Gmail label still shows after I filtered messages from senders & Gmail Label/Folder

Gmail label still shows when I open the message. Its at the top next to the actual label name I want. I now know how to skip inbox and archive the “inbox label” but not the gmail label.

My second issue is in the Gmail label/folder on the left pane, inside has 1000s of email messages that I already created labels for, such as “VA”, “moving”, “Legal”, etc. And it shows the correct label when scrolling down through the messages. And they don’t show “Gmail” next to the correct label name. So I’m confused by this. Why do they show up in the Gmail tab and not only in the label I created for those messages? If there is a quick fix, shoot I guess any fix for this, your help would be SO SO greatly appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. I hope I just didn’t ask the same question with my two questions. If I did, I’m sorry.

SSD shows up at first but after a restart it dissappears?

I just got a Samsung 970 evo 250gb ssd to put windows and a few games on. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3 so it did not have a m.2 slot so I am using a m.2 to pcie adapter. At first right after plugging it in and starting up, windows recognizes it just fine but after a restarting multiple times windows does not show it again. The only way I can get windows to show it is to remove the adapter and re plug it into the motherboard. Obviously this is not ideal and I’d like to know if any of you have any ideas of the problem. The adapter –… –

Side note neither of the 2 metal brackets fit my case but the adapter is still pretty tightly plugged in so that shouldn’t matter.

-Also the ssd is warm to the touch so it is being used even when windows refuses to show it

Why does my iphone show delivered for hours then shows read but read from hours before

Sent a message at 2:46 pm and for hours it showed delivered. When I checked the message at 9 pm and it shows it was read at 2:46 pm????? I tried searching for the answer on Google with no luck. Did the person turn their read receipts off then back on? Does anyone know why that would happen?

I want to add a slide on my homepage by using Elementort but it shows content area missing

I am using a WP theme in my website . When i am trying to create a slide on my homepage after mune by using elementor plugin , it shows “content area was not found on your page . please call the_content function . But i don’t Where to add this function .

    get_header(); $  show_on_front = get_option( 'show_on_front' ); if ( $  show_on_front == 'posts' ): 	$  banner_count = get_theme_mod( 'newspaper_x_show_banner_after', 6 ); 	$  banner    = get_theme_mod( 'newspaper_x_banner_type', 'image' );  	?> <?php the_content(); ?>     <div class="row">         <div id="primary" class="newspaper-x-content newspaper-x-archive-page col-lg-8 col-md-8 col-sm-12 col-xs-12">             <main id="main" class="site-main margin-top" role="main"> 				<?php 				$  banner_count_index = 0; 				if ( have_posts() ) : 					?>                     <div class="row"> 						<?php 						while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();  							if ( fmod( $  banner_count_index, $  banner_count ) == 0 && $  banner_count_index != 0 ) { ?>                                 <div class="row">                                     <div class="col-xs-12 newspaper-x-image-banner"> 										<?php get_template_part( 'template-parts/banner/banner', $  banner ); ?>                                     </div>                                 </div> 								<?php 							}

i want a slide show after menu

External SDD (exfat) shows different size from mac os disk

I have an external ssd with exFat filesystem. I’ve copied some files from mac to it, no other operations. When I go checking with disk utility it shows:

enter image description here

about ten times the size of original mac os folder. Same is reported by du. When I go check with finder cmd-I, it shows:

enter image description here

same size of original but 10x on sdd. How comes?

Admob Earning chart raised but value shows null


A few days ago I created a new AdMob unit and added it to my mobile app. I monitor the performance today, and the estimated earning chart raise but the value shows 0, the click is actually 0 too.

Does this mean that there's actually clicks and earning but the value just not displayed yet, or the chart is wrong, there shouldn't be any value and it shouldn't show a raise?

old wallet.dat with only incoming tx from mining, now shows 0 coins even after rescan and all the transactions are there

I found an old wallet.dat it contained hundreds of transactions while i was mining.

I’ve replaced the wallet.dat in a new Bitcoin Core wallet, rescanned, all the txid are showing but the amount of bitcoin stored there is not! It now shows 0 coins

I know i never sent them out + all the tx are inputs nothing is out, so far i tried rescan.

any idea how can i extract for example a master privat key for the entire wallet, and import it somewhere ?