subquery uses ungrouped column “” from outer query

I’m making a PSQL query and I’m encountering an error which is:

ERROR:  subquery uses ungrouped column "" from outer query LINE 8:             WHERE target_id = AND type = 'started_d... 

My query is :

SELECT AS "City",          COUNT(shops) AS "Shops",         CAST(AVG(shops.rating_cache) AS decimal(10, 2)) AS "Rating",         SUM(shops.product_count_cache) AS "Products",         (             SELECT COUNT(*)             FROM customer_events             WHERE target_id = AND type = 'started_directions'         ) AS "Visites" FROM shops  LEFT JOIN localities ON = shops.locality_id  WHERE shops.locality_id IN (     SELECT cast(unnest as uuid)      FROM      unnest(string_to_array('9c57227a-8f4e-44e0-a3a8-1439c25bf2e5,8f285bca-baec-442e-8a21-e067b75d8f13', ',')) ) AND shops.onboarding_status = 'ready'  GROUP BY 

First four selected and calculated columns are working but the 5th which counts the number of customer_events for the current row’s doesn’t work.

Any idea how to make my column count working ?

Best regards,

EDIT: To clarify one thing, the column target_id is a foreign key to a shop’s id