Is there a dedicated place within RPG SE for users to post source codes or helpful spreadsheets that they made/use to share the love to other users? [migrated]

I play a summoning focused druid in my 3.5e campaign and handling multiple summons and math on the fly with all the augments got tiresome – I couldn’t find a helpful sheet for animal/creature templates, so I decided to try to make one (.NET, C#). It’s a work in progress, but I want to share the source code when/if it’s workable and/or “finished.”

So, rpg friends, is there a dedicated place for this? Where do I look when I want to do some looking, and/or where do I throw my links/sheets when I want to share the love? If I see there’s a preference among the community for prefer sheets instead of source code, I’d shift my work towards getting it into a sheets format.

Screenshot for the idea of the program/progress

enter image description here

CIFS share on fstab via krb5

I have followed;

Through this I can mount the cifs share manually, however when I try to mount it in the fstab via kerberos;

//windows/sahre/filepath /home/Drive cifs user,uid=me,gid=metoo,vers=3.0,rw,sec=krb5 0 0

I get;

➜ ~ sudo mount -a
mount error(2): No such file or directory Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)

How can I share files in Ubuntu?

I have one laptop and about 20 PCs that have Ubuntu 16.04 installed and they are all connected to a LAN network. I want to make 20 folders on the laptop and share them such that:

  • Each PC has access to its allocated folder only.

  • Whatever changes are made to the folder or the files inside a folder from the PC, will also affect the folder in the laptop.

  • In case I turn the PC off and on I will still be able to see and access the folder from the PC.

Basically what I’m trying to do is fail-safe mechanism so that if something happens to a computer and it breaks, the information on it doesn’t have to get lost because I have it on the laptop.

Thank you for reading.

Unable to find share button on Sharepoint online

I’m using sharepoint online (office 365). I created a survey and I wanted to share the survey. However I do not see any share button on the page that allows me to share my survey. I’ve tried other methods online such as using other browsers and enabling site permissions for ‘following content’ & ‘getting started’ as shown in this picture: enter image description here

However I am still unable to see the share button to share my survey: enter image description here

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Is there an algorithm to share parts of strings?

Let’s say that we have the strings Hello, World, Hello and World. The algorithm I am thinking of would create an immutable buffer that contains Hello, World and the previous three would then become references or slices of that one like buf[0,11], buf[0,4], buf[7,11].

A way to implement this algorithm would be to compare all new strings to the existing buffer and reuse it if possible or append the new string if that’s not the case. This would be very slow, but it should work. However, it does not efficiently handle a case like Hey, Hello because it would either append it to the buffer, adding Hello again, or add Hey, to the beginning and update all the indices.

If saving space is the optimal solution, then the final buffer would be Hey, Hello, World.

Is there any algorithm that does something similar?

I have read about ropes, and read this article, but I do not see how these would help.

Retrieve share links via CSOM

I currently have a program that will upload selected files to specific folder on SharePoint and give access to specific users based on their emails using the SharePoint CSOM API, however I am unable to generate the links for people outside of my domain.

For example: I get


instead of


I am currently retrieving the first link by using the code from here:

I have also tried other suggestions I have found on StackExchange such as: Manage links for shared files

All examples I have found like the above all result in the incorrect links.

In case it is not clear currently, I am not after an anonymous link or how to create shared links (as I already have this working), I am after the link that would appear here:

enter image description here

Finally $1k day on Shopify! Let’s all share tactics, tips, etc’…


I've been lurking here for a while but never really posted anything (never had an account to begin with). The advice here is great, there is a good ratio between technical/mindset advice.

I thought about opening a discussion where we could all share some tips/advice (what to avoid, what works/doesn't, technical advice, etc') to help each other on our journey.

I'll start. Here is the biggest lesson I learned, which frankly I wish I knew when I got in the game 9 months ago.


Finally $ 1k day on Shopify! Let's all share tactics, tips, etc'…

What happens when two creatures actually share the same turn?

Related to this Q/A (“Does a controlled mount share its rider’s turn?”) where there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on whether or not the rider and their mount actually share a turn.
I am left wondering what even happens when things do share a turn:

The true polymorph spell states:

Object into Creature. You can turn an object into any kind of creature, as long as the creature’s size is no larger than the object’s size and the creature’s challenge rating is 9 or lower. The creature is friendly to you and your companions. It acts on each of your turns. You decide what action it takes and how it moves. The GM has the creature’s statistics and resolves all of its actions and movement.

Similarly the simulacrum spell states:

The simulacrum is friendly to you and creatures you designate. It obeys your spoken commands, moving and acting in accordance with your wishes and acting on your turn in combat.

It is notable that these do not simply say that you have the same initiative they say that you have the same turn.

Does this mean that you and the creature/simulacrum can go back-and-forth taking actions and moving throughout your shared turn?