 hours, not sure I can increase the resolution any more without Unity crashing during the bake. Am I doing something wrong? Feel like Ive tried everything.

What spells could a Bard identify from a Pact of the Tome Warlock’s Book of Shadows?

A Bard in my group has expressed an interest in attempting to read a Warlock party member’s Book of Shadows, and I’m trying to figure out what, if anything, they can get from it. I figure they can’t actually cast anything with it, since it’s not made of spell scrolls, but they might be able to identify some of the specific spells in it.

I know some related RAW rulings, but I’m not sure if they apply to this case. For example, this related answer says that a caster can make sense of a spell scroll if the spell is on their class’s spell list, but as previously stated, this isn’t a spell scroll.

So, my guess is that one of these is the case, but I don’t know which one: the Bard reading the Book of Shadows

  • cannot read it at all
  • can identify that it contains magic spells but no more
  • can identify those cantrips and spells that are on the Bard spell list
  • can identify any spell in the book, perhaps with a successful Arcana check

Which is the case? Or is it something different?

(I assume the answer would be equally applicable to any other spellcasting class except possibly Wizards.)

What’s the best way to avoid color fringing in shadows using budget gear?

first post!

I’m a toy collector and like to take pictures and videos of my collection. I’ve got a lightbox and turntable from Foldio which is great for my needs because I don’t have a lot of space for backdrops and lighting.

most of the time I take quick shots with my camera phone on automatic settings, and adjust the white balance to get the background white. after that, I dial down the exposure in Lightroom.

this sometimes results in a blue/green tinge in the shadows (example attached), which I would like to minimize going forward.enter image description here

what would you recommend to reduce color fringe, within this framework:

  • I don’t have room in the lightbox to throw more light on the backdrop
  • it’s hard to see how much I am overexposing on the phone display, but it’s not worth the trouble to set up and use a DSLR
  • I would like to minimize post processing (I’d really like to just add a watermark, if possible)

any tips, no matter how trivial, would be appreciated. thanks in advance for helping out an amateur!

How to look at midtones, shadows and highlights separately?

Is there some hotkey or other quick method in popular editors for showing, separately, which pixels are highlights, which are shadows, which are midtones?

I know only of a function to select midtones or shadows in Photoshop and then copy that to a new layer. Is there faster way to just quickly visualize it? For example, there is a feature in Lightroom to watch over- or underexposed areas on a photo. Is there a possibility to watch shadows, midtones and highlights the same way?

One with Shadows and Skulker

This is something I have been wondering for a bit. I am currently playing with a Rogue/Warlock Mousefolk build. As my character is quite small, I wanted to go a stealth/speed route, so I wanted to get the Skulker Feat with the One with Darkness Invocation.

So can I hide in dim light/darkness, use OwD, ranged weapon, hide, and then use OwD again? Also, how many actions would it take for me to pull is off? Is this build worth the trouble?

Ways of layering battelfield with shadows to improve Shadowdancer Shadow Jump

(Loosely tied to: Ways to relocate/teleport to improve a ranged fighter mobility and Does relocation/teleportation while hidden requires a new Stealth check )

A build including 4 levels of Shadowdancer to gain access to Shadow Jump seems an interesting prospect for any kind of fighter relying on mobility and/or stealth.

Accounting for a build level 9 (5 to get the prerequisite for the prestige class and 4 for access to the Shadow Jump), I’m looking for ways to layer a battlefield with lasting shadows (magical or not) to bolster the Shadow Jump ability and be self-sufficient.

Any class goes, ranged, close, casting as long as it is within Paizo official material (with a preference for class who would benefit from the Shadowdancer features, mainly Hide in Plain Sight and Shadow Jump). Same for gear, in the limit of what a 9th level character should own. Any races is fine, but as it will probably a feat heavy build, human are probably preferable.