Risk of VPS – Do I share information with other VPS users, like IP? Is it possible to detect that I use a VPS solution? [on hold]

I want to implement a VPS for my business:

  1. When I surf and use Websites like Ebay/Facebook, can they detect that I am using a VPS?
  2. What information do I share in general when surfing besides IP?
  3. When using a VPS is it guaranteed that my IP are unique? I mean, there are so many other customers using the same VPS company, and maybe there could be some problem.

Are ‘share this’ buttons really effective?

On a lot of websites (especially blogs), we find ‘share it’ buttons like this –> alt text.

Personally, I never used one. If I want to share something online, I copy the link and manually share it through SNS or IM. Other people claim that they use it, though.

Overall, are ‘share this’ buttons really worth putting on websites? Yes, they usually consume only a small amount of screen space and bandwidth, but is it worth it? Aren’t they just adding to visual noise?

How do I import the data from a word document into a share point wiki?

We are getting ready to move our wiki to SharePoint 2016. I have a lot of word documents that have the information in them that I need to move into a SharePoint wiki. A simple copy and paste will not work as some of the formatting does not transfer and all I get is the text. Below is a picture of what I am trying to move from Word to SharePoint wiki.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Remap UID in samba share

Is it possible to remap the UID (and GID) that is being reported to a samba client? It looks like it may be possible with the various idmap options, but it looks overly complicated for the simple remap I want to accomplish and I’m confused as to whether this is even the right approach.

Consider two machines A and B. Machine A has user smbuser with UID 701. Machine B only has a root user with UID 0.

smb.conf excerpt from machine A:

[share1]   path = /tmp/share1   valid users = smbuser 

On machine B:

mount -t cifs -o username=smbuser,pass=**** // /mnt ls -l /mnt 

I see:

drwx------  701  701       0 Jan  1 00:00  . drwx------  root root      0 Jan  1 00:00  .. -rw-------  701  701      42 Jan  1 00:00  testfile 

I want:

drwx------  root root      0 Jan  1 00:00  . drwx------  root root      0 Jan  1 00:00  .. -rw-------  root root     42 Jan  1 00:00  testfile 

TL;DR: I need samba to remap UID 701 -> 0 when feeding directory lists to clients.