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ADNET.CASH Official Publisher Thread – Short Links – Popunder Ad Network

are you required to spend hit dice to short rest?

What the title says. I couldn’t find this anywhere, but my DM is adamant on the idea that in order to benefit from a short rest, you have to spend a hit die. I haven’t found anything that supports this. Is he right, or is he maybe just DM house-ruling it? I mainly was wondering because I play a wizard and it would be helpful to know whether I can use it during a short rest that others are taking.

using 2 short CRC(s) VS one longer CRC

I’m doing some research on the CRCs, but i can’t find informations about the use of two (or more) short CRCs compared to the use of a longer CRC:

Suppose that i have a dataword A of some length and 3 different generator polynomials, 2 of degree 8 and one of degree 16. These polynomials are used respectively by CRC1, CRC2 and CRC3 algorithms, where CRC1 and CRC2 generate 8-bit codes while CRC3 generates 16-bit codes.

Suppose also that the three CRC have the same Hamming Distance for datawords of the same size.

now consider these 2 options:

  1. Compute CRC1(A)=x1 and CRC2(A)=x2 and use codeword A|x1|x2 (where ‘|’ means concatenation);

  2. Compute CRC3(A)=y and use codeword A|y;

what are the advantages and disadvantages of the first approach in respect to the second?

Please provide also some references if you have them!

Do I need a round trip ticket when entering the US as F1 for short term training?

I will be taking English classes in the US as F1 student (ESL program). The program is 3 months long and I plan to stay in the US for at least 4 months. Is entering the US on F1 with a one way ticket enough or do I also need to book the return ticket and possibly show it to the immigration officer?

Can’t send sms to short code recipients like 567676,56161 etc. From galaxy note 8

The message I get is “Failed to send message. Review and send again”. I’ve tried entering the correct smsc number, allowing premium access , nothing has worked.

I’m able to send sms to normal phone numbers.

Ps: I tried the sim in another phone., I couldn’t send it from there too.