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Why on all real estate websites you need to click to show the phone number?

I’ve noticed that on all real estate websites, any country, in the details page of a property, there’s always a button/field that says “show phone number“… and all it takes to see the phone number is just a click! I haven’t seen any website where it takes more than a click to show the phone number… no login/signup required, no restrictions such as “first match” (a bit like on Airbnb)…

Seems kind of pointless of hiding the phone number in the first place. Is it just an easy gimmick to track interest? Is it a “manufactured” CTA?

nemo / nautilus: any way to only show non-service accounts on ownership dialog?

I’m on Mint v19.2 Cinnamon in case it is relevant. I am using Nemo (fork of Nautilus) as my file manager, which is the default for Cinnamon.

I am curious if anyone knows:

A) a way to restrict the selectable user/group options in the ownership the dialog to something less wieldly to use such as root + non-service accounts, range of user / group id, some configurable list. I’m looking more for configurations I may not be aware of / that aren’t documented or alternate linux file explorers which may provide this ability.


B) a way to make the user/group drop-downs pre-select on keypress. e.g. I press “r” it jumps to “root”, I press “z” it jumps to “zpangwin”, etc

I only have 4 real users (uid > 1000) and a handful of groups. So 99.99% of the time, being able to quickly select one of these from GUI would be fine. I think I could live with dropping to terminal for the 0.01% of the time when I am not dealing with root/normal accounts (which I don’t think I have EVER had to thus far) 🙂

I am aware that I could create aliases and just drop to the terminal… looking for a way to do this more easily without having to drop to terminal all the time.

Nemo Ownership dialog

Too many options

Show Progression Indicator for the first page

I want to implement a create new account flow and I’d like to display the progression. Should I display a progression for the first page or should I start at zero? Considering most people don’t want to go through a account creation flow, it might be better to show them that they already solved a part of it. If I don’t show a initial progression, I also don’t show a full progression as the last page displays, in case of 10 views, only 90% progression. I don’t want to animate to 100% during the transition to the next context in my app.

I lean to showing a progression at the start for the intial first page right now. What’s the best practise?


Show total price of current product on product page before “Add To Cart” button, why not?

I’m having a hard discussion about adding total price per product in product page before adding to cart or not.

The situation:

Our user normally add more than 1 product to cart and our products have a cheap price, but the user never buys just 1. For example, if he is buying a roof tile, he will add 500 tiles. And considering it I thinking the total price could be a benefit helping users to know the individual total (subtotal for each product) before add to cart reducing the shopping cart abandonment. And the experience could improve because this new feature will reduce the number of page changes and we will be very transparent with the user without bad surprises.

As this feature is no common on other e-commerce is being very difficult to approve an A/B test. Adding the total price for each product on the product page looks a good idea? Why not?

I already read this topic but they are talking something more advanced and my user is not adding a shirt or simple items to the cart. I just want to calculate: Product Price X Quantity and show the total price.

See an example of how I expect to do it.

enter image description here enter image description here

How to show a modal dialog without master page content?

I am migrating a sharepoint solution from Sharepoint 2010 to 2013, and so far everything works, but I’m stuck at one specific problem. In some lists, the user has the possibility to open an editor for a list item. This opens a modal dialog with some inputfields and some buttons. The masterpage is not shown in these dialogs, but that is how it’s supposed to be, so no problem so far. There is however one aspx page that contains more than one asp panel, and in this modal dialog the master page layout is visible. I am not allowed to post any of my code but the general structure of these layout pages is:

A Redirect.aspx page with:

<frameset>     <Frame></Frame> </frameset> 

Where another aspx page is loaded in. This aspx page is mostly a Panel with a table in it.

I don’t expect anyone to solve my specific problem, but I’m out of ideas where to look for the issue.

I am using the default master page by the way, so I added no custom code to the masterpage.

show USER TASKS (webPart)

I am new here as well as new to SharePoint 2013.

I wanted to use the USER TASKS webpart to show the user’s tasks on the page, instead of the user having to navigate to MySite > Tasks

I found UserTasks in Social Collaboration.

Some examples show the User Task being in Content Rollup but is not there.

Any advise?!


This is my idea behind this all:

The main page, should show a small section (whoever is logged in as) of what his/her current project tasks are… and then if they want, they can navigate to the main project page to see everything else.

That is why I used the “user tasks” webpart in thinking it would do that but it does not … it only shows tasks if you create Workflow tasks – of which I have not much idea about!

How to show this problem is decidable?

I am asked to show that this problem is decidable:

Given Σ = {a,b} and α a regular expression, is it true that L(α) contains only non-empty even-length strings in Σ* and no string consisting only of b’s?

I have no idea where to start and how to construct a deterministic finite state machine. How do I do this question?