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What is the average time for a node to transmit on the shared medium for Ethernet? (IEEE 802.3)

Suppose a shared ethernet link L, in which for nodes T1-T4 and a router R are connected:

--------------------------- R    |     |     |     |   T1    T2    T3    T4 

L has bit-rate C=100 Mbps, and propagation delay is PROP = 10 msec. Every node transmits packet with probability Pb = 10%. The mean packet length is P(length)=100 KBytes

Note that ethernet uses CSMA/CA

What is the average time for a node to transmit on the shared medium?

compromised shared hosting

As my webspace has been compromised and by looking for advice on other q&a it seems to me it is assumed the compromised system is a full server, local, dedicated or virtual, but not the shared hosting type.

As in shared hosting, even if ssh is available, most of the system is not there or not accessible, and many relevant tools such as a package manager are unavailable, there must be a difference between what can be compromised and how to deal with it in comparison with full servers.

I would like to understand the differences.

Thank you

“List ‘Documents’ does not exist at site with url […]” error on execute querry – but it works on devsite? Are Shared Documents different on devsite?

I have a sharepoint online provider-hosted (Azure) add-in. It worked properly when debugging and it works properly when I deploy it to my devsite. The problem occurs when I deploy it to any other site – I get the following error :

List ‘Documents’ does not exist at site with URL ‘’

The thing is – I checked this multiple times on multiple sites, the List names are the same as on devsite.

Here are some parts of my Elements.xml, Default.aspx and AppManifest.xml, I have literally no idea what could be causing this but my intuition tells me it could be connected to those lines :

  <CustomAction              RegistrationType="List"             RegistrationId="{$  ListId:Shared Documents;}"             Location="CommandUI.Ribbon"             Sequence="10001"             Title="Invoke &apos;RibbonApprovalAction&apos; action"> 

<AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/sitecollection/web/list" Right="FullControl" /> 

                using (var clientContext = spContext.CreateUserClientContextForSPHost())                 {                      clientContext.Load(clientContext.Web,                     web => web.Title,                     web => web.CurrentUser,                     web => web.Lists);                      List doclist = clientContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("Documents");                      clientContext.ExecuteQuery(); 

The error occurs at the last line, when I try to execute querry. But like I said, it works perfectly on my devsite. It’s as if Shared Documents on devsite were different from Shared Documents on any other site… I don’t get it.

Grant unique permission on an excel file in shared document but some permission grayed out

i’ve an excel workbook at shared libray, and i want to grant the permission:

  • anonymous can can edit and view but when i go to shared Documents -> tick the checkbox of the excel file->Library Tools->Library->Library Permissions->click anonymous access, Add Items/Edit Items/Delete Items are all grayed out

  • system account have Full control but there is a tick on “Limited Access” and grayed out when i go shared Documents -> onmouseover the excel file->right click manage permission->tick system account->edit user Permissions

How can i make about grayed checkout to normal?

Wine .exe needs access to shared folder on network

I previously used a Ubuntu computer for DATA which was accessed/edited by a LAN full of Win7 computers – no problem. Now I’m considering replacing Win7 computers with Bionic Beaver run computers. I can get the individual linux computers to run a Wine .exe and access local data, but I’ve been unable to get the Wine .exe to access DATA on a shared linux computer. The DATA computer folder is available via Files/Other_Locations, but I can’t figure out how to access it via the Wine .exe. Is there a mapping, mounting, or some other technique that I need to learn?