Save file dialog does not show recently open files

Under ubuntu 18.04, when saving a file, the ‘recent’ folder is not present in the sidebar. Screenshot of the save file dialog

Meanwhile, when opening a file, the ‘recent’ folder is present. Screenshot of the open file dialog

This problem is annoying, because I often save files to a folder I have recently visited. Of course, I could use a bookmark, but most of time these folders are not for a longtime usage.

Is there a setting to enable a ‘recent’ folder in the save file dialog?

Removed my HDD and put it back in, dual boot menu doesn’t show up anymore and it just boots windows 10

My HDD was removed from my Dell laptop and put in back again. I had a dual boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu, but now the dual boot menu doesn’t show up and it just boots windows 10. I want the menu to show up again so I can use Ubuntu as well, what do I do?

Basically title, please ask for more information if necessary

How show a value when clicking on a table row

I am a beginner with sharepoint and typescript, I have a table and I want when i click on a line, a result is displayed, i should do it with javascript ? or is there a way to do it with typescript? my problem is there, I don’t know if I have to introduce Javascript for this kind of action or typescript has its own method to do it this is my table

  private _renderList(items: ISPList[]): void {   let html: string = '<table class="TFtable" border=1 width=40% style="border-collapse: collapse;">'; html += `<th>Cat├ęgories</th>`; items.forEach((item: ISPList) => { html += ` <tr>  <td >$  {item.Categorie.Title}</td>  </tr> `; });  html += `</table>`; /* html+= `<ul class="$  {styles.list}"> <li class="$  {styles.listItem}"> <span class="ms-font-l">$  {item.Question}</span> </li> </ul>`;*/   const listContainer: Element = this.domElement.querySelector('#spListContainer'); listContainer.innerHTML = html;  } 

“Show Toolbar” style works in the document library view (not a webpart) – SP2013

I am actually quite confused as to why it worked. Here are my steps:

  1. Make a webpart of the library anywhere, change the toolbar to “show toolbar”
  2. Save
  3. Edit the webpart again, this time change the view to your default (All documents etc.)
  4. Save, it’ll disable the “show toolbar” style automatically.
  5. Edit the webpart once again, change the toolbar back to “show toolbar” save

And now if you go back to the source of the document library it will have the show tool bar style applied (which lets you make new items based on your content types)

Problem is, I don’t see any option in the settings to do this in a less janky way. As you can see, it clearly is a document library and not a page. enter image description here

Did everything to optimise SEO ranking of site but the site does not show up [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • What are the best ways to increase a site's position in Google? 24 answers

I have created a business website for a client of mine. The client runs a business of providing therapeutic and behavioral services to youth and families experiencing developmental, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

The company is called Progressive Option Support Services. The client wanted to optimize the website so it can show up in the top of google search results when you search for “progressive option support services”. I have no previous experience in SEO so I followed few blogs and articles on how I can improve the search ranking of the site and implemented it. Some of the things I did were:

  1. Using h1 tag in the website
  2. Giving a proper meta description, title etc for the site
  3. Making sure there are no broken links.
  4. Giving a proper value to the alt attribute of an html image element.
  5. Creating a sitemap.xml and submitting it to google search console.
  6. Creating a robots.txt file.
  7. Making sure there are no canonicalization issues with the site.
  8. Using the keywords the client wants to associate with the business on the site and meta description.

However when the client searches for “progressive option support services” the first result she gets is the website for Progressive Insurance. It’s not a sponsored advertisement, its the actual progressive insurance website.

However if you google “progressive leasing”, you will see the following search result:

enter image description here

So it makes me think that whatever SEO optimisation I did for the site is not working. When I google “progressive option support services” on my browser I see the site I created.

enter image description here

So I do not know why the client see’s Progressive Insurance website in the top of the search result whereas I see the actual website. The client and I are in different geographical regions (New Jersey, USA and Mumbai, India), so maybe that might be the deciding factor on why she sees the insurance company and I don’t. But by that logic when she searches “progressive leasing” – she sees the result for progressive leasing (the first image).

Another question I had was how can I show my search result the way Progressive Leasing shows up, i.e the sitmap below the search result?

Here is the github link of the website code:

Any suggestions and/or modifications which will help the site show up will be very appreciated.

Thank you all.

Custom Action doesn’t show on form? Could it be infopath?

I have a list where I customized the forms using InfoPath.

I then created a custom action for my display and edit form ribbons in SharePoint Designer that prints the item being viewed / edited (using the command javascript:window.print() in the Navigate to URL section), however, the custom action button is not showing on the forms.

I added a View Ribbon Custom Action and that shows OK on the list view and I tried these custom actions on another list that hasn’t had forms updated using InfoPath and it works exactly as expected.

Does customizing forms using InfoPath impact the use of Custom Actions?

Has any experienced this before and know of how I may be able to fix this issue for this list?

Kind regards,