Android Files App – SMB share shows up but

My SMB server (running on a raspberry pi using SAMBA as the server software, setup per this guide) shows up normally in the built-in Android file manager (under the “Network neighbourhood” heading). Oddly enough, although various Android apps (AndSMB, Solid Explorer) and my Linux box connect without a problem, the native “Files” app throws this error when I connect to a folder (e.g. public) on the share: “operation failed. you do not have access rights to the folder”. Before being able to select a folder I want to open, it does however say “Connected successfully”, but fails with aforementioned error after selecting a folder.

I tried making the relevant shares writeable and more permissible through editing /etc/samba/smb.conf, but so far without any luck. Other devices keep connecting fine, even with some more specific settings. Does anyone know how to make the Andriod files app and Samba work together? What sort of settings/types of shares would the “Files” app expect?

Some possibly relevant portions of /etc/samba/smb.conf on my server, edits are from basic recs (such as the min server protocol) + the guide linked above, and the rest are just defaults I think:

[global] server min protocol = NT1 ... [public] comment = public storage path = /my/path/ valid users = @users force group = users public = yes writeable = yes browseable = yes read only = no create mask = 0660 directory mask = 0771 

[ Wrestling ] Open Question : What do you think about Phil ‘CM Punk’ Brooks stating he’s grateful that fans are still hijacking pro wrestling shows by chanting his name?

What a narcissistic prat. So how is the whole ‘I’m going to try being Brock Lesnar in UFC and then try to come back on a part time schedule in WWE’ going for Phil Brooks.

How to prove that the bootloader of a device is unlockable when it currently shows as locked?

A newly bought Pixel device from a random seller can switch between carriers but the bootloader shows as locked. Are all pixel devices’ bootloaders locked by default? And how to show that it is possible to unlock the bootloader? And how to re-lock it for Pixel 2 XL. Any sources would be appreciated.

This phone is model G011C.

Database and table size shows large difference

I was running a materialized view refresh command in my postgres database. While the query was running it hit out of storage space and crashed with the following error.

psql:refresh.sql:1: FATAL:  terminating connection due to administrator command SSL connection has been closed unexpectedly psql:refresh.sql:1: connection to server was lost psql:refresh.sql:1: WARNING:  terminating connection because of crash of another server process DETAIL:  The postmaster has commanded this server process to roll back the current transaction and exit, because another server process exited abnormally and possibly corrupted shared memory. HINT:  In a moment you should be able to reconnect to the database and repeat your command. psql:refresh.sql:1: SSL SYSCALL error: EOF detected psql:refresh.sql:1: connection to server was lost psql:refresh.sql:9: ERROR:  could not write to hash-join temporary file: No space left on device 

I added additional storage to the database and did vacuum full but the storage that was used for the failed refresh ahs not been released. Currently my total table size is 183 Gib while database size is 375 Gib

Drupal 8 REST export View shows “This display has no path” in View UI and 404 Error on page

I’ve got a fresh install of Drupal 8.6.x with REST/API/JSON Web Services enabled and I’ve created a Rest export View with path: /api/test which returns the correct JSON View results when I append the required querystring:


So all is well. Until I either create a second REST export View or a new Display in the working View. These seem to work fine in the View’s UI Preview but also displays “This display has no path” just above the Preview output. If I go to the new View/Display’s URL I get Page Not Found and if I append ?_format=json I get this:

{ "message": "No route found for \"GET /api/temp-view\"" } 

(/api/temp-view is my second View’s path).

It’s the strangest thing. Only the first, original view Display is working. I’ve created all sorts of different URL paths to test (and Saved each time). The View settings are standard and identical.

I’ve spent about 6 hours on this now…

Any help much appreciated.