What happens if GSA-SER shuts down unexpectedly?

Good morning, GSA friends! :)
I was wondering how it affects everything if SER shuts down abruptly.
I have a keyboard with a shutdown key. I have to re-assign it, if possible, b/c it’s been pressed accidentally a few times.
I’ve noticed SER does not show the Submitted or Verified links when I restart the program.
Is it just the totals that are affected? Anything else?
Thanks, kindly….Deeeeeeee

Unable to connect 4G/LTE Modem. ModemManager shuts off as soon as it tries to connect

When I run ‘ModemManager –debug’ on the terminal, I get this output: https://pastebin.com/pR0CRzQi

Running mmcli -L gets me :/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/0 [huawei] E3372

and running mmcli -m 0 gets me :https://pastebin.com/72aVjYcC

When I try to start modemmanager by sudo /usr/sbin/ModemManager, I get :

ModemManager[9099]: ModemManager (version 1.10.0) starting in system bus…

ModemManager[9099]: Could not acquire the ‘org.freedesktop.ModemManager1’ service name

ModemManager[9099]: ModemManager is shut down

I’ve been trying all the solutions on google but to no avail. Any help is greatly appriciated!

System shuts down when training ml models

I have a system with 4xRTX2080 used primarily for ml model training.

Nvidia driver version: 430.26 CUDA Version: 10.2 

I use VSCode’s remote development extension to remote into the machine and start the training. The GPU usage is usually higher than 70% on all 4 GPUs when training.

If I leave the system like this for ~12 hours the ssh connection will break, the computer will go offline, but the pc won’t power off. If I hook up a keyboard and a monitor to it, there is no output signal to the monitor, and the pc doesn’t react to the keyboard input.

It’s very important for me to be able to leave the training for longer periods of time without worrying that the computer will turn off.

How do I even begin to debug this?

Peerfly Shuts Down

PeerFly was the #1 Affiliate Network in the world as ranked by the 2015 Revenue Performance Blue Book.

As of August 30th 2019, their site is still up though_ peerfly

After nearly eleven wonderful years, PeerFly will be discontinuing normal operations on Wednesday, July 31st and will be closing the PeerFly Affiliate Network.

It is really happening guys. Sad, yet, there it is. It is time…

Peerfly Shuts Down

MSI notebook shuts down when not charging

I own the MSI gs63vr and I have dual boot running (Windows 10 64Bit and Ubuntu 18.04 64Bit) and I have the problem, that when I unplug my power chord while using Ubuntu it will shut down. This does not happen instantly, instead it happens whenever I press anything or wait too long (~3 Minutes). Booting without the notebook being plugged in, won’t succeed. Meanwhile Windows works perfectly fine, meaning the battery itself is fine. Are there any hidden settings in Ubuntu which might fix that?

Computer shuts off during installation of ubuntu

Im planning on switching from windows 10 to linux.After downloading the latest ubuntu desktop and mounting it into a bootable usb. I boot it up and the gui wasnt there its just plane gray text over black screen and I went on to continue with install ubuntu choice and the screen goes black and after a few seconds the entire computer shuts off. Did i do something wrong?

Dell XPS 13 9380 Shuts Down after Waking from Suspend

I have a Dell XPS 13 9380 running Xubuntu 18.04. Xubuntu is the only OS on the machine. My kernel version is 4.18.0. I have successfully flashed the most recent BIOS update from Dell’s site. I have also implemented the solution from the first comment on this post. Unfortunately, that did not resolve the issue.

My current issue is that the machine will seem to suspend but when I press the power button to bring it up, the screen flashes once then goes dark. I press the power button once more and the Xubuntu logo appears but then the machine shuts down. This happens every time I attempt to bring it out of suspend.

Are there settings that I should be aware of for fixing this issue?