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On the basis cPanel Licensing pricing the sudden pricing changes with the hosting providers and lots of users are suffered from this and which has affected the up-time too. Raisinghost would like to introduce the unchanged and trusted shared web hosting solutions starting from $2 Per month. We have both types of plans ie SSD Web hosting and HDD web hosting and have better resources than the others. To stabilize the things we offer cloud linux and which helps to allocated special resources like dedicated ram, cpu limits and processes.

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Hostpoco is a PROFESSIONAL and RELIABLE shared hosting provider and also a free web hosting provider. Our servers have FIRST CLASS hardware quality and are managed by skillful technical staff. You can rest assured that websites on our servers have practically zero downtime since our 24/7 monitoring system triggers alerts immediately if any server starts behaving abnormally. We also have backup storage for security purposes.

Our support staffs are available ALL THE TIME to promptly assist any customer and any problem. We own our web servers, which helps to resolve problems for our customers the fastest possible and at any level of management. We can also instantly install custom software if requested by customers. If you are looking for a long term, reliable, and professional shared hosting server, do give us a try. We have 30-day money back policy applied to all cutomers. You are absolutely safe when signing up with us.

Our shared hosting plans:$0.5 /Monthly

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Shared hosting or reseller hosting plans?

I want to host 4 small websites and want to use a Shared hosting but I am afraid that shared hosting is not strong enough to host my websites when its traffic grows. Should I used a reseller hosting plan but this plan is higher price than shared hosting. What do you guys suggest me, which type of hosting should I choose? Shared hosting or reseller hosting plans?

Is any of my data shared with my budgeting app yet?

So I download this budget manager app called Emma, created an account, until it brought me to a login page where I was supposed to enter my back account details.. I didn’t expect this, and I wasn’t thinking and started to enter my username and password and clicked enter, and turns out the username was incorrect… then I stopped and wondered if I should be doing this.

Doing some research about Plaid, the financial 3rd party handler Emma uses, it doesn’t seem to be too safe, so I want to delete this app but I have a few questions.

1) I already signed up using my email and password, I want to delete my account, but that means I need to be able to go into the app, which I can’t do if I can’t link my bank account. Is it okay if I just leave my account registered?

2) I already sent my password to Emma when I used my wrong username. They know the bank I tried to sign into as well, is this unsafe?


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Hostpoco.com offers windows Shared Hosting @ only $1.5 per month with 24×7 live chat support. We use only the best quality equipment with built-in redundancy features, server reliability is backed up with our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

Windows is a solution designed by Microsoft and usually comes with a licensing cost. We also know the fact that most web applications being used today are Windows-based and hence this is the most recommended one.

Windows Shared Hosting Plan:

*Win Startup – $1.5 /Monthly
– Single Domain Hosting
– Unlimited Web Space*
– Unlimited Bandwidth*
– Unlimited Email Accounts
– Unlimited Sub Domains
– 1 MySQL Database
– Tier 1 Technical Support

*Win Pro – $4.99 /Monthly
– 5 Domain Hosting
– Unlimited Web Space*
– Unlimited Bandwidth*
– Unlimited Email Accounts
– Unlimited Sub Domains
– 5 MySQL Database
– Tier 2 Technical Support

*Win Premium – $7.99 /Monthly
– 10 Domain Hosting
– Unlimited Web Space*
– Unlimited Bandwidth*
– Unlimited Email Accounts
– 30 Sub Domains
– 10 MySQL Database
– Tier 3 Technical Support

*Win Elite – $9.99 /Monthly
– Free Domain
– Unlimited Domain Hosting
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– Unlimited Bandwidth*
– Unlimited Email Accounts
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Looking to take a hotspot that is shared and create my own hotspot that can be firewalled

What is the best way to take a wireless hotspot that is owned by someone else, create my own hotspot or VLAN to be able to Firewall / Not allow my devices to view the other individuals’ devices?

I am already using a VPN, but I want to be able to create my own hotspot from another hotspot and firewall it or create another VLAN. Is this recommended? What do you recommend? Is a VPN enough? Attempting to accomplish this is redundant? Or could it be an extra layer of security?

Establish a symmetric key: KDF based on shared secret and random salt or key wrapping?

I am designing a basic KMS based on a simple HSM, I only have access to: AES256, SHA256, PBKDF2, HMAC (and combinations like AES256-HMAC-SHA256). The admin and the users of the system have a personal HSM where the keys are stored and it works like this:

  1. The administrator generates a key inside his HSM with PBKDF2 (random salt and random seed)
  2. The HSM of the administrator encrypts the new key using AES-256 with a different symmetric key for each user (the key used for key wrapping was established during the physical initialization of the HSM of the user) and sends it to every user that needs it along with key’s metadata. The whole payload (encrypted key value + key’s metadata) is encrypted another time with AES256 with another unique key for each user.
  3. The payload reaches the user that, thanks to the two symmetric keys previously shared with the admin (during the HSM physical initialization), is able to retrieve the requested key and metadata.

I was thinking about another possible approach that could be better but I am not really sure about it:

  1. The administrator establishes a shared secret common to every user of the system. This secret is stored in every HSM belonging to the users or to the administrator.
  2. When a key must be generated, the administrator computes it with PBKDF2 using the common secret and a random salt.
  3. When a key must be sent to any user, only the salt that was used by the administrator is actually sent to the user. The salt may be encrypted with a pre-shared symmetric key (like the example above) and it is used by every user along with the shared secret to generate again the key.

The first approach has the following problems: I need to send the actual key value, I have to perform two encryptions, the HSM must offer an API to retrieve from its internal flash memory the actual value of a key (as cleartext or ciphertext depending on the choice of the caller, the API can be called only if the administrator is logged in the HSM and it can’t be called if the user is logged).

The second approach has the following problems: the secret is common to all users so if an attacker finds the secret of a single user, he founds the secret of everyone. The HSM must offer an API to retrieve the secret as cleartext from its internal flash memory because the secret must be the same for every user, even for users that are added to the system weeks/months later (again this API is callable only if the administrator is logged in the HSM).

I suppose that the second approach, in principle, could be better because the keys are not actually sent from the administrator to the users. But the secret common to everybody is a problem, moreover I imagine that if an attacker finds out the value of a random salt, he may simply try to compute all possible keys given that salt using PBKDF2 and all possible seeds (because the implementation is open source so he knows that the secret is 32 bytes long and he also has access to the PBKDF2 code).

In conclusion I think that in the real world the first approach is more secure, provided that the login as administrator to the HSM is protected by a very complex PIN and possibly by a second factor (i.e. fingerprint). Do you agree? Any thoughts about other vulnerabilities in my approach?

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Hostpoco deals with cheap high resourced and hugely demanded web hosting services starting from $0.5 Per month. All our hosting plans comes with cpanel as control panel included with some smart features like no limit space, unmetered bandwidth, free auto ssl, free site builder, free migration service, free dedicated IP and much more. Get a move on!

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Hostpoco.com is one of the best reliable, cheaper, affordable and quality web hosting service providers in the markets. Hostpoco’s servers are empowered by solid-state drives (SSD) which are up to 100 times faster than regular hard disk drives to ensure maximum performance, stability and reliability. We offer CPanel with a CloudLinux system which improves the overall stability of a shared hosting environment and increases server density by 100%. Hostpoco ensures best high-quality web hosting to our customers at a cheap price. We are currently offering locations – Canada, USA, UK and France. Our main priority is to provide our customers with secure & private hosting services at an affordable price to fulfill all their hosting needs.

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