web browser does not show image for sleuth game?

My teacher gave me this assignment for something called a sleuth game. I go to the website here: sleuth game

basically I go to this website and I download the puzzle and before I start working on it I try to open it in the browser yet all the web browsers firefox, Edge, Brave all of them show the same thing:

web browser hung on loading not doing anything

please help if I don’t work on this damn thing, I’ll fail

I would like to show the short month instead of full month in wordpress?

I would like to show short name of month instead of full month. March>Mar Like this.

is there any way to do in WordPress? I am using Yoast plugin and Genesis Framework as theme.

Already changed the default format to custom "j M. Y" in WordPress setting>general.

PS: I am using Yoast premium version and support didn’t helped me in this.

I’v indexed my pages in search console, but Google didnt show them in search results [duplicate]

I have indexed all of my webpages into google search console tools.. but Google did not show the results in search results.

my website is : https://voyage-actualite.com/

Can you help me please.. see the latests articles, they wont show in search results

Thank you

What does it mean to “show algebraically” in propositional logic?

The biconditional operator $ \iff$ of Propositional Logic can be defined by the identity

$ p \iff q \equiv (\lnot p \lor q) \land (\lnot q \lor p) \quad (1.1)$

Use the identity $ (1.1)$ and identities from the list on page 2, to show algebraically that

$ p \iff q \equiv (\lnot p \land \lnot q) \lor (q \land p)$

State which identity you are using at each step.

What does this question mean by asking to "show algebraically"? I have tried referring to my notes and online search but no luck with a definition! These propositions are already algebraic, are they not? Having some issues understanding the wording of the question. This is from a mock university test. I’m assuming it wants me to demonstrate using a truth table?