Manual photography cheat sheet — where can I find one, or what should be on it?

I have been trying to shoot more in manual modes (both camera and flash). At this point, I understand all the concepts, but all the adjustments slow me down.

I’d like to have a “cheat sheet” with all the basic calculations/tables on it that I can refer to in order to speed up the process, in a format that I can easily keep in my camera bag.

Does anyone know of a good sheet, or alternatively, if I create it what information should I include?

At the moment I’d like to have at least:

  • an f-stop list (just full stops)
  • basic guide number information

What bard college should I choose for a low/mid-level campaign? [on hold]

I’m a first-timer in a first time party. We have a pretty terrible team composition, with an elf fighter, a human rogue, and me: a bard. I wanna be sorta tanky, and maybe I should have picked paladin.

What college do you think I should choose? Probably no multiclassing, unless I have a good explanation.

I kinda wanna go Valor or Swords because I wanna be kind of a tanky mid/close-range fighter.

We’re doing the Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign and then another campaign with the same characters after that, but I think it will end at like 10-15th level.

Victim of a Vacation Rental Scam, how should I get the refund?

I booked a property via on 23rd for a stay in London UK from June 1 to June 7, 2019. I used my credit card. They pulled the full amount on 25th. After that on several occasion I updated my check-in request in but the request timed out due to no response from the property owner. I also tried to reach via phone and emails but little to no response from them.

Here are the reasons why I strongly believe that I am a victim of scam:

  1. The property I booked is no longer exist in But the property name is Westminster Gardens with address 24 Strutton Ground, Westminster Borough, London SW1P 2HR, United Kingdom. I checked this address and this is an address of a hair salon.
  2. They are using same pictures with different name and different location in New name: London Prime- homes in West End and Westminister with a new address: 104-105 Pall Mall, Westminister Borough, London, SW1Y 5EW, United Kingdom.
  3. They send me 2nd invoice saying that the amount is unpaid.
  4. They have used 3 different phone numbers in 3 different places and 2 different email address: In website has: +447553076066 . The invoice they sent on dec 25 has: +447523145097 and following email address: They again send a 2nd invoice on Jan 8 saying that the amount is unpaid even though they pulled the full amount on Dec 25. And the 2nd has phone number: +447923337233 and different email address:
  5. The first phn number +447553076066 is affiliated with an organization in UK:

Made a complaint to but it is been almost a month and they have not found any resolution.

Should I create APFS encrypted disk image on hard disk drives?

enter image description here

I’m about to create an encrypted sparse disk image on my HFS+ formatted hard drive, but then I wondered if APFS’s drawbacks on HDDs will mean anything in this case, since the hardware is anyway on HFS+. Since the disk image is in software, I think APFS should do faster logical copying and decrypting because it’s newer but I don’t really know how this works.

Should I use a WebSocket or wait for the REST response?

We are developing a microservice architecture project. Once a request is sent to the backend from the frontend through a REST API call, our backend proceeds to apply various machine learning algorithms to a sequence of images. How should the frontend be notified that the “WorkOrder” (basically the things that needs to be done) has been completed?

1) Stall the REST API and make it return when the “WorkOrder” is completed 2) Make the REST API return immediatly, and notify the frontend with a WebSocket

Magento – Should I stop to write JS/CSS directly in the backend in CMS pages?

In Magento you can create CMS pages. It is also possible to add CSS and JS code, directly to the page, which I sometimes do for rather smaller changes and style fixes and such, because then that specific code is only loaded on this page and not on any others where it is not needed.

Also it is way faster than the normal way and I don’t need to push it via git which can take ages because our agency is slow, and it costs us money if they have to deal with git.

But now our agency don’t want us to do this anymore, because they say it is dirty. If it is dirty, then why is it possible and not blocked by magento?

And how am I supposed to add a code which should only render on a specific CMS page?

How should I argue?

why should one use BlackArch over kali?

I am using Kali from backtrack series for pen-testing and security research and I love using it because of wide support and tools availability and stability, Now my friends are insisting me to start using Blackarch.

So the question is

  • Is blackarch better than KALI?
  • What are some advantages of blackarch over kali or vice-versa?
  • Pros and cons of Kali & BlackArch?
  • why should i switch from kali to blackarch?
  • What more advantage can Blackarch add for pen-testing,reversing,exploit and devlopment.

P.S:- one can suggest a good title for this also as it should be useful for everyone

How should I share the key of the AES algorithm in each client?

My doubt would be the following:

How should each client know the encryption key? Using the AES algorithm. (or the best way):

  • Save it in a file encrypted by password?
  • Save it in a DB?
  • Send it over the network via SSL?


  • How often is it advisable to change the password?
  • Is it advisable that while the program is running it is saved in a private variable?