Code Snippets plugin by Shea

I just downloaded Code Snippets for my WordPress website that looks really promising for a newbie like me. I’m getting ready to create some snippets and I’m concerned about any potential errors causing my site to shut down (I just had that happen yesterday when I tried to enter snippets in my Highend Child theme. I needed to be rescued by my webhost customer service).

I see in the FAQ on this page,, a person asked about this potential. Shea said it’s possible to activate safe mode by adding the following line to your wp-config.php file, just before the line that reads /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */:

define(‘CODE_SNIPPETS_SAFE_MODE’, true);

Trouble is I can’t find where wp-config.php file is. I did find under Appearance-Edit Themes-Theme files there is a plain config.php file but I couldn’t find the line that reads as above to know where to safely put this line.

Just trying to play it safe before I start creating code snippets and possibly break my site! Thanks