Replacing revoked SSL with a new cert but domain still showing old revoked cert

I bought and installed a SSL cert for my domain but then changed my mind and canceled the purchase and bought a slightly cheaper one. The old cert is then revoked and I proceed to install the new cert.

Here is when things got worse. The domain still showing old revoked SSL and that makes my site couldn’t be loaded on Firefox or any browser which are using OCSP. I tried reinstalling the new cert and even reissue it but to no avail.

Can anyone tell me how exactly can I purge the old revoked cert from getting in a way of the new cert? I believed this has caused downtime to my site.

Is this an issue with SSL provider or server side? The hosting company kept bouncing this and blaming SSL provider while the other one pointed me to the hosting company.

Default value in mandatory column is not showing up

I made a content type inside a library. Made a Template of the library since it needs to produce hundreds of other libraries. There is one field in the content type that is mandatory and library by library it will need to change its default value.

In word the properties panel on the side of the document does not show said default value, while clicking on ‘file’ (backstage view of the document) it does. As a matter of fact the document allows itself to be saved despite not being in the frontal properties panel.

This is bugging me for weeks now, as I have already checked the column inside the content type in the library and it shows the default value. I have checked ‘column default value settings’ and it is there, and I even add it again for the sake of being 200% sure.

I cannot put the default value in the original content type (site column) since it will change library by library and it will be set when the library is created. I even checked the default Word Template.dotx inside forms and this template does carry the default value.

There is no problem with Excel and PowerPoint because those 2 do not have the property panel on the side but they lead you to the ‘file’ view, where the default value is there.

Is there anything else I can try?

Dual Boot Menu Not Showing

I had installed linux mint 19 on my windows 10 laptop keep remember windows and linux mint are installed separately on two disk drives on the same hard disk but after the successful installation of linux the system restart and automatically opens to windows 10 it doesn’t shows the choice to chooses between linux and Windows how can i boot to linux in such situation

Dash showing duplicate icon of application when launched. Why?

I’m having trouble adding CLion to the dash in Ubuntu. I downloaded CLion zip and extracted it to a directory. I then used “Main Menu” to make it addable to the dash.

enter image description here

These settings seemed to be good and I could in fact add it to the favorites of dash. But the problem is that when I try to run the application, another icon pops up for it:

enter image description here

which is not very nice as it takes extra space. How could I avoid this?

REFInd not showing up

I’m trying to dual-boot Ubuntu with Windows 10, but I don’t have access to a USB or disc so I have to install without installation media. To do that, I made a 5GB partition to mimic a USB drive. I’ll just explain everything here:

  • I accidentally messed up installing rEFInd once before, my computer ran out of battery while I was in the process . But I tried again and I used this video to install rEFInd, and it installed perfectly.
  • I made a new 5GB Partition and extracted all the Ubuntu ISO Files onto the new partition.
  • I restarted my computer, but the rEFInd menu didn’t show up, it just asked me to pick between Windows 10 and Unetbootin – oh crap! I used Unetbootin a long time ago and forgot to get rid of it! I booted into windows 10, uninstalled Unetbootin and restarted my computer.
  • well, now, the rEFInd menu WILL NOT SHOW UP, it just goes straight to windows.

Any advice?

Is it a major security risk if your client_secret gets displayed for about 30 min – 1 hour before you notice it showing and you can remove it?

Did something stupid, and asked a question on stackoverflow posted a little too much info without realizing it.

Is it a major security risk if your client_secret gets displayed for about 30 min – 1 hour on stack overflow before you notice it showing and you can remove it?

ClientContext showing data as undefined

I had some code similar to this one for getting data from property bag.

However, I am getting some error that my variables are undefined. Even site and web are shown as undefined.

What could be the issue?

P.S: My variables usrname and psword are defined globally.

My code is below:

function getPropertyValues(){     var curSite = getCurrentSite();     var context = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();     var web = context.get_web();     var propertyBag = web.get_allProperties();      context.load(propertyBag );     context.executeQueryAsync(Function.createDelegate(this, this.getWebPropertiesSucceeded), Function.createDelegate(this, this.getWebPropertiesFailed)); }  function getWebPropertiesSucceeded() {     usrname = propertyBag.get_fieldValues()["ClientId"];     psword = propertyBag.get_fieldValues()["ClientSecret"]; }  function getWebPropertiesFailed(args, sender) {         //handle errors here   } 

Showing additional details on enabling checkboxes

In the screenshot below, there is a section for vendor types. On checking (enabling) each vendor type, the application requires the user to add more details to configure it (notice the cards at the bottom).

Each card is representing the additional details required for the respective vendor types. The current layout isn’t intuitive and seems bad in terms of the UX.

What would be a good/acceptable way of showing additional details when a checkbox is enabled?

enter image description here