Different worlds sharing gods in Multiverse

In 5th Edition, the DMG says in the Divine Rank sidebar that:

Some gods are worshiped on multiple worlds and have a different rank on each world, depending on their influence there.

The greater deities are described as beyond mortal understanding and that they have no physical manifestation (though can make an avatar), whereas lesser gods are physically embodied, can be encountered, and can be killed.

So if a God has a greater deity rank in one world in the multiverse, and lesser in another, what are the implications of this? I have the following questions:

  • Is that god embodied and can be encountered?
  • Are these ranks only defined in the actual worlds, in the outer planes these ranks don’t matter/exist?
  • Are there multiple different entities of the same god?
  • In the multiverse is the Lolth worshiped in Greyhawk settings, the same being as the Forgotten Realms worshiped Lolth?
  • If Tiamat as a lesser goddess is slain in the Forgotten Realms, in another world where she is worshiped is she still able to hear/grant prayers and spells? What if she has a greater deity rank on another world?

Looking for as close to possible to “official” answers, or anything that conforms to the official 5E cosmology.

Multi-business data sharing and trust issues

Is there a way to establish data sharing between multiple (a couple dozen) businesses where it is the case that some companies don’t trust others?

This means that these companies are willing to share some their sensitive data with only select few, while not so sensitive data they are OK with sharing with all. (They can further restrict access to who sees it based on the sensitivity.) The data includes things like financial information, so one would want to aggregate all the sources of data they have access to to grasp the current situation.

House rule for experience sharing between party members

There are possibly huge gap between caster and non-caster characters in a party. Caster have plenty of options of getting rid of own experience in exchange for various boosts. Item creation, wish making, less expensive XP spells, permanenting useful spells for himself and comrades. That may made him lose XP faster than he can compensate with common adjusting formula for characters lagging in levels.

The general opinion is simple “just by all costful spells in scrolls”. XP is much under-priced and should never be used if it can be substituted with money.

But I have two objections. At first there are companies that gives players not so much gold. At second versatility is a general rule for d&d. You may achieve similar effect with pretty much different means. That also reflects in fantasy world economy.

So I’d like to design some way for willing characters to share their XP. So fighter that could cast no spells would have a way to return favor to wizard that do much enchantment for him.

There is one thing that should be strictly avoided in designed house rule. Players may not be able to force or talk NPC to transfer XP from them. Neglecting this issue will quickly break game session.

So I decided to introduce house rule with two guards.

First guard is amount of XP that may be reallocated by once: 1/2 of total XP earned by the party between two rests.

Second guard is tedious ritual that only willing creature having much time to spare can afford.

Teamwork benefit from PHB2 suits for this perfectly. This ritual would require much time to establish and would occupy team roster slot that may by used for something else useful by parties that have another member specialization. So using the XP sharing benefit would have fair price in discarding other options.

But I need two advices.

  1. Is there any other more preferable way for XP sharing?

  2. What training should look like and what requirements should be put on the task leader and task members if I would opt to use the teamwork benefit path described above?

Risk of contamination when network discovery is on + file sharing password?

We use the Windows 10 file/folder sharing feature to share files between two computers (A and B) that are on the same wifi network. In this network there are several infected computers (computers C).

Computer A and B are on Windows 10 and up to date and Windows firewall is on. Some computers infected are on Windows 7. It’s a home network (not work or public network).

To protect the computers this link recommends that we turn off file sharing and network discovery. But without “Network discovery” we can’t share the file between A and B…

So we turned on “Network discovery” and protected the files sharing between A and B with a strong password.

Is there still a risk being contaminated by computers C? How?

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Does Apple still monitor or track after having a customer support screen sharing service with ara.apple.com?

Is having screen sharing service with ara.apple.com safe?

I had screensharing service with ara.apple.com(https://ara-prn.apple.com/) which is official apple website for apple products support. And they wanted me to install an app after entering session key and they said the app will self-destruct once support session ended.

Would there be a possibility that Apple can still track and monitor that computer even after the support session ended and even if they claim that installment of the app for screen sharing self-destruct?

(SP 2013) Can sharing permissions be changed to suit a specific document library?

I’m a bit newer to SharePoint and couldn’t find much on this area anywhere else. We have a sub-site that holds a document library we’d like to manage sharing permissions on.

Essentially, we want to restrict regular user’s ability to share documents within this library and have a manager user share from there when needed.

I’ve heard that with SP Online you can manage permissions from Site to site, not in the fashion we need but it still exists.

So I was wondering if this even possible and if so could it be done without affecting the rest of the site?

Thanks in advance.

Facebook Sharing API does not get the PHP echo-ed meta data

I have provided og:meta tags for my page which is filled in by PHP based on the GET id in the request.

The issue is, that when I check out what does the Facebook crawler see when it goes through my page, it gets empty data. All the meta tags are empty, there is no title the page is just loaded with the HTML template but no actual content in it. It sure as hell works when accessed by a normal web browser, most browsers actually.

So what could be the cause for this issue, afaik PHP is not something bots can block like they can block JS, right ?