Dedicated Private Proxies (from 0.8$) | Shared Proxies (from 0.25$) | Discounts | Custom GEO | Bulk

Selling Dedicated Private Proxies (from 0.8$ ) | Shared Proxies (from 0.25$ ) | Discounts | Custom GEO | Bulk

Selling Cheap Private Proxies (from 0.8$ on the bigger packs) and Super Cheap Shared Proxies  (from 0.25$ on the bigger packs)
Unlimited Bandwidth & Threads.
Anonymous Proxies. No logs are being stored.
All proxies are HTTP/HTTPS no SOCKS.
Non Sequential IPS.
You can request for the private proxies to be refreshed once per month.
Setup fee is not lost. You’ll use the proxies for another month after you’ll stop paying. The setup fee is there so we won’t have to take immediate action if you don’t plan on paying another month.
Do not use them for anything illegal or offensive.
An active subscription is required to maintain access to your proxies. I will remove your access within 1 month (setup month) and 48 hours of your subscription being cancelled.
Bulk discounts are available. If you start with 1 pack and later you’ll buy a few more , contact us and we’ll adjust your invoice with the new bulk pricing. ( Price list below).
Yearly discounts are available.
Depending on the pack of your private proxies you can choose a few locations.
The Shared-Proxies are from USA only
IP Authentification only.
Private Proxies : You get access to control panel where you can activate up to 10 IPs instantly.
Shared Proxies: You’ll get access on 1 IP only. You can change that IP via support ticket (no control panel access).
Our Guarantee:
If the proxies aren’t suitable for whatever you need request a full refund within 3 days of ordering! (For packs up to 101 proxies.)[/COLOR]
No vouche copies are available. We’ve been selling proxies among our private customers for a while now and just decided to open the service to the public.
Try it risk free with our 3 days money back guarantee![/COLOR]
Pricing! Monthly Payments!
Private Proxies:
10 Proxies – 10$ (1$ each)
60 Proxies – 60$ (1$ each)
100 Proxies – 95$ (9.5$ each)
500 Proxies – 450$ (0.9$ each)
1000 Proxies – 850$ (0.85$ each)
2000 Proxies – 1600$ (0.8$ each)
Shared Proxies:
100 Proxies – 35$ (0.35$ each)
200 Proxies – 60$ (0.3$ each)
500 Proxies – 125$ (0.25$ each)
1000 Proxies – 250$ (0.25$ each)
2000 Proxies – 500$ (0.25$ each)
[B]Wordwide Locations available atm:[/B]
[*]Sydney, Australia
[*]Ontario, Canada
[*]Quebec, Canada
[*]Beijing, China
[*]Estonia, Europe
[*]Sweden, Europe
[*]Ukraine, Europe
[*]Paris, France
[*]Berlin, Germany
[*]Frankfurt, Germany
[*]New Delhi, India
[*]Israel, Asia
[*]Tokyo, Japan
[*]Amsterdam, Netherlands
[*]Lisbon, Portugal
[*]Bucharest, Romania
[*]Zurich, Switzerland
[*]Essex, United Kingdom
[*]London, United Kingdom
[*]Rochdale, United Kingdom
[*]Staffordshire, United Kingdom
[*]Surrey, United Kingdom
[B]USA Locations available atm:[/B]
[*]Birmingham, AL
[*]Mesa, AZ
[*]Phoenix, AZ
[*]Tucson, AZ
[*]Fresno, CA
[*]Hacienda Heights, CA
[*]Los Angeles, CA
[*]Sacramento, CA
[*]San Diego, CA
[*]San Francisco, CA
[*]San Jose, CA
[*]Miami, FL
[*]Atlanta, GA
[*]Honolulu, HI
[*]Chicago, IL
[*]Church Creek, MD
[*]Dearborn, MI
[*]Kansas City, MO
[*]Omaha, NE
[*]Las Vegas, NV
[*]Parsippany, NJ
[*]Buffalo, NY
[*]New York, NY
[*]Columbus, OH
[*]Edmond, OK
[*]Beaverton, OR
[*]Portland, OR
[*]Nashville, TN
[*]Austin, TX
[*]Dallas, TX
[*]Houston, TX
[*]Seattle, WA
[CENTER]Contact me via PM, on site at or via skype at

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Firewall for my devices (iPad, iPhone, surface) on a shared home WiFi network?

I am renting a room and using shared home WiFi network. The owner has setup a Netgear WiFi range extender for me. I have another roommate on the same network along with the owners. I use Nord VPN. Since a few months I have been getting weird emails…someone opens accounts (like Snapchat, SoundCloud, Pinterest etc.) in my name constantly. I close one account and two more gets opened. I accessed those accounts and they had photos and stuff, so someone had been using them. I noticed that date of birth in one account was a date of significance to me (not my dob) and year in the username was a significant year related to that date. So it is confirmed that I’m hacked. On top of that yesterday I accessed my new website hosting service and made some changes to start a website, today this person opened an account for hiring employees. I believe someone can access (Hack into) my devices through home WiFi. Is there a way to monitor who is accessing and stop it in real time like a firewall. I use iPad and surface pro. Any advice to secure my devices?

Merge Multisites with Shared Network Media Library

So have a multisite setup which no longer needs to be a multisite but I’m left with a bit of a mess since I used Network Media Library plugin to host images for all sites on the network. I’ll try to break it down:

  • started out with WP multisite
  • created two sites on the network
  • installed Network Media Library
  • site #1 hosted the media library
  • both sites hosted posts
  • (about a year and a lot of posting goes by)
  • pulled site #1 out of multisite to be hosted independently
  • left with multisite running site #2 but still pulling it’s media from site #1

What I want to do now is combine site #2 which contains all my posts with site #1 which contains only media. My concerns are:

  • if I merge tables there will be ID conflicts (some posts will have same ID as attachments)
  • if I use import function to bring images into posts site then images will be given new IDs and post thumbnail relations will all break
  • if I use import function to bring posts into images site then post IDs would change which can’t happen because we use the ID in the post URL

The best idea I have so far is to somehow…

  • use the WordPress import function to import all the attachments into the posts site
  • log old and new IDs into a new table in the DB as the process works
  • then iterate over all the posts switching old for new IDs in the post_meta _thumbnail_id fields
  • ideally then be left with one site which contains all the posts and attachments so I can reduce the install down to regular non-multisite.

There’s tens of thousands of posts on these combined sites so performing these functions is no small feat and really not sure where to start so I wonder if anyone has any experience of a process like this or ideas for alternative solutions.

Thanks for reading.

Best Shared Hosting –

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If you are looking for a long term, reliable, and professional shared hosting server, then you are in the right way. is a reliable hosting platform that strives to provide hosting services that you can not only rely on but also afford. The quality we put out is outstanding, at only $1.5/m, and continuing to hold a 100% up-time. We have a 30-day money-back policy applied to all customers. You are absolutely safe when signing up with us. Your happiness is our first priority.

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*Win Startup-$1.5 /Monthly
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Windows Shared Hosting is a solution designed by Microsoft and usually comes with a licensing cost. We also know the fact that most web applications being used today are Windows-based and hence this is the most recommended one.

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Risk in adding shared mail server to my SPF like sendinblue/sendgrid for mail reputation?

My enterprise would like to make some mass mailing to their customers, using a third party solution (e.g.: sendinblue, sendgrid, mailchimp…).

Is there a real risk that my domain mail address could be considered as spam if the shared IP is badly used by one of the shared service’s evil customers (e.g., for spamming, even just for a week)?

In the worst case, would every mail sent under this enterprise domain name be considered by the security solutions as some spam (iron point, proofpoint…) and blocked?

In such scenario, how long it could take to be back a good mail reputation?

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