Payments on Google PLay not showing up on other devices

To start off let me list my devices: – Samsung Galaxy S5 – Used to purchase the game – Amazon Fire Tablet HD 10 – Google Play sideloaded – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – PC/Laptop

About 24 hours ago I purchased Stardew Valley from the Google Play Store on my Galaxy S5, I installed the game and it can find on the S5, if I go to on my PC and look at Stardew Valley, it shows up as purchased. But on both my Galaxy Tab and Fire Tablet it shows as not purchased. If I click on buy it takes me all the way up to the verification procedure where I stopped because I don’t the way to buy it a second time. Is there a reason it won’t show up on my other devices? A restart doesn’t fix it. Do I just need to give it more time?

Magento 2.3.0 – Applied Gift Cards not showing in Invoice

We have gift cards enabled, but when a customer applies one to an order we receive an invoice with only the purchased product and the reduced price after the card was applied with no other evidence of a card being used. So for instance an invoice will show that customer purchased a $ 110 product for just $ 10 in the subtotal with no evidence of a card being applied on the invoice.

While we use discount codes fairly regularly and they don’t have this issue as they show underneath the product on the invoice. So we’re unsure why this may be happening. It’s causing a bit of confusion.

Showing local tasks in toolbar with hook_toolbar: caching problem

I’m creating a module using the toolbar api showing all administrative functions in a more compact toolbar. I’m having “cache” troubles showing the local tasks in the toolbar… How can I keep these items outside the toolbar cache?

In my custom module I use hook_toolbar to add the local tasks

/**  * Implements hook_toolbar().  */ function compact_toolbar_toolbar() {      $  items = [];     ...      $  tasks = _compact_toolbar_local_tasks();     $  items = array_merge($  items,$  tasks);      return $  items; } 

And a function to generate the toolbar local tasks…

/**  * Create local tasks toolbar items  */ function _compact_toolbar_local_tasks() {      $  items = [];     $  route = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getRouteName();     $  manager = \Drupal::service('');     $  primary = $  manager->getLocalTasks($  route, 0);      foreach($  primary['tabs'] as $  key => $  tab) {          // add toolbar tab         $  items[$  key] = [             '#type' => 'toolbar_item',             '#cache' => [ // Can I overrule the toolbar cache here?                 'max-age' => 0,              ],             'tab' => [                 '#type' => 'link',                 '#title' => $  tab['#link']['title'],                 '#url' => $  tab['#link']['url'],                 '#access' => $  tab['#access'],                 '#attributes' => [                     'title' => $  tab['#link']['title'],                 ],             ],             '#weight' => $  tab['#weight'],         ];          // check if task is active         if($  tab['#active']) {             $  items[$  key]['tab']['#attributes']['class'][] = 'is-active';         }          // get secondary tabs for each primary tab         $  route = $  items[$  key]['tab']['#url']->getRouteName();         $  secondary = $  manager->getLocalTasks($  route, 1);          // get secondary tabs as tray         if (!empty($  secondary['tabs'])) {              $  links = [];             $  items[$  key]['tab']['#attributes']['class'][] = 'toolbar-parent';               // create renderable array of secondary links             foreach ($  secondary['tabs'] as $  skey => $  stab) {                 $  sname = substr($  skey, strrpos($  key, '.') + 1);                 $  links[$  sname] = [                     'type' => 'link',                     'title' => $  stab['#link']['title'],                     'url' => $  stab['#link']['url'],                 ];             }              // add tray with secondary tasks             $  items[$  key]['tray'] = [                 '#heading' => t('Secondary tasks'),                 'toolbar_secondary_tasks' => [                     '#theme' => 'links__toolbar',                     '#links' => $  links,                     '#attributes' => ['class' => ['toolbar-menu']],                 ],             ];          }      }      return $  items; } 

When I disable the cache in hook_page_top in core/modules/toolbar/toolbar.module everything works like a charm. Otherwise my custom items won’t follow the current page…

/**  * Implements hook_page_top().  *  * Add admin toolbar to the top of the page automatically.  */ function toolbar_page_top(array &$  page_top) {   $  page_top['toolbar'] = array(     '#type' => 'toolbar',     '#access' => \Drupal::currentUser()->hasPermission('access toolbar'),     /*     '#cache' => [       'keys' => ['toolbar'],       'contexts' => ['user.permissions'],     ],     */   ); } 

Can I overrule the toolbar cache by using the #cache array in my custom toolbar items? Which tags/context should I use?

This is how the toolbar looks like with my compact_toolbar module enabled… (but toolbar cache disabled) I really like the result! – I also made the menu behave like a simple dropdown menu and added a “content menu” to quickly add new content…

Compact toolbar example

RE: Why is my Website Only Showing on my Network and not on the Wide World Web?

I am going to try and configure things correctly to a specific point. Here goes it:

I have a website: and I am currently trying to get it to show online and not just on my home network. 

I have been to my website provider, i.e. the co. that I purchased this site from currently.

At the provider, I made a CNAME and an A record. I pointed the A record to my IP Address and the CNAME record to my website.

I set up Ubuntu-Server to use the ssh key from a company for https on port 443. I also have this working on my home server/home network but the Apache2 server is not allowing me to view this website outside of my network.

In the router config, I set up Port Forwarding instead of DHCP.

So, this is what is odd to me. Everything works but not on your end. It only works on my end on my network.


P.S. If you need any additional info, although it is frowned up, please contact me.

I have apache2 installed and running correctly. I can see my site online on my network. It is a simple HTML page for now.

/etc/apache2/sites-available/xxxx.xxxx.conf is the file I am in and configuring. This file gives access for me to install my .ca-bundle file, my .key file, and my .crt file. SSL encryption is a big deal these days to me and I would like to figure out how to make Ubuntu-Server work w/ Apache2 and an online website. I have followed all steps in the Ubuntu-Server guide, which can be found here at, except for the Bind9 section. Should I listen to the steps for Bind9?

Offline Voice-to-Text Now Showing Up?

I am seeing many articles pointing to how to setup Android Voice-to-Text offline, but I am not seething the setting where they tell me to look (languages & Input).

Has the location changed, has it been removed? Does my phone just not have the capability?

Works online.

Android 8.1.0 – June 5, 2018
PRO_SELFIE – SKY_Pro-Selfie_V06_20180625

not showing active internet connection

i have four Ethernet connected. but when i go to the etc/network/interfaces there is only loopback address and showing no other connection. i am using a virtual box. ubuntu 18.04 LTS

when i use the command nano etc/network/interfaces output

GNU nano 2.9.3 /etc/network/interfaces

interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)

auto lo iface lo inet loopback

sorry i have to put it manually. kindly help to solve this problem.

Why is Apple Mail showing as 61GB?

Can anyone explain/help with this? (My local Mac techy can’t.)

My 2013 Retina MBP (running Mojave) is almost full, but it tells me Mail is somehow using 61GB. It was showing 70GB until I deleted almost all my mails and changed the settings so downloads do not automatically download. What is creating this mysterious 61GB and how to get rid of it (and prevent it from coming back), please?

My node is not showing on Bitnodes

I have a 0.16.3 Bitcoin Core wallet running. I have incoming transactions allowed and I have lots of incoming connections. However, I fail to see my node on the map of Bitnodes; it says it’s unreachable, also I have tried to appoint it as a trusted node to my Samourai wallet, and Samourai also fails to connect to my node.