Shortened Url also Masks Preview as Legit website?

I received this link from facebook message:

It’s You?😔

Preview says Youtube but everything is suspicious about it so I didn’t click on it and confirmed with the sender that she got it after clicking on a similar link from another friend and logged in.

I checked with shortened url checker website and it also says Did they figure out a way to go around preview too?

Do you use full target URL or shortened URL in GSA SER?

I have a wordpress blog, and I use the shortened versions of my URL as target url in GSA SER

(i removed the http protocol to prevent editor to interpret it as a clickable url)
For example, if I want links to point to // i would use //
In fact,
// redirects to // (301 redirect)

My idea would be to prevent the long full URL to be cropped on target websites. like commenting websites, guestbooks because i guess there is a limit and wordpress url can be really long.

However, I have discovered that the shortened URLs like URLs for shorteners ( can’t be seen in google search console under the links > external links category. In other words, if I adds the target URL // in GSA SER, it will appear in 1 or 2 months in google search console. 

On the other hand, if I use //, it will never appear in Google search console 2 months after. 

Do you think shortened versions of url aren’t taken into account by google?
Do you think I should use the full versions of the target URLs rather than the shortened versions in GSA SER?

Can this code be further optimized or shortened using lambadas to find the duplicates

A list of objects needs to be grouped.

The list is iterated and checked with others objects in the same list except itself. The method People.isAttributeEqual() checks if two objects can be grouped.

The code below works but looks clunky and non optimized. Is there a way to optimize and use lambads instead

  class People {         String name;        String age;        String address;      public boolean isAttributeEqual(final People dupPeop)           {            return this.address.equals(dupPeop.address) && this.age.equals(dupPeop.age) &&;           }        public static List<People> groupSimilar(final List<People> people)  {    List<People> duplicatePeople = new ArrayList<>(people);    for (Iterator<People> iterator = duplicatePeople.iterator();   iterator.hasNext();)    {      People people2 =;      for (People orignalPeople : people)      {       if (!orignalPeople.equals(people2) &&  orignalPeople.isAttributeEqual(people2))       {       iterator.remove();       people2 =;     }   } } return duplicatePeople; } }