Do the ball lightning and spark shower functions of a Ring of Shooting Stars allow saving throws?

In the SRD it states:

The first special function, ball lightning, releases one to four balls of lightning (ring wearer’s choice). These glowing globes resemble dancing lights, and the ring wearer controls them in the same fashion (see the dancing lights spell description). The spheres have a 120-foot range and a duration of 4 rounds. They can be moved at 120 feet per round. Each sphere is about 3 feet in diameter, and any creature who comes within 5 feet of one causes its charge to dissipate, taking electricity damage in the process according to the number of balls created.

It also states:

The spark shower is a flying cloud of sizzling purple sparks that fan out from the ring for a distance of 20 feet in an arc 10 feet wide. Creatures within this area take 2d8 points of damage each if not wearing metal armor or carrying a metal weapon. Those wearing metal armor and/or carrying a metal weapon take 4d8 points of damage.

Neither of these functions directly address a need to either make a saving throw or the requirement to make a ranged attack to hit a target. Should these functions require either saving throws or attack rolls?

For the Ring of Shooting Stars, what is the spell save DC of Faerie Fire?

The Ring of Shooting Stars has the following feature:

Faerie Fire. You can expend 1 charge as an action to cast faerie fire from the ring.

Since it does not specifically state that you use your spell save DC or list a spell save DC (unlike its Ball Lightning or Shooting Stars features), what is its spell save DC?

Difficulty shooting in high ISO with my Canon 5D Mark II

While trying to shooting at 2500 ISO in a dark music jam, when I push the shutter it just stays open, the plus/minus exposure dial through the lens flips to far left, and I have to change the setting to make the shutter finish.. then no shot… do I have wrong settings somewhere that is causing this.? I have a 35mm 1:1.4 lens attached…Canon

Trouble Shooting Document for Apple Remote Management

I have intermittent problem not being able to connect to a macos server. unfortunately, it feels like poking around in the dark. I need to be able to find out why at what step the connection fails. I need logs.

Port 5900 is open, there is no firewall running, and my client is safari vnc://hostname . on one machine, I get the login prompt, on another it just waits forever with a circling “Connecting…” It used to work a year ago, and now it no longer does. Baffling.

Does Apple or someone else have a trouble shooting guide?

Formula 1 shooting (Hockenheim, Budapest)

I want to shoot formula 1 races and just wonder if there is someone who already had such experience. So I want to go to German or Hungary to F1 GP this year and the questions are

  1. Is it allowed for everyone to shoot there?
  2. If so, is it allowed to bring a tripod or monopod to the grandstand?
  3. Is it possible to get the media permit (I’m not a journalist) and shoot not from grandstand?