Cast shatter on the otherside of a wall

So I was wondering if you could cast shatter on the otherwise of a wall or a point that you can’t see. Shatter says that you it casts from a point that you choose. Doesn’t say anything about how it’s casts besides from it erupting from a point so it’s not a line. And would that mean I can cast it in a room above me for example without even needing to see it. It says that if it’s you cast an AOE it comes onto the nearside of that obstruction, is that based on a line from where you cast or where the spell origininates.

Can Shatter destroy bones created by Wall of Bones?

Shatter spell specifically targets non-magical objects.

Wall of Bones, on the other hand, creates a wall of Bones that disappears after a certain time, unlike Wall of Stone which is an instantaneous spell. It seems to imply that those bones are magical.

I would think Shatter targeting stone wall created by Wall of Stone is totally valid, but how about bones from Wall of Bones? Those bones can be smashed, so I see no reason (except for RAW) it cannot be destroyed by Shatter. Maybe allowing a Fort save makes more sense? What would the DC be?

Does a warship make a Constitution saving throw against the Shatter spell, or does it automatically take the damage?

The Shatter (Player’s Handbook, page 275) spell description reads:

Each creature in a 10-foot-radius sphere centered on that point must make a Constitution saving throw. A creature takes 3d8 thunder damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. A creature made of inorganic material such as stone, crystal, or metal has disadvantage on this saving throw.

A nonmagical object that isn’t being worn or carried also takes the damage if it’s in the spell’s area.

Obviously, a warship isn’t a creature, and it’s an object that’s definitely not being worn or carried. Unlike many objects, however, it has a Constitution score (a warship has a score of 20, according to Ghosts of Saltmarsh). In fact, the GoS ship blocks are written like those of a creature, though they are classified as ships, separate from objects.

Would a ship then act as a creature within the spell’s area of effect and make a Constitution saving throw against the spell, or would it take that 3d8 damage automatically?