How to use Contact Form 7 short code value in a page?

I’m a WordPress enthusiast. I am trying to accomplish something but I haven’t found a way to.

Here’s the deal, I’m trying to use the submitted values of a form I created on contact form 7 in a script I added into the same WordPress page where the form is.

I have a script that I want to insert these values into, but when I type in the CF7 shortcode like [your-name] it comes as plain text.

How do I pass these values into shortcode I can use outside of contact form 7?

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Please review my website wich is a URL shortened where you can shorten your URLs in question.

The funny thing about this URL shortener is that if you have a registered account and make short urls you can edit the urls you created to change the destination of the shortened url in question to any other url you want it to redirect to.


1: I create the short url and make it redirect to

2: I can now go you "Your Urls"… – Short url site

Paths Short or Long

I am working through a problem with path names. The previous version of a site used short codes for url paths. Coming into this for a new project and the short code based paths, while deterministic, seem user-unfriendly to me.

Example current


Example longer


The words are changed so client info isn’t released. The content is linear and so numbers have meaning in context.

My question is this. Have there been any UX studies done to show whether or not this makes any difference. SEO is no consideration as all this content is behind a paywall and is internally indexed/searchable.

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How to generate short fixed length cryptographic hashs?

I am trying to implement a kind of email verification system with a node.js server with no state.

The strategy

  1. User sends his email to the server
  2. Server generate a 4 digits code based on the email address and sends it to the user via email.
  3. User sends back the received code via email + the email address to the server
  4. Server re-generates the 4 digits code based on the email and compares it with the code sent by the user.

My implementation to generate the 4 digits code

  1. Create a HEX digest using HMAC SHA-256 hash function
  2. Take the first 3 characters of the digest
  3. Convert them to an integer
  4. If length < 4, concatenates one or multiples 0 at the end
const crypto = require('crypto')  const get4DigitsCode = (message) => {   const hash = crypto     .createHmac('sha256', Buffer.from(SECRET_KEY, 'hex'))     .update(message)     .digest('hex')    const first3HexCharacters = hash.slice(0, 3)    const int = parseInt(first3HexCharacters, 16)    let code = int.toString()   code =     Array(4 - code.length)       .fill(0)       .join("") + code    return code } 

After generating codes for 8293 email addresses, I noticed that I had 4758 duplicates. Is it normal to have this amount of duplicates for a code as this sort ? Is my strategy and my implementation secure (ability to guess the code) ?