How long should I wait before animating the navigation bar in/out when the user scrolls?

I’m currently working on a new design for a site and I’ve encountered a problem I’ve never found before.

I want to collapse the navigation bar up when the user scrolls down to increase available real estate.

Is there a standard time delay to wait before collapsing a menu?

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If a method is doing something and also returning the success, what kind of a name should be chosen?

This is the part of an Automated Testing framework.

Objective: Randomly select an option from a table to delete.

Pseudo code:

//Here standardToolbarOptions : is the list of options from which an option should be randomly selected  private String removeRandomOption(ArrayList<String> standardToolbarOptions) {     String optionToBeRemoved = "";      try     {         //Log message that the method is being attempted          //Selects a random option from the table. The option should already be available as 'Visible' in the current Standard toolbar         optionToBeRemoved = getRandomlySelectedOption(standardToolbarOptions);          //Click delete          //Click Ok     }     catch(Exception e)     {         //Log the message to an output file     } } 

Here’s the getRandomlySelectedOption code which is doing some stuff and returning the name of the selected option as a String

private String getRandomlySelectedOption(ArrayList<String> visibleToolBarOptions) {     String selectedItemText = "";      while(some condition)     {         //Do stuff         selectedItemText = trimStringWithLibraryMethod     }      return selectedItemText } 

What are the most glaring mistakes in this pseudocode related to naming in particular? Where are the rooms for improvement? Suggestions with examples would be a great tool for my learning.

While this is open for review. I have a question. I have always got code review comments related to how I name my methods. So that’s one of the primary areas I am trying to improve. Apart from the fact that I am trying to improve overall.

What way should I take four values and order them in descending/ascending ordering keeping their related Key?

I have four players. Each player has a score. Their score is contained in a TextView and their name in another TextView. At the minute I have a HashMap that generates identifiable keys e.g. (player 1, player 2) and retrieves their related score as a value.

I need to sort the scores in both descending and ascending order(depending on if a Gametype is one or another.) but we will use just descending for this example.

I found a way to sort the values into a inside the HashMap I mentioned previously. I thought I would just be able to print this HashMap out in order but of course I soon learned that that you use the get methond in the HashMap and thet retrieves the value of the key provided. To solve this problem I googled and seen I can change it into an Array and iterate through it that way:

 private void populateViews() {      for (int i = 0; i < numOfPlayers; i++) {         tv_positions[i].setText(String.valueOf(finishingPositions.keySet().toArray()[i]));     }  } 

This feels like a round about way. What way should I be doing this?

What rarity should this home-brew Manacles of Subjugation item be?

What rarity should this home-brew Manacles of Subjugation item be?

For some reference, I am running an evil campaign and will be using these, but I bet my players will probably try and either steal these or kill the slaver to get these.

You can attach these manacles to a living creature. If you do, you have to spend a level 3 spell slot to form a connection (owner) for as long as these manacles are being used.

If you attach these to an unconscious living creature, they will get -5 penalty to their save after they wake up.

When the creature awakens or has manacles first put on them, they get a save.

Whenever the creature reaches 25% of their HP, it gets a save to break the manacles. As long as they are under 25% HP, they get a save every time additional damage is taken.

Once a creature breaks free of manacle of subjugation it will no longer be effective. If the owner is killed the manacles no longer have a connection and creature being Subjugated is immune to future attempts. (from this set)

If the creature breaks free and the owner still lives they retain a connection unless they voluntarily break it (spell slot is then returned) or the connection is forcefully broken.

DC to break free is owner level + prof + INT(modifier)

Target creature saving throw is 1d20 + CR.

If your level is less than creature’s CR, it makes saving throw with +2 bonus.(per level difference) If your level is higher than creature’s CR, it makes saving throw with -1 penalty.(per level difference) No adjustment if your level is equal to the creature’s CR.

Subjugated creature is treated similar to companion.

  • It rolls for initiative like any other creature, but you determine its actions, decisions, attitudes, and so on. If you are incapacitated or absent, your companion acts on its own.
  • Remove multi-attack feature and halve Hit die.

Lubuntu software update wants partial upgrade due to cuda-drivers. What should I do?

My Lubuntu 18.04 system cannot do updates fully and suggests doing a ‘partial upgrade’, which I understand is bad news !

I ran:

sudo apt upgrade 

and saw that package ‘cuda-drivers’ is held back.

I guess that cuda-drivers is held back because of either my nvidia driver or because of my tensorflow gpu installation, ver 1.12.0.

I want to update the system, but I am scared of destroying my working setup (I have invested a ton of time to get all the software I need installed and working, and I can’t face starting again !).

What can I do safely, i.e. I can easily go back if it fails ?

Can I safely update the nvidia driver ? How do I roll back if that fails completely ?

What about the CUDA drivers ? I currently have 410.79-1, and update manager wants 418.39-1. Do I have to re-install tensorflow if I update that ?

I really need the safest, most conservative way of moving forward.

should we consider a feature set as a microservice in FDD?

We are designing the software based on the FDD (feature driven development). Our architecture is microservice. I want to know that microservices are demonstrated by the feature set? In other words, is each feature set considered as a microservice? As I know the feature set in FDD is the same as epic in Agile. so if this statement is true then is each epic considered as a microservice in agile?

I have seen this question: Should I consider microservice as an epic or a project in TFS?

How involved should a PO be in Sales Meetings? [on hold]

How involved should a PO be in Sales Meetings?

The POs in my company seem incredibly overstretched. They do not have time to create AC for tickets or answer questions on project features and seem to be always in meetings and rely on developers to complete this part of their job. Often we get assigned tickets with a simple one sentence description.

I think it’s becuase they are often in different client meetings off site, which has left me wondering should they be so involved in the sales cycle?

I don’t think they can properly manage projects if they are. And I think it can also effect them from stopping scope creep, new features being added by client request without any time/money/resources allocated to them properly. When they’re in sales mode it’s harder to say no to a client, well it seems to be for them.

Has anyone else experienced this?